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LISC 2014 Limerick International Study Centre LAUNCH YOURSELF Traveling by Ireland Limericks Competition International Balloon Festival New Korean Recipe

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Fourth edition of LISC magazine, written by students of the centre. July, 2014

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    Traveling by Ireland Limericks Competition

    International Balloon Festival

    New Korean Recipe

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    Traveling by Ireland

    I always dreamed to visit Ireland, since I was a child, and finally I could come

    here and live one month I was very excited, but when I arrived here my first week

    was so hard, I didn't like the weather and I really missed my city, my friends and

    my family. However little by little I was knowing Ireland, I realized people always

    talk with you and it didn't matter if we didn't meet each other before, music was

    cheerful you couldn't felt sad, the amazing landscapes, and the most important I've

    met wonderful people so I started to fall in love of this country and two days before

    I come back to Spain I have to say goodbye, I'm sure in the future I'll return here

    and visit the incredible places in Ireland, but i don't know if I will see the friends

    I've met in the course and this is the hardest part.

    This have been my little adventure in this wonderful country.

    Isabel Deacon Rubio.

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    The importance of Smile in big words. We can't go on with our lives if we stop for very long time bothering about what difficult is to overcome obstacles that life gets us in front of some decisions we take. It's a matter of attitude. A positive attitude much like that famous phrase that says "Look half cup full". Thus, Smile it's like a LIFE STYLE. I invite you to feel the affect in a smile after a positive thought: "All will pass... and then I'll be stronger". We can achieve this point of view through different experience of our life or if you were lucky, through the educations from your family, school. If not, and you still thinking I'm saying a crazy thing... What I can advise is, open your minds and don't stop at the first opinion given to you. Keep looking around you, your new experiences, new people you meet specially in a very absurd occasion. Even it is a very good chance travel around Ireland and enjoy the infinity different ways which you can relax, take break and have reminding all positive affirmations you can about your future. Then, you'll see that you don't have any other option, it will appear in your face a big big SMILE. The future started again and there is nothing to be afraid.

    Arpana Singh

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    Mani was a beautiful child and nothing impolite

    With her skin white

    Burnt by the sun

    On the forest, she had so much fun

    Her eyes was bright.

    One day Mani became sick

    Her situation was critic

    Everybody made a prayer

    for the health come back to her

    But God made a trick.

    The lovely Mani died

    And everybody cried

    The prayers didnt have result

    That moment was difficult

    When below the floor of the hollow she was buried.

    Many days after

    They had a answer

    On place that Mani was

    The Indians saws

    On the soil a root emerge.

    Maniva is the name that the mother gave to the root

    And this was very cute

    A girl who everybody used to miss

    Inmortalized by this

    The hungry of the people she could interrupt.

    Thais Cardia

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    International Balloon Festival

    In 1783 the first flight was made with people, reaching an altitude of 1,000 m.

    In 1842, Don Benito Leon and Ruby Celis Acosta the city of Guanajuato ,

    managed to take off in a balloon made by himself, becoming national hero to

    be the first Mexican aeronaut.

    The International Balloon Festival in Leon, Guanajuato, born in 2002, with the

    participation of 27 balloons.

    The FIG maintains a growth of 1,250% since its inception, to achieve gather for

    12 editions, over 2 million people every year to enjoy this great show.

    Currently, its the most important in Latin America in this genre and one of the

    most globally recognized event. In 2013, 200 reunited the FIG balloon pilots

    from over 15 countries, more than 405,000 visitors, generating an economic

    impact of 425 million 622 thousand 593 pesos and 100% hotel occupancy in

    Leon and surrounding cities.

    In this 2014, the FIG will be back and will present 200 balloons, 25 amazing

    special figures, a full program of music, color and activities for the whole family


    A unique experience that will remain in your memory

    Fatima Rojas

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    I had so much work

    doing a crossword with a Turk

    He wanted to smile

    when he saw a girl wearing a tile

    he was a jerk.

