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  • 7/30/2019 magazine covers analysed


    This is a magazine for

    young girls, as on the

    cover there are mainly

    female singers or

    actresses .

    But also seen as the

    masthead says this

    magazine is 4 girlz.

    The colour of the

    background is adark pink, which

    mostly appears to

    young girls, this

    shows there target

    audience is easy to


    Just 4 girls magazine

    The text is in a lot of

    different colours, but

    there are also hearts

    and stars. There are

    lots of cover lines,

    about new movies

    and sings. The maincover line is the the

    rock star. It is bolder

    than the other text, it

    stand out.

    Sundeep Kaur

  • 7/30/2019 magazine covers analysed


    Brides magazine

    The target audience is

    easy to see, because

    there is the image of

    a woman in a white

    wedding dress, has

    flowers in her hand

    this shows it is a

    females as there is

    necklaces. The targetaudience is women

    getting married, this

    will give them ideas

    and help.

    The cover lines are all

    about dresses, about

    their figure. Also what

    will be needed in

    their wedding like

    food, photo, flowers.

    The main cover line is

    the one is bold and

    larger font. It standsout the colours are

    used are purple and

    pink mostly this mostly

    are represented as


    Sundeep Kaur

  • 7/30/2019 magazine covers analysed


    Vibe magazine

    The masthead is Vibe,

    is aimed at males that

    like music, singers andrappers.

    On the cover there is

    not a lot of colour

    used and text,

    however the textused is in bold font.

    The colours used

    would not attract


    The singers and

    rappers on the cover

    are all male, thisshows the target

    audience would

    probably be males.

    The main cover line

    is about Eminem,because it is in the

    largest and boldest

    text and font. The

    are other cover

    lines but they are,

    not as big on the

    issue .

    Sundeep Kaur

  • 7/30/2019 magazine covers analysed


    Premiere magazine

    The masthead is

    standing out as it

    is in colour red.

    The main cover line is

    about Robert

    Pattinson, this is easy

    to see because thiscover line is larger

    and bolder than the

    other text.

    The image of Robert

    Pattinson , shows thathe is the main topic of

    this issue and as he is

    connected to Twilight ,

    that is what may

    persuade some to buy


    This is easy to that it

    is a movie magazine

    because the sub-

    heading stand out in

    bold text.

    Sundeep Kaur

  • 7/30/2019 magazine covers analysed


    Surfing magazine

    The masthead

    stands out from

    the white colour

    as it is black.

    The target

    audience is easy

    to see because ofthe image of a

    surfer, which

    would attract

    other people who

    are interested in


    The main cover line,stands out from the

    smaller text this will

    attract attention and

    help and persuade

    the customer to

    purchase it

    The cover lines will

    attract target

    audience as they

    will find this


    therefore buying

    the magazine

    Sundeep Kaur

  • 7/30/2019 magazine covers analysed


    Fashion magazine

    The mast head is inthe background,

    however still stands

    out from the page

    and other text, the

    front text could be

    classed as classic and


    The image of thewoman, shows the

    audience what the

    topic of this issue

    of the magazine

    will be.

    The cover lines standout, catching the

    audiences eye and

    attention. It will also

    attract audience as

    some may relate to it,

    or having the same


    The target

    audience will

    mostly be females

    as the cover lines

    will relate to them


    Sundeep Kaur

  • 7/30/2019 magazine covers analysed


    Science magazine

    The masthead

    stands out in

    bold white with

    red background.

    The maincover line is

    easy to

    indentify of

    the large

    white front on

    the reddishbackground

    which helps to

    make it stand


    The cover lines arebold, making it

    stand out this

    would attract the

    target audience,

    who would be

    people who areinterested in this

    science magazine.

    The image shows

    what thismagazine is about

    and what will be

    in this issue.

    Sundeep Kaur

  • 7/30/2019 magazine covers analysed


    Health and fitness


    The mast head

    stands out because

    it is bolder and

    larger in size, also

    because of its

    colour which is a

    brown and stand

    out more as the

    background is


    The cover lines

    would attract

    attention because

    the target audience

    who will be

    interested in this

    would find it

    appealing to them.

    Sundeep Kaur

  • 7/30/2019 magazine covers analysed


    Children magazine

    The mast head is easy

    to identify because it isat the top of the page,

    as has a white

    background which

    helps it stand out from

    the whole page.

    The target audience is

    children who watch

    Cbeebies, as there are

    characters from that

    television channel.

    As this is a childrens

    magazine there are

    no cover lines,

    however there are

    characters from

    different Cbeebies


    Sundeep Kaur

  • 7/30/2019 magazine covers analysed


    Parenting magazine

    The mast head, is

    eye catching

    because it is bolderthan any other text

    on the page.

    The colour pink /

    purple shows it is

    targeted at female

    parents, which is

    also can be seen

    because the image

    on the cover is of a

    mother and child.

    The cover lines

    all relate to

    parenting, and

    what they

    could do and

    has this issue

    relates more toeveryday life

    people are

    more likely to

    buy it

    Sundeep Kaur