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Transcript of Maeve's Plants

  • 1. The Plants at Maeves House
    • Youre going to learn about plants.

2. My Plants

  • One is Basil the other is Cilantro, at least I think so.I like the smell of them.

3. This is a Christmas Cactus

  • I like the name because it has the word Christmas.You can put it in a vase if you want to.It has bright red flowers at Christmas time.

4. The Spider Pant

  • The plantlets look like spiders.Ours has been knocked over a lot of times.Ours does not have any plantlets (because its been knocked over a lot of times).

5. The Jade Plant

  • It grows 40 miles per hour (ha, ha, ha, ha).You can put it in a window sill.My mom got it from daddy before they were married.

6. This one is called Little Bluestem

  • This one grows 100 MPH!Its starts out like blue colored and it turns to brown.

7. The Venus Fly Trap

  • It catches flies.It has sticky stuff inside of it.This is my brothers and he named it Jaws.

8. Mandies Jade Plant

  • This is Mandies Jade plant. She gave it to us in 95.9 (ha, ha, ha).Dad said ha, ha, ha too.It grows leaves and it stays alive in the winter time and the summer time.

9. The End

  • Thanks for watching Maeves slide show.It was funny, wasnt it?That was the end, goodbye.
  • Thanks, see you soon -- Maeve