Maientagsprogrammheft 2019 2019. 5. 21.¢  George Gershwin, arr. Naohiro Iwai...

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Transcript of Maientagsprogrammheft 2019 2019. 5. 21.¢  George Gershwin, arr. Naohiro Iwai...


    VA I H I N G E N


    2019 June 7–11

  • to Maientag 2019 in Vaihingen an der Enz!

    Dear friends of our city, dear fellow citizens,

    I would like to welcome you to this year's Vaihinger Maientag. I would like to especially welcome all the former Vaihinger and Vaihinger, who have remained faithful to us over the years, as well as our friends from the Hungarian twin town Köszeg, who have come to our biggest and oldest festival in our city. As every year, we are accompanied by the traditional Maientagmotto, which not only suits the special mood during the event, but also aims to bring it into everyday life during the celebration. This year's Maientagmotto is taken from the 3rd Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany Gustav Heinemann and says:

    »He who does not want to change anything will lose what he wants to preserve«.

    In times of general satisfaction, who has not wished: »That's the way it could stay!« But if everything always just stayed as is, there would be no development and no progress, the conse- quence would be absolute standstill! Changes, be they private or professional, are an inevitably part of the natural flow of life. However, these changes often present challenges, as they are always associated with certain uncertain- ties. Nonetheless, every one of us wants to evolve consciously or unconsciously. And that is only possible through change – whether positive or negative, whether they are triggered by us or by external influences. Of course, we prefer positive change rather than negative. But if we succeed, and if we are willing to make changes, we can ultimately only grow and bring us and the world a good deal further. With this in mind, I wish you happy Pentecost days, lots of fun and enjoyment in our city, as well as the courage to recognize changes as something positive and vital to enable progress and development.

    Yours sincerely

    Gerd Maisch, Lord Mayor



  • Friday – June 7th, 2019

    44ppmmAfter a devastating major fire in 1693, which also destroyed the city’s archives, the citizen tried to reestablish law and order. Amongst others, they took note of »unknown kindhear- ted people« who donated 300 Gulden (old currency) for the »Mayenlauf« (May-running-event); »From the interest rate you shall give the schoolchildren paper, twines (»Nesteln«) and red ribbons in the month of May«.

    Furthermore, all citizens in earthly or sacred positions as well as the constables (policing authorities), received wine as a gift on this day.

    The oldest record of the Maientag can be found in an account book of the hospital, where you can read in the entry of May 25th, 1687, that »the children ran for paper«. Most impressive is the phrasing in the journal of the city’s court, where it was decided on the 15th of April 1706, that each year, the city shall »lead the children into May« if not prohibited by war or large migration.

    Maientag is the oldest secular celebration in the city. It dates back to a school celebration, probably in connection with the founding of the Latin school donated and celebrated each year, possibly already around 1400. At that time, the Latin pupils together with their teachers, to whom also tea- chers and pupils of the German school later joined, moved to the Egelsee in Vaihingen, where they were allowed to spend a whole day playing and dancing. The paper run, with which one could win the valuable writing paper, was always an important part, as well as the cutting of rods (green branches), which were carried into the city in the evening. Such festivals, origina- ting from the Late Middle Ages are also verified in Nürtingen, Ravensburg and Lauffen at the Neckar (where the festival is no longer celebrated).

    At the latest in the 18th century, the school festival deve- loped into a celebration of the whole citizenship, in which young and old entertained themselves at the Egelsee, and which attracted more and more visitors from abroad to the city.


    History of the Maientag of Vaihingen Enz


    Serenades – Vaihingen an der Enz Music Society in Vaihingen an der Enz and neighboring communities

  • 7

    Whit-Saturday – May 19th, 2018

    Sports stadium Alter Postweg

    »Eine Enz-ückende Wasserreise«

    43. Concert for children

    You are invited to listen and join in by:

    • The Lion Choir of Schlossberg School Directed by Renate Werth

    • »Singkehlchen« and »Singkreis« choirs led by Church Music Director Hansjörg Fröschle

    • Vaihingen an der Enz Wind Ensemble led by Wolfgang Kapp

    Cellar of the public library

    Maientag wine tasting

    Project of the local AGENDA 21

    Admission: 19,– Euro Advanced ticket sales at: Vinothek, Marktplatz 2, Tel. 07042/ 8 13 92 22

    33 pp mm

    77 ..3300 pp mm

    Whit-Saturday – June 8th, 2019


    North-eastern suburbs and ‘In der Au’

    Serenades – Vaihingen an der Enz Music Society

    Meeting point: Bronze City Model,

    next to the town hall, Marktplatz1

    Theme tour: Vaihinger Stäffele Small and large stairs, narrow stairs or worn stairs: There are more than enough »Stäffele« (stairs) in our city. There are stairs over and Stäffele through the city wall, long stairs steeply downhill and several steps on the heights of Vaihingen. On the way there are many stories to tell about the Stäffele and the adjacent buildings. Up and down the stairs on this very special tour across Vaihingen, up to the viewpoint I-Dipfele. This opens up completely new perspectives and views.

