Maha Sadhana

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Transcript of Maha Sadhana

. . . . , . . . , . , , . , . , . , . . . . , . . . . . : . . . . . . , . .==================================Everyone knows about miracle effects of sabar sadhana. There is a strong relation between up lifter of aghora way shri dattatreya and sabar mantra. With blessings and order of bhagwan datt, Nathyogi Disseminated sabar mantras.This way, in aghor sadhana also use of sabar mantra started widely. For aghori, god Aghoreshwara is major diety from whose holy mouth abstract of all tantras keeps on coming. The one who have established Shivtatva within and being merged with Shiva joy remain lost on ones internal self is true Aghori. Identification of true Aghori is the one who stays detached mind from all the disorders & discriminations and those who have left all the boundations. Not require that he remains with smashana ash, naked or exhibits his victory over disgusts. One who has become above all these, the one who do not have these differentiations, that one is Aghori.At some era, it was counted a great boon like visiting Shiva, if aghori visit the home but this great way became defected and re presenter of fear by few selfish and somewhat our ignorance, fallacy and sophism. Anyways, for aghori it is essential to remain in contemplation of Aghoreshwara. God Aghoreshwar is seated in Smashana, wearing smashana bhasma he is accompanied with snakes. The one who have only joy on the face and no more expression. Such meditation of aghoreshwara is boon full for sadhak. The presented sadhana is sadhana to have glimpses of the same meditated aghoreshwar. Literally this sadhana is very important sadhana when accomplished will give internal purity of the soul, get relief from differentiations and gets humour development in Sarvasarvaatmak thinking. With that blessing of Aghoreshwar is gain to get relief from eight basic loop traps or Astapasha. Reaching such mentality level, sadhak will start getting success in various sadhana. With that this is an important order for aghori to get blessings through glimpses of Isht Aghoreshwara in the long way of sadhana.Sadhak should do this sadhana in Smashana only (cremation ground). One should start this sadhana after 11:30 in night. Sadhana could be started from Monday. Sadhak should take bath and complete Aghor Guru Poojan, after that one should chant 51 round of special sabar mantra. For mantra chanting one should use rudraksha rosary. Aasana and cloths should be black in colour. One should spread ash of cremation under aasana. If this process in continues for 11 days, one will start having divine experiences, when sadhak completes 21 days of the process at that time god Aghoreshwar will give glimpse to sadhak.Om Aghor Aghor Pratyaksh Vaachaa Guru Ki Aghoranaath Darshay Darshay Aan Siddhanaath kiSadhak should not get scare and with courage one should proceed in sadhana.


. . . . , . . , . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . : . , . . . . .It is almost impossible to describe lord Shiva in the words. On one side he is on holder of maximum innocence in the universe with his worshiping form of Bholenath where as on the other hand he is Holocaust in the form of Mahakala. With complete unattached mind, living in seminary he is higher in the category of the gods and worshiped as Mahadeva. But with this nonattachment is also followed by feelings of complete welfare of mankind and thus the one who drunk the poison to save universal belongings is worshiped as nilkantha. His forms also include Mahesha who stays in Samadhi constantly with no amount of enchantment. And the one who thrilled whole universe when sati went to Agni Kunda, the one who can make fear all the three worlds with Taandava, the Nataraj also belongs to him. While being god of the destruction, he also provides fearlessness from these to his devotees in the form of Mrutyunjaya. His form is so unique and strange that always force us with love to devote our self towards him. Sadaashiv has always remained famous among sadhaka, being complete pitiful he sooner provides the desired results to sadhaka.Relation of Shaiva sadhana and NathYogis has remained famous. Agoreshwar and aadinaath Bholenaath form of the god has remained famous among these Yogis. Shiv is provider of tantra.This way shiva sadhana of higher NathYogis has remained very important. Shiv raatri is one of the biggest days for this sect.This is a belief that anyone who do poojan and mantra chantings of the lord shiva on shivaratri, lord shiva will for sure visit that place. On other side, time of MahaShivaratri is also very important on the tantra point of view. If shiva sadhana is done on this particular time then because of the higher energy flow, possibilities to have accomplishments remain at its maximum.The secret rituals of NathYogis are imcomparable. Rather it belongs to Shiva sadhana or shakti sadhana. These sadhana consist big importance because of being siddha mantra, various gods and goddesses bliss the sadhaka bounded by the promises with that sadhak also receives blessings of Nath Siddhas. This way such prayogs are very effective. One of such prayog, done on shivratri is Amodh Shiva Gorakh Prayoga. This prayoga was formed by Shri Gorakshnaath.Sadhak should not have food in day time but can have milk and fruits. In the night time after 10PM one should do guru poojan followed by ganesha poojan and one should spread aasana for the guru imaging his presence on it, just near to the aasan of ones self. After that sadhak should establish paarad shivalinga in front if that is not possible one may establish any shivalinga and do panchopachaar poojan. Flowers of Dhatoora should be offered. Direction should be north. Cloths and aasan should be either white or black in color. After poojan process one should chant following mantra for 3 hours. If sadhak feels tired then one can take rest for few minutes inbetween but sadhak should not stood up from the aasana. This mantra chantings should be completed before 3:30AM.Om Shiv Gorakh Mahaadev Kailaash se aao bhoot ko laao palit ko laao pret ko laao raakshas ko laao aao aao dhooni jamaao shiv gorakh shambhoo siddh guru ka aasan aan gorakh siddh ki aadesh aadesh aadesh

When mantra jaap is about to get over sadhak will feel the intensity of the mantra force. This process is very secret and important because this process could be done on Mahashivaraati Only. And with This prayog while mantra chantings is about to get over, sadhak gets glimpses of lord shiva. In one single night sadhak can have blessings of lord shiva and can bliss his whole life. If sadhak makes any minor mistakes in this process then too he will feel the presence of lord shiva for sure.


