Machine Tool Dealer Value Added Reseller Program Presentation to: June 1, 2010

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Transcript of Machine Tool Dealer Value Added Reseller Program Presentation to: June 1, 2010

  • Machine Tool DealerValue Added Reseller ProgramPresentation to:June 1, 2010

  • VAR Program AgendaIntroductionsExecutive ValueReseller ProgramProgram RequirementsBusiness DevelopmentNext Steps Questions, Answers, Wrap Up

    John Rattray

  • Executive ValueManufacturing needs to be more efficient!

    There are tools available to deliver

    Productivity Improvement

    on the shop floor in the

    5 - 20% range

  • Whats NewMemex has grownBusiness is in OEE+DNC, Memory Upgrades, ConnectivityPart of Astrix Networks Inc. group of companiesBuilding on strengths since 1992New Products Add to your core solutionOEE+DNC tools monitor and control machinesConnectivity tools machines to the internetMuch Promotion and Business DevelopmentSeminars, Webinars, Articles published, Press ReleasesOpportunities we will be at IMTS 2010

  • Lets Make Money!Imagine going to your customers and asking: If they could increase their manufacturing productivity 5 - 20% How much would that be worth?($20 million/yr spent on shop floor with a 5% improvement = $1,000,000)Would your customers be pleased with you for offering added value?

    Our Objective is to share with you how this can be a value added differentiator FOR YOU so you garner more business and big projects.Especially in this lean economic times clients need efficiency

    Manufacturing Productivity Tool, Machine Monitoring OEE in real-timeBreakthrough business value it is HOT!

  • Reseller Program OverviewGenerate more strategic business with solid projects Machine Monitoring is hot - OEE is a CEO level strategic driver

    Provide Value Added to your customersIncrease efficiency of their shop floor using Machine Monitoring

    An opportunity to reconnect with your customers You know manufacturing, you know your customers, add to core products

    Make money on commissions, fees and services

    Build on your expertise with lean manufacturing initiativesOffer a suite of tools, supported directly by Memex

    Benefits to Dealer

  • Reseller Program OverviewThree tiers:Introductory Agent Getting started, based on opportunity, low margin Good contacts, no need for technical depth

    Standard Dealer - Reseller High Memex support, strong margin, typical product sale, installers Deal direct with customer, strong machine knowledge

    Master Dealer Typically Exclusive, Value Added, Revenue Commitment, installers Deal direct with customer, strong machine knowledge

    Determined by commitment levelBy sales volumeBy level of training/certificationBy ability to support customersStructure

  • Reseller Program OverviewMust Qualify with:Mature business (minimum 2 years)Extensive baseline knowledge of machinesVaries by specific focus and controls OEE, CNC Memory, ConnectivityValid business licenseBusiness web addressTwo business referencesCulture and Fit to work together

    Register at the Memex Dealer Website

  • Program Detail

  • Program Detail

  • Program DetailPre-Qualified LeadsNeed a services team onsite to work the project

    Training of DealerLevel 1 = Opportunity IdentificationWebinar based, learn key issues, approx. 1 hourLevel 2 = Project Installation servicesWebinar & study based, learn installation technique, approx. 4 hoursLevel 3 = Project DeploymentFirst installation done on a joint basis. Memex trains your key installer side by side on a hands-on basis.

    CertificationsOpportunity IdentificationOEE Installation servicesCNC Memory Connectivity Installation services

    Hands-on support to make each project successfulYou know the customer, we know the products we support each otherMemex will Offer Dealer

  • Business DevelopmentOpportunity Identification

    Memory UpgradesBigger programs on machines need more memory

    ConnectivityEthernet on to the shop floorCompanies are going through a technology shift Serial is way outdated, expensive, cumbersome, poor information

    OEE+DNC Machine Monitoring & ControlNeed for real-time information about the machineLean initiatives and process improvementsTime study analysisTypically 20+ machines on the shop floor

  • Business DevelopmentProspecting Feature SheetSell directly to your target market

  • Business IdentificationSolution Fact Sheet

    Machine Monitoring - OEE

    Keep on your desk

    Visible Sales Tool

  • Solution Fact SheetValue PropositionProductivity Tool: 5 20% increase in efficiency

    Key DifferentiatorSoftware & Hardware from MemexReal-Time visible Dashboard metrics - status of productionOEE + DNC = Monitor & ControlAny Machine; CNC & non-CNC, PLC and any other with some signal.

    Target MarketFabrication, CNC Machining; Industrial Equipment, Aerospace, Press Shops, Plastics, Injection Molding

    Decision MakersCEOs, Plant Managers, Manufacturing Mgrs, Continuous Improvement Mgrs

    Key DriversOEEOverall Equipment EffectivenessProductivity & Efficiency

  • Solution Fact SheetQualifying CriteriaNeed to improve productivity in Discrete, Repetitive Manufacturing10 or more machines, Revenues $20M+, 24 hour operationsBenefitsReal-time, OEE, Identify Problems Fast, data collection and reportingDowntime & Reject cause analysis, Assess Operator ProductivityLabour tracking, Usage-based Preventive Maintenance, Scheduling, ERPPayback to bottom line measured in monthsEasy to install & start collecting data within days

    SolutionHardware, Software, Handhelds, scanners, devices etc., Real-Time connectionOver 400 data elements collected, Comprehensive reporting in 8 ways

    Next StepOffer a Pilot Trial for one machine Prove to them it works!60 days, computer, s/w, h/w, install, $4,000

    ContactsMemex: John Rattray, Dave McPhail

  • Next StepsSign-On to the VAR programReview fit on ChecklistWebsite form to register VARComplete appropriate certificationFind a prospective customerStart sellingDo a Product Webinar to confirm fit and interestPilot Trial to prove solution minimize riskBid a ProjectLets start making money

  • Questions & Answers

  • Thank You2010 Memex Automation Inc., 3425 Harvester Road Suite 200, Burlington Ontario Canada L7N 3G1 (866)