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Minnesota Association of Museums Annual 2011 Conference session about collections care

Transcript of MAM When is good, good enough presentation

  • 1. New ques(ons and sustainability in Collec(ons Care or

2. Websites, List-serves and groups: h6p:// - This site is divided into four main sec@ons (preven@on, monitoring, iden@ca@on, treatment) expanding on the main elements listed above which are necessary in developing, implemen@ng and managing an IPM plan for your ins@tu@on whatever your collec@on type. h6p:// - They are short, focused leaets about caring for museum objects, published in loose-leaf format. New topics are added as needed and out-of-date issues are revised or deleted. Semiannual supplements will be issued for an indeterminate period. h6p:// - Society for the preserva@on of Natural History Collec@ons (SPNHC) is an interna@onal organiza@on devoted to the preserva@on, conserva@on and management of natural history collec@ons. h6p:// - "The American Associa@on of Museums mission is to strengthen museums through leadership, advocacy, collabora@on and service. ***Other resources I use: RCAAM, NHColl,, Linkedln AAM discussion group, MCN-L, blogs, etc.. 3. Websites, list-serves and groups contd h6p:// - Minnesota Associa@on of Museums (MAM) The Minnesota Associa@on of Museums provides a forum for individuals who work in and with museums throughout the state. h6p:// - The free Connec@ng to Collec@ons Webinar series featured six live online sessions. The Ins@tute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), in partnership with Heritage Preserva@on and the American Associa@on for State and Local History (AASLH), presented a webinar series based on the na@onal ini@a@ve Connec&ng to Collec&ons: A Call to Ac&on. These six webinars are free of charge to sta of museums, libraries, and archives who seek to enhance collec@ons care at their ins@tu@ons. This site runs the archived sessions! h6p:// - The Associa@on of Midwest Museums (AMM) is an organiza@on that provides resources to museums and cultural ins@tu@ons and services to museum professionals in an eight-state region in the Midwest, including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. 4. Books that I think are helpful: 5. Fiduciary Responsibili@es In Prac@ce 1. Maintain the highest legal, ethical, and professional standards 2. Establish plans, policies, and procedures to guide opera@ons 3. Delegate authority through policy and procedure Whats the dierence between plans, policies, and procedures? Plans Policies Procedures Specific goals General guidelines to Detailed methodology for Rationale regulate activities performing activities How they will be achieved Ethical and professional Protocols to follow when Who will implementstandards for exercisingimplementing policy When will it happen good judgment Succinct directions to What will it cost Delegate authority foraccomplish a specific task Time-limitedimplementation Step-by-step how to Approved by governing Not inherently time-limited Approved at the staff level authority Approved by governing authority 6. What is Collec@ons Planning? Collec@ons planning is the process of crea@ng a plan that guides the content of the collec@ons and leads sta in a coordinated and uniform direc@on over a period of years to rene and expand the value of the collec@ons in a predetermined way. By crea@ng a plan, a museum seeks to gain intellectual control over collec@ons, ensure that the collec@ons support the mission of the museum, reinforce its interpreta@on and research ac@vi@es, and ensure adequate resources for collec@ons acquisi@on and care (AAM web site). 7. Why Collec@ons Planning? The Accredita@on Commission has iden@ed a pa6ern of recurring problems connected to collec@ons stewardship and ins@tu@onal planning: insucient resources to support collec@ons; collec@ons unrelated to the ins@tu@ons mission; and a lack of integra@on between planning for collec@ons, interpreta@on, and facili@es Gardner & Merri6 (2002) Museum News. 8. Collec@on Policy A detailed wri9en statement that explains why a museum is in opera(on and how it goes about its business. The policy ar(culates the professional standards regarding objects leC in its care and serves as a guide for the sta and as a source of informa(on for the public. Malaro (1998) A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collec3ons. Covers broad range of collec@on related topics: scope of collec@ons, acquisi@on, accession, deaccession, intellectual control, preserva@on, security, use of