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  • 1.EventFox - Registration Solution Sending Mailings

2. You can access all the mailing options from the mailings menu. Click New Mailing to begin the set up. 3. Name your mailing and select the groups to send it to. You can use the include/exclude options to send to a very specific selection of people.Additional options Remove duplicate emails: Check this box to ensure that only one email is sent, this is important if there might be duplicate contacts. 4. For mailing statistics and reports, you can track when links are clicked or the email is opened. Tracking replies will store replies in the CRM database. 5. You can add saved templates and edit them here, or create a new one. Attachments can also be added to the mailing.For a short tutorial on creating custom mailings, click here. 6. Before sending out the mailing you can send yourself a test. Check that all images are displayed correctly and all links are working. If there are any adjustments needed, click previous to continue editing the mailing content.If images are resized when viewing the email, its possible they were uploaded too large or too small. Images in mailings should always be uploaded in the exact size required to avoid this problem. 7. Once the test mailing is confirmed, you can send it immediately or schedule it to be sent at a later date. 8. Congratulations! You have successfully sent a mailing! For more information: Check out our Support Library Or Contact Us