Malaysian Economy - Will Malaysia Going to bankrupt?

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just a briefly analysis and forecast for the malaysia economy after the 2013 election. student malaysian economy assignment.

Transcript of Malaysian Economy - Will Malaysia Going to bankrupt?

  • 1. will Malaysia going to bankrupt?

2. Is Individual Bankruptcy similar with National Bankruptcy ? 3. Individual Bankruptcy Personal bankruptcy a person that cant repay the debts its owes to creditors. National Bankruptcy - The government of a country is an institution like any other, with assets it can spend and debts it must repay. When a national government proves unable to pay its debt, it becomes bankrupt. 4. Cant repay the debts that they owe. Personal and Corporate Bankruptcy influence a small group of peoples. National Bankruptcy influence whole country citizens Unemployment rate standard living Economy 5. National Budget DEFICIT 6. Malaysia VS Greece Temporary bankrupt ! Maybe will bankrupt ! 7. Malaysia The Major Problems that may lead Malaysia going to bankrupt is : Corruption Ranking 54 in Asia (176coutries) through the CPI corruption perception index National Debt now RM519 billion, RM17,721 per citizen Financial Crisis Property Bubble 8. GOVERNMENTS DEBT 9. The Major Problems that lead Greece to bankrupt is : Greece Tax Evasion Corruption Government Spending 10. The Effect of Bankruptcy Lack of Credit Public will no longer trust the government Inflation Currency will drop drastically Domino Effect Effect become bigger and bigger Social & Politic Public will go riot 11. Government effort : Corruption 1.2% in 2011 rise up to 3% currently National Debt RM600billion before GE13, now reduce to RM519billion Financial Crisis Increasing the real property gains tax Putting on the brakes in home loans Focusing on low-cost housing GST 6% 12. no Will Malaysia going to bankrupt ??