    Thais Cardia

    I finally accustomed about living in here

    First time, I couldn't understand what I did hear

    I tried to improve my English skill alone,

    it was not easy to do eveything on my own.

    I still need more to be fluent in English but it's okay because I have a year.

    Hyemin Kim

    Yesterday I saw a tiger

    It was eating a men of Niger

    I was really shocked

    and I lost my sock

    after this success I became a writer.

    Ana Mora

    Every day I study at home

    next day if the exercise is wrong I fell as a dumb.

    I think this Limerick can be the best

    that's what I dream when I go to rest

    and If I won.. that's gonna be a bomb

    Alba Ramirez

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    In the morning the sun will rise

    in the sky there will be a noise

    Biros were woken up,

    crows are flying,

    I'm going in a cruise

    Giovanni Graziano

    There was a young Saudi boy

    He loved playing game boy

    his mother was too tough

    because he doesn't study enough

    but he didn't listen and continue playing in game boy

    Mohammed Alnakhli

    There once was a little boy called Javier,

    he was a brave as a musketeer,

    to learn english his mother spent a lot of money,

    but he liked beer more than honey,

    so his mother will make him disappear.

    Javier Martinez

    I would like to have an airplane

    and fly away from all the pain

    see the green fields,

    which were battlefields

    and dream of never be sad again.

    Sergio Papac

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    Sometimes, I'm winter, at eight

    can be seen a mysterious light

    Between the headstones of the cementery.

    What could be it? That's a mystery

    But it always apear at the same hour at night.

    Sergio Mejia

    I want to be in Spain,

    with a bottle of Campagne,

    let's go to the beach,

    and not to the football pitch,

    It must be the main.

    Paula Marquez

    There is a flower,

    with a lot of power,

    I sleep in a bed

    where the pillow is red

    and I'll take a shower.

    Carlotta Mosna

    You, little silly boy

    always playing with that toy,

    always playing when I'm sleeping

    can you stop at least while eating?

    That's what I would really enjoy

    Pablo Balduz

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    I have a red ball

    It is very small

    but it jumps and jumps

    and a day it broke the lamp

    next I screamed without control

    Miriam Roman

    I came here to learn English

    Instead of this I just speak Spanish

    what a pity

    I feel guilty

    Because I'll be the same amateurish

    Bea Laparra

    There once was a team from Brazil

    the football they played was a thrill

    they met a German team

    who shattered their dream

    by whipping them seven nil.

    Carmen Davila

    I'm organizing a barbecue

    because i want to be with you

    we're going to meet at three

    behind the big tree

    and you are going to feel something new

    Nacho Perez

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    There was an old man from Peru

    who dreamed he was eating his shoe

    he awoke one dark night

    from a terrible fright

    to discover his dream had come true!

    Andrea Mergancz

    You stay in Limerick and haven't bike.

    If you haven't bike and like

    You can't visit city.

    If you don't pay bus ticket in this community

    you will have to buy bike and can visit unpaid.


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    Act and React.

    Sometimes happens that we have dreams or goals in our life that we want them to become

    true but in the roughly process we realize about two well-known elements that, in most of

    cases, crash into opposites ideas taking part in this little piece of energy that we called LIFE.

    These are Expectative and Reality. When we pursue our dreams and goals fervently

    something positive happens inside, everything seems to be perfect, seeing opportunities

    everywhere, feeling powerful or having the initiative to make something bigger than what it

    really can. Some people believe that obstacles are just an experiment of negative thoughts

    or closer minds that perhaps hides a hidden weakness of body and soul; others just think

    that despite knowing obstacles are difficult, they are likely to overcome of them. However,

    what happens when we face those obstacles that we firstly ensure would have no effects in

    our minds?

    We act and react.

    Id like to explain in details whats happening in this specific case, and I highlight that Im

    speaking based in my own experience and not talking about this as an only truth.