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=================================================Introduction about raamadali sampraday has already given under the titles of saadhusaahi. The sadhana of this sect continues secretly and the process is also kept secret. For the same reason, sadhana related to lord Rama is not easily available. In these sadhana, basic need is your faith. For sadhak it is essential to have feeling of merging with god for sadhak in such sadhana. sadhana of god Rama is also of higher level. He is form of lord Vishnu. This sadhana is also act bliss for hanuman devotee. Because before accomplishing hanuman sadhana if sadhak does raam sadhana then lord hanuman pleases with sadhak. This way, the sadhana of Rama is important in many ways. To active our inner spiritual side one should also attempt this sadhana. Here process is given for those who have God Rama as their isht. This is completely saatvik process.

In this sadhak is requires to chant 51 rounds of the following mantra for 11 days.

This chanting should be done with basil rosary (Tulasi Mala)

Direction should north or east

Sadhak should use white cotton cloth and aasan for this prayoga

Sadhak should do this sadhana at the place where during sadhana time period other person do not enter.

It is better if sadhak does hanuman meditation, chantings and poojan as much possible with this prayog.

In this sadhana sadhak should follow rules of sleeping on the floor, bramhacharya, possible least speaking and one time satvik food. This sadhana could be started on any auspicious day. Time should be after 10 PM in night and sadhak should keep on staying in ramas thinking. Sadhana done with faith and devotion will give sadhak boon of having glimpses of god Ram in his bimba form on the last night and wishes are fulfilled.

Raam Raamaay Darshayaami Namah

SABAR TANTRA MAHAVISHESHANK-nath siddh pratyakshikaran

. . . , , . . , . . , . . . . . . . . , . . . , . . . . . ( ) ,, . . .The siddha tradition of india is one of the major role play in the spiritualism today. In sadhana world, it would be surprise if someone is not aware about Nav Nath and Chaurasi Siddha. The 9 nath are the very basic people who were able to attain highest spiritual levels and spread knowledge of very special sadhana of Aghora Vaam Kaul Shabar and Yoga too. With the blessings of lord dattatrey they were able to create new Mantras in this field and this way they created billions of sabar mantra which were not in the Sanskrit language but in the simple household language. So, the common people were able to have success which previously werent able due to pronunciation mistakes. This way 9 nath completed their task, as they were not born through human form they are still alive in their actual form and many of the sadhak receives their blessings bodily even date. Same goes for 84 siddhas. The 84 siddha though including some very accomplished nath even, are the group of sages who are believed to be one of the very highly Spiritually accomplished groups of the sadhaka who are accomplished in tantric and yog tantric sadhanas and some of them are highly accomplished in rasayana too. To seek a blessings and to have guidance in the field of sadhana from such great yogis are surely rise of the highest fortune and dream of many



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Veerbhadra sarveshwari sadhanaVeerbhadraTantram is collection of various secret sadhana in itself, there are so many secrets related to the sadhana given in this secret scripture which are easy and authentic. Once upon a time this scripture used to be big literature in content but many parts of this scripture lost their existence time while. Anyway, in this scripture many sadhana related to various gods and goddesses are mentioned including rituals on Maaran, Vashikaran, Aakarshana, Mohan, Karya siddhim etc. The sadhana presented here is big gem of this scripture. This is sarveshwari sadhana. Mantra of this sadhana is swayam siddha or active this way possibility to attain success becomes more. With that there is another special characteristic is that person is free to choose their sadhana order and can have the desired result. This way, in tantra field, this sadhana is very important and secret. To accomplish this sadhana, sadhak should select the place where no disturbance occurs during sadhana time. Sadhak should start this prayog on Tuesday night. Rosary should be rudraksha and cloth and aasana should be Red. Direction should be north. Sadhak can use this mantra in following way. Description given in regard of mantra is this way: Just by remembering this mantra solution of the troubles could be gain related to bhoot, rakshas, (evil spirits) daakini, yogini. Whenever such auspicious troubles are marked, one should chant this mantra 7 times. For this prayoga, one should remember this mantra. As this mantra is swayam siddha, for this particular there is no need of any process to accomplish this. One can directly take the mantra in use. If this mantra is chanted for one thousand times, person gets extreme memory power and becomes brilliant. If this mantra is chanted 10,000 times one gets power to know everything means past and future incident could be seen. If one does this mantra chanting for 1,00,000 times in the form of anusthan one can have power of khechari or bhoochari means (flying in the sky or walking power for longer distance). Sadhak can himself select the prayog and schedule could be arranged accordingly that these much of mantra chanting would be done in these much days.

Sarveshwari Mantra :