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Pre-production Information• Film was announced in January 2010• Pre Production began in April 2012• Production began on 13th June 2012• Post Production processes began August 2013• Film Completed in February 2014

• PRODUCTION BUDGET - $170,000,000

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Historical Context• Maleficent was released to show one character’s version of the story told in the

iconic 1959 Disney Original ‘Sleeping Beauty’.• This meant that the film would already have a large fan-base following it due to

the popularity of the original movie. • Maleficent is known as the ‘Mistress of All Evil’ throughout the Disney brand as

well as in the original Sleeping Beauty film. So she is a very well known character to people who haven’t seen Sleeping Beauty, increasing the popularity of the film.

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Institutions• Maleficent is produced by Walt Disney Pictures. • Disney is a very specific brand and they focus on families as their

target audience.

• Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

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Production• Director – Robert Stromberg – First time director.• Producer – Joe Roth – Has produced 65 projects, variety of genres. Has produced some

Walt Disney titles in more recent years.• Screenwriter – Linda Woolverton – Very experienced screenwriter has worked on over

30 projects and many of these have been Walt Disney’s. Titles include: The Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast (1991), Alice in Wonderland (2010)• Location – Whole movie was filmed in the United Kingdom.

• The movie was originally too long and they had to re-edit it and cut parts out of the opening.

“We were running about 15 minutes too long. We wanted to have a film that was under two hours, so we ended up reworking the first act and condensing it, to get to the meat of the story quicker and to get to Angelina’s character quicker, as well.” – Robert Stromberg

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Marketing• Featured song – Once Upon a Dream• 27 videos related to Maleficent on the Walt Disney Movie Trailers YouTube channel.• First Trailer released November 13th 2013• Teaser released January 23rd 2014 – 125 days before release date.

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Merchandise• There is no merchandise specific to Maleficent available in the Disney

Store. • However, the popularity and availability of merchandise of the

character Maleficent increased.

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Commercial and Critical Success• Nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA• Overall 9 wins.• Overall 41 nominations.

• Box Office - $758.5 million USD

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Exhibition and Exchange• Released at the end of May – a couple of months before schools

break up for the summer holidays.• Opening weekend - $69,431,298 USD• Premiered in Hollywood, Los Angeles• US DVD sales - $37,890,164 USD