    When I arrived in Ireland I felt full of energy and expectations due to the fact that all my life I

    had dreamt coming to Ireland. Since I can remember, not long ago, I had been reading

    interesting books about Celtic culture and fantasy, all related with magnificent wars,

    unimaginable creatures, Gaelic language, legends and myths about kings who leaded

    villages living in a parallel world of this world to whom they called the manifest world. So,

    with all these stories in mind and moreover the information gathered on internet about the

    environmental and Emerald island, my expectations had been increasing more and more.

    Everything around me was as different and new as the sense of expanding; that it can be

    compared with practicing yoga. In brief words, I was experiencing thankfulness of life in the

    green island, Ireland.

    But as everybody knows life is life and that is equal to ironies, so then some things came up.

    Homesick, doubts, fears, boredom and so on worked together like chasing my dreams and

    goals to be absorb in the darkness of my soul, digging more in it that I could notice,

    spreading silently as hypertension does, or even more, like a slow poison dosed self-

    medicated. Isolation took place in my being, and every challenge was delayed. Ive never

    thought that I would feel depressed and listless in this beautiful country but in fact it was

    exactly like that. I couldnt stay for long periods in my room; I began to get irritated with

    normal situations and also with people around me. But the truth was that Id begun to

    know myself.

    I acted and reacted or am I reacted and acted?

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    The answer is a cycle.

    Suddenly I reacted as if someone had removed the bandage from my eyes, thereby I could

    realized about my condition as a human being, and more than that how people try so hard

    unconsciously to plan and connect everything in their minds to do things that suppose have

    to be done; their purposes look like successful so that finally can match a victory for

    themselves. We act primarily carrying with us expectations, motivated mainly for the

    reasons we found to discover ourselves in a different way, that feels comfortable and

    delighted, but after find obstacles in the middle such simples routines, work, diseases,

    conflicts including changeable weather, we change our attitude and react twice until we

    understand whats going on inside.

    What Id like to explain is that these things happen now and again, and not long when you

    finally react and get over about it, you are already acting again. So in this cycle, the act and

    the react repeat over and over again so as to discover ourselves in every substantial and

    insubstantial thing in life. The key is to realize that life is not always pink but if we can see

    where is the box of acrylic paints, were likely to react and say life is great instead not too

    bad, so definitely you can continue to being a chaser of dreams and goals in presence of

    your faith becoming in a conqueror of your own life.

    Daniela Puche

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    Grilled Marinated Beef

    Bulgogi is one of Korea's most popular beef dishes that is made from thinly sliced sirloin or another prime cut of beef (rib eye). It is usually marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, black pepper, garlic, onions, ginger, and sugar for two to four hours to enhance the flavor and its tenderization. Bulgogi is traditionally grilled but broiling or pan-cooking is common as well. Whole cloves of garlic, sliced onions, and chopped green peppers are often grilled or cooked at the same time. It is often served to non-Koreans as a first taste of Korean cuisine.

    This dish is usually served with a side of lettuce, spinach, or other leafy vegetable, which is used to wrap a slice of cooked meat, often times along with a dab of ssamjang, kimchi, or other side dishes, and then eaten as a whole.

    Korean 101: Bul is the Korean word for fire and gogi is meat, therefore, it translates into fire meat. However, it's not quite spicy in taste but somewhat on the sweet side.


    1 lb thinly sliced beef (sirloin or rib eye)

    5 tbsp sugar cup soy sauce

    2 buds finely chopped garlic (can be crushed but remove buds before serving)

    tsp salt 5 tbsp Mirin (sweet sake, optional)

    2 tbsp sesame oil 2 tbsp toasted sesame seeds

    1 cup split green onions 2 cups thinly sliced carrots (optional)

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    1. Mix all ingredients except carrots. Marinate in refrigerator for at least 2

    hours. 2. Cook over medium high heat until meat is just short of desired completion.

    3. Add carrots and cook for an additional 3 minutes. 4. Serve with rice.

    Hyemin Kim