    Admission: 5,– Euro Please wear suitable shoes. Registration not required

    11 ppmm

    22 ..3300 ppmm –– 44 ..3300 ppmm

  • 77 aa mm

    1111 .. 1155 aa mm

    66 ppmm

    88 pp mm


    Church of St. Peter

    Maientag Concert

    Chamber Orchestra Vaihingen an der Enz

    Benjamin Britten: Simple Symphony

    Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in E flat major for bassoon, strings and continuo Soloist: Stefan Bartel

    Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Symphony in D Major/ D Minor

    Musical direction: Uwe Werner Moderation: Iris van Bergen Subject to change

    Box office tickets:

    12,– / 8,– Euro* Family ticket 30,– Euro (max. 2 adults and children aged 16 and below)

    *concessions (schoolchildren/students, Vaihingen an der Enz Chamber Orchestra members)

    Whit-Sunday – June 9th, 2019

    Northwestern suburbs (starting at the VaiSana)

    Serenades – Vaihingen an der Enz Music Society

    Church of St. Peter

    Musical Matinee CJD Youth Music Academy, Vaihingen an der Enz

    Town Square

    Grand Open-air Concert Vaihingen an der Enz Music Society

    • Cyber Marsch Sebastian Middel, arr. Guido Rennert

    • Cassiopeia Carlos Marques

    • The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire arr. Peter Kleine Schaars, Dominik Koch

    • Mount Everest Rossano Galante

    • Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin, arr. Naohiro Iwai

    • 80er Kult(tour) arr. Thiemo Kraas

    Big Brass Orchestra under the direction of Dominik M. Koch

    Whit-Sunday – June 9th, 2019

  • Town Square

    Official Maientag opening ceremony

    Steinbeisstraße / Znaimer Straße

    Parade Assembly

    ATTENTION: The streets surrounding the parade are blocked off at 9.30 am, details can be found on page 35.

    Pageant Procession through Heilbronner Straße – Grabenstraße – Angelstraße – Kehlstraße – Stuttgarter Straße, Market Square, Tränkgässle, Im Mühlkanal, Auricher Straße to the festival ground/rondel

    After the parade there will be drinks for children in the rondel

    Whit-Monday – June 10th, 2019

    1100..0000 aamm

    1100..2200 aamm

    1100..3300 aamm


    Town Square

    Bugle call heralding the new day followed by musical serenades

    Town Hall Conference Room

    Welcome address

    Protestant Parish Church

    Ecumenical service

    with the leitmotif: »New wine in old tubes« (Luke 5: 36-39)

    For guests of honour, access to the reserved places, even after church service has started, through the south entrance via the large staircase.

    Song: »Schmückt das Fest mit Maien« EG 135,1+4+5 (Program page 25)

    Prayer Psalm 100 (EG 740) (Program page 26)

    Song: »Wenn der Geist sich regt, der Leben schafft« (Program page 27)

    Song: »Der Frühling ist erschienen« (Program page 28)

    The organ plays a postlude as the congregation files out of church.

    (Please use all available exits including the two doors to the left and right of the altar)

    Whit-Monday – June 10th, 2019

    55 aa mm

    88..3300 aa mm

    99 aa mm


  • 12

    • »At this minute« from Eva Rechlin Presented by pupils of the Ensingen elementary school

    • »Forest Concert« by Georg Christian Dieffenbach Presented by pupils of the Kornbergschule Enzweihingen.

    • Maientag Sprint Schlossberg School Vaihingen

    • Raftsmen’s Dance + Song (Program page 30)

    Friedrich Abel High School Stromberg High School Ferdinand Steinbeis Middle School Ottmar Mergenthaler Middle School Schlossberg School Vaihingen Free Waldorf School Vaihingen

    Egelsee sports ground

    Kiddies Playground

    Whit-Monday – June 10th, 2019

    33 ppmm –– 55 pp mm


    Maientag celebration in the rondel Miriam Engelhardt and Heike D