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2012 advertising kit for Makeshift Magazine

Transcript of Makeshift Advertising Kit

  • Advertising KitMakeshift Magazine

  • Theme One: Entrepreneurship & Trade

    This market in Northern India sells used textiles, much of which ar-rives in India from abroad as scrap clothing. Local manufacturers sort and repurpose this scrap in new, beautifully designed textiles for local consumption.

    Credit: Tim Mitchell

  • Makeshift is a premium magazine distributed globally. With fresh design and engaging writing, Makeshift digs up creative, surprising stories from informal economies around the world. Our magazine is a hi-fi product about lo-fi ingenuity.

    Makeshift showcases how innovation sprouts from the grassroots, with a particular focus on emerging markets. This topic affects business leaders, government planners, development professionals, and creatives. Makeshift targets an audience that thinks globally and is looking to design more resourcefullywith an economic return.

    We work with our advertisers to target this audience of creative leaders. Our audience is extremely engaged: 70 percent of readers spend more than an hour reading each issue (compared to an industry average of 40 minutes), and two thirds plan to keep their copies indefinitely.

    All advertising packages include exposure across our network of print, tablet, and online publications. We look forward to developing a meaningful relationship with you to further our mutual goals. Sincerely,

    Steve DanielsEditor-in-Chief

  • Theme Two: Engineering & Design

    In Guatemala City, Maya Pedal collects used bicycles and makes bicimaquinas, or bicycle-powered machines that generate electricity or support income-generating tasks like processing produce.

    Credit: Anthony Siracusa

  • Weve run two surveys: one of our 626 Kickstarter backers (November 2011) and one of our readers (September 2012). Heres what they said about us.

    70%spend more than one hour reading each issue (compared to industry average of 40 mins)

    88%plan to keep their copies for more than one year (63% will keep them indefinitely)

    Heres how they rated our publication (out of 5):

    Interestingness of content

    4.64Relevance of content

    4.39Quality of content




    Heres what theyre interested in reading about:

    1. Technology2. Design3. Culture4. Social Impact5. Travel6. Business Innovation7. Environmental Issues8. Art9. Urban Planning10. Local Goods

    Heres what they had to say about us:

    The mag inspires me daily, great job!

    As an original supporter, I am thrilled with your progress. Make sure you keep the print version--there is nothing like it when the lights go out!

    Makeshift is an amazing magazine that shows an under appreciated part of the world. I hope it lasts forever.

    Absolutely love the magazine! Only magazine I subscribe to.

  • Theme Three: Artistic Expression

    in Nairobi, Kenya, Cyrus Kabiru transforms scrap metal into creative eyewear, conveying his belief that eyes represent identity. He blends an environmental message with a uniquely African aesthetic.

    Credit: Alicia Sully

  • age & sex





    15% Business

    10% Media

    8% Art

    8% Education

    7% Non-profit

    Our readers are creative, educated, values-driven leaders from various fields.

    $100kestimated mean annual income

    92%would pay more for a product or service with a social mission

    87%have obtained at least a bachelors degree

    83%are employeed full-time or freelance

    More than 70% have a:

    1. Smartphone2. Tablet Computer3. Television4. Bicycle

    Purchasing factors rated 3+/5:

    1. Health Effects2. Environmental Impact3. Social Mission4. Price

  • Theme Four: Spaces of Creativity

    In Providence, RIthe birthplace of the American Industrial Revolutionthe Steel Yard revived one of the citys hundreds of unused industrial sites. By providing shared resources and subcontracting municipal works, the Yard supports a distributed network of artists.

    Credit: Matt Grigsby

  • Makeshift has been featured in:

    With little money and varying levels of formal education, the makers of our globe's cities are innovating with what they have to hand. Separated by language and distance, most don't think of themselves as part of a movement. A new magazine called Makeshift wants to change all that.

    Alexis Madrigal, The Atlantic

    I recently had a chance to catch up with Steve Daniels, founder of the Better World by Design Conference and author of the fascinating Making Do. Im sure youll find Makeshift, his new project, as intriguing as I did. I seriously cant wait to get my hands on Issue 1.

    Francisco Noguera, Next Billion

    With contributors in over 20 countries searching for street-level ingenuity, unexpected stories will undoubtedly fill the pages of future posts and publications.

    Amanda Coen, Inhabitat

    Makeshift is the next evolution of GOOD.

    Tom Reilly, TED

    we asked our kickstarter backers what about makeshift appealed to them most:

    40% Stories of creativity

    19% Rethinking international development

    3% Approach to media & design of publication

    38% Spreading a culture of innovation & technology

    These guys are on a roll.

    Jan Chipchase, Frog Design

  • Theme Five: Community

    At over 75 sites around the world, community workshops called Fab Labs afford access to high-end digital fabrication tools. Because the tools are computer-controlled and the labs are networked, a products can be designed in Barcelona and printed in Bangalore.

    Credit: Fab Lab Barcelona

  • Wed love to tailor an advertising package that works for you by matching your brand with our themed issues and online audiences. Here are some options. Get in touch at

    sponsor package: $10,000

    Each issue of Makeshift includes a principal sponsorship, which includes an advertisement on the back cover and logo in the masthead. We will match each sponsor to an issue theme that is most relevant in order to ensure maximum visibility among a targeted audience. When arranged in advance, Makeshift can customize issue themes in conjunction with sponsor interest.

    advertisement: $1,000$5,000

    We offer full-page advertisements on the inside covers and throughout the body of the magazine. All advertisers will also be featured on our website at no additional cost. Recurring discounts are also available.

    infographic: $5,000

    Our creative team is happy to work with you to co-create an infographic. The infographic should relate to both the theme of the issue and your organizations mission. A co-created infographic will be branded with both Makeshifts and your logos in all representations, and both organizations retain full license to reproduce the image.

    our advertisers include:

    AutodeskTEDSchool of Visual ArtsGetaroundASMEEngineering for Change

    HolsteeMadecasse ChocolateSDDCO GroupCen+ral ConsultingMohawk Fine PapersArticle22