collec@on, collec@on ethics, loan, insurance, rights and reproduc@on, abandoned property, and cultural sensi@vity and repatria@on. Why Develop a Collec@on Policy?...besides duciary accountability 9. Contents of a Collec@on Policy Introduc@on Standards of Conduct and Ethics Scope of Collec@ons Acquisi@ons and Accessions Deaccessions U@liza@on of Collec@ons Abandoned Property Care of Collec@ons Repatria@on and Management of Culturally Sensi@ve Material Loans Insurance Authoriza@on Note: SMM Collec@ons Policy sec@on on deaccessioning is a part of Things GREAT and SMALL - Collec@ons Management Policies by John E. Simmons Chapter 8 pages 61-62 10. SMM collec@on policy on our website 11. Things that work for me.. Numbering, accessions and paper product: keep it simple but complete and legible! Using volunteers with collec@ons work: it usually is a good thing Collec@ons Plan even a rough drao is a good idea for SO many reasons Priori@es how to decide or can you? Caring for collec@ons now and for the future think farther out Electronic material coming in to support collec@ons ACK!!!!! Your best defense is a good oense by that I mean taking the @me to have policies and procedures in place Thanks for listening 12. Good Enough 13. Constraints Large lobby windows Basement collec(on storage area Limited collec(on space Limited sta & budget 14. Large Lobby Windows Installed UV lters We try not to display sensi(ve materials 15. Center Hall Gallery Light spills from lobby windows into galleries Closely monitor light levels Rotate items on display Purchased light Use facsimiles when possible meter through a grant from MN Valley Electric Coopera3ve 16. For exhibits, we create body forms out of ethafoam, poly & stockine9e, paint/prime exposed wood adjust light cans (using a light meter) Secure collec(on items, in cases, encapsulate monitor items and rotate as needed 17. Collec3on Storage Area Florescent Lights Overhead water pipes Furnace vent Damp wall Cramped shelving Wood Flooring Four HVAC furnaces 18. Landscaped to mi(gate water inltera(on Organized in PastPerfect Dehumidier Ethafoam buer Raised 4 o cement oor Sump pump Locked collec(on cages 19. Limited Collec3on Space Curators Oce -Store sensi(ve collec(on items including paper items, nega(ves, photographs -House collec(on paperwork les 20. Organize limited space Hang items Use stairwell 21. Limited Sta & Budget Volunteers Go8a LOVE em Inventory boxes Repack items Sew muslin bags for oversized tex(les Sew in labels, Work on specic projects in depth (ex: digi3ze oral history tapes, enter informa3on into PastPerfect, organize deed of giGs & related paperwork) 22. We write grants, and seek sponsorships and dona@ons to purchase archival supplies, light meter, hobos and various other items related to collec@ons care. 23. Execu@ve Director: Kathleen Klehr Curator: Theresa Norman 952-445-0378 24. Conserva@on Supply Sources Acid-free @ssue paper: Conserva@on Resources, 4432 Port Royal Rd., Springeld, VA 22151, 800-634-6932, Light Impressions, PO Box 787, Brea, CA 92822-0787, 800-828-6216, Talas, 20 West 20th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10011, 212-219-0770, University Products, 517 Main St., PO Box 101, Holyoke, MA 01041-0101, 800-628-1912, Unbleached, unsized muslin: TestFabrics, Inc., 415 Delaware Ave., Po Box 26, West Pi6ston, PA 18643, 570-603-0432, Acid-free tex@le storage boxes: Conserva@on Resources, 4432 Port Royal Rd., Springeld, VA 22151, 800-634-6932, Light Impressions, PO Box 787, Brea, CA 92822-0787, 800-828-6216, MuseuM Services Corpora@on, 385 Bridgepoint Drive, South Saint Paul, MN 55075, 800-672-8954, 651-450-8954, University Products, 517 Main St., PO Box 101, Holyoke, MA 01041-0101, 800-628-1912, 25. Tex@le and Conserva@on Related Websites: - American Ins@tute for Conserva@on of Historic & Ar@s@c Works - American Quilters Society - Canadian Conserva@on Ins@tute - Canadian Conserva@on Ins@tute, Preserving My Heritage - Harpers Ferry Center Midwest Regional Conserva@on Guild - Southeastern Registrars Associa@on 26. Tex@le Care Bibliography Alig, D. and H. Mailand, Preserving Tex&le: a guide for the nonspecialist. Indianapolis, IN: Indianapolis Museum of Art, 1999. Emery, I. The Primary Structure of Fabrics: an illustrated classica&on. London, Thames & Hudson, 1994 Perry, D., et al. Iden&ca&on of Tex&le Materials. Manchester, UK: The Tex@le Ins@tute, 1985. Sullivan, Brigid. Guidelines for Furnishings Maintenance and Protec&on. Harpers Ferry Center: U.S. Department of the Interior, 1991. 27. Thanks for coming and listening Ques@ons or comments?