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  • 7/23/2019 Machine Tool Accessories Boost Productivity

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    a white paper

    12 Machine ToolAccessories ThatBoost ProductivityWith 90 years of machine tool experience the Gosiger team has the

    experience to help you determine which accessories will optimize the

    performance of your CNC machine tools and provide the greatest ROI.

  • 7/23/2019 Machine Tool Accessories Boost Productivity

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    invest in newmachine tools forthree main reasons.

    To make a current process better,

    faster and/or more cost-effective.

    To add to their existing capacity.

    To expand their capabilities.

    In each case the goal is to realize the best possible return

    on investment. Which means choosing the machine tool that

    will most efficiently and effectively perform the tasks at hand.

    However even the best machine tools cannot operate at

    peak performance unless they are fitted out with appropriate,

    equally capable accessories. Unfortunately, because

    shoppers are so focused on selecting the right machine tool,

    these peripheral products are often overlooked or given little

    consideration. This is a serious mistake because adding

    the right accessories can often dramatically improve overall

    productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.

    In this paper we will discuss 12 accessories

    proven to optimize machine tool performance

    in various applications:

    Robots & Automated

    Pallet Systems

    Vacuum Unloaders

    Bar Feeders

    Machine Tool Probes

    Shop Floor Inspection


    Tool Management Systems

    Laser Marking Tools


    Coolant Systems

    Chip Conveyors

    Steady Rests

    Custom Apps

    Robots & Automated Pallet Systems

    Many times manually loading, unloading or repositioning of

    parts slows down the machining process and adds labor

    costs. These functions are often mind-numbingly repetitious

    for the machine operator who could be tending multiple

    machines or performing more productive tasks. Robots are

    particularly adept at these and many other activities.

    Among the many benefits are:

    Improved machine tool utilization by eliminating

    wait times, missed cycles, and enabling more

    consistent throughput.

    Reduced cost-per-part through unattended operation

    and by eliminating labor-intensive activities such as

    part loading and unloading, excessive part handling

    and inspection.

    Reduced overhead by increasing CNC machine

    productivity and amortizing skilled labor over greaternumbers of parts. By increasing the productivity of direct

    labor per man-hour and square foot of factory space,

    you effectively reduce overhead costs.

    Increased production flexibility by enabling machine tools

    to produce diverse families of parts by using available

    technologies and efficient programming techniques.

    Increased income potential by producing more parts

    in less time, thus freeing spindle time for additional,

    incremental parts production.

  • 7/23/2019 Machine Tool Accessories Boost Productivity

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    Enhanced part quality through consistent part handling

    and eliminating human error.

    Lowering overhead because robots dont take vacations,

    sick days or holidays, or require payroll taxes, insurance

    and other benefits.resource.

    Automated Pallet Systems are another way to optimize

    throughput by managing production schedules, level loading

    machining centers and enabling one operator to manage an

    entire production line.

    Pallet systems come in a variety of

    congurations to accommodate any size

    manufacturing process from a single cell

    to an entire factory.

    In many cases they can integrate a variety of machine

    tool makes and models with robotics, inspection, material

    management, warehouse functions and much more.

    Vacuum Unloaders

    Turning machines used in high production processes

    may benefit by adding a vacuum unloader.

    This device automatically removes

    parts from twin spindle or sub

    spindle machines with thru-

    hole. After the first end of a partis machined the part transfers

    from the main spindle to the sub

    spindle where the opposite end is

    machined. Meanwhile, the first end of a new part is machined

    in the main spindle. When the sub-spindle stops, the chuck

    opens and the unloader moves into position and forms a

    seal. It then uses vacuum pressure to pull the part out of the

    sub spindle past a sensor that confirms the part is out of the

    spindle so machining can resume as the part drops into the

    unloaders tray.

    Bar Feeders

    Loading 12 or smaller bar stock into a turning machine is

    more complicated than it appears. If the bar is not properly

    supported it will lobe and create vibrations that are passed

    on to the machine tool spindle. This vibration not only

    makes it more difficult to hold dimensional and surface finish

    tolerances, it can also cause excess wear on the turning

    machine bearings, spindle and other components causing

    premature failures. Manually loading bar stock is time-

    consuming, labor intensive and causes machine downtime.

  • 7/23/2019 Machine Tool Accessories Boost Productivity

    4/9| (937) 228-5174

    Modern, automatic bar feeding equipment stabilizes bar

    stock to reduce vibrations, can hold and continuously feed

    enough bars to enable unattended and even lights out

    production, and frees machine operators for more important

    activities. Many bar feeders have automatic, self-adjusting

    features that make changeovers quick and easy, often by

    simply entering a few commands into the touch-screen

    control. They also employ servomotors and synchronization

    systems to prevent loading failures and machine crashes.

    Some are even equipped with Internet connections that allow

    them to communicate with the CNC machines program

    schedule to optimize material usage and automatically

    change parts programs on the fly.

    There are a wide variety of automatic, magazine bar feeders

    available in both 12 and short load models for fixed and

    sliding headstock machines that cover an impressive range

    of bar stock diameters and shapes.

    Machine Tool Probes

    Years ago touch-trigger probes were strictly used for post-

    process part inspection, as on a Coordinate Measuring

    Machine (CMM). Today, they can be mounted on a CNC

    machines spindle to make it quicker and easier to set up

    parts, detect a problem with tooling including worn, broken

    or missing tools, prevent machine tool damage and evenperform in-process gauging to maintain part quality. There

    are also software programs available that can use the data

    from these probes to automatically make tooling adjustments

    or remotely alert operators of problems.

    Shop Floor Inspection Systems

    While in-process gauging has become more commonplace,

    many applications still require post-process inspection to

    certify part tolerances and comply with customer demands.

    Inspection devices range from digital calipers, height stands

    and other manual gauges to sophisticated scanning CMMs,

    dedicated dimensional measurement machines, surface

    texture instruments and much more. To operate successfully

    on the shop floor, these tools must be designed to resist

    environmental forces including temperature, humidity and

    airborne contaminants. Otherwise they must be used in a

    more controlled area such as a clean room.

  • 7/23/2019 Machine Tool Accessories Boost Productivity

    5/9| (937) 228-5174

    Tool Management Systems

    Controlling perishable tool inventories is an ongoing

    issue for many CNC machine shops. Its important to

    track tool usage to maintain an adequate stock of tools

    and avoid overstocking that can impact cash flow.

    Moreover an easily accessible tool crib may lead to

    hoarding by machine operators who want to keep theirown stash in their work area.

    One solution is a tool vending machine

    that maintains inventory control records

    to identify usage by employee.

    These systems can be coupled with tool drawer monitoring

    systems that use weight sensors or RFID technology to

    monitor tool inventory. The software that these systems use

    may also enable automatic tool ordering and flag changes in

    tool usage that could indicate machining problems.

    Laser Marking Tools

    There is an increasing need for traceability of manufactured

    parts due to recalls, identifying the causes of product failures,

    and thwarting counterfeiting. Most medical, automotive and

    aerospace parts have long required indelible markings to

    insure traceability, and many other industries are adopting the

    practice to help protect themselves from liability issues and to

    hold contract suppliers accountable for meeting their quality

    standards. Additionally, counterfeit parts from overseas and

    within the U.S. are now a billion-dollar plus business.

    One solution is laser marking

    that uses laser beams to mark

    a wide range of materials without

    making contact with the part,

    which makes it an ideal choice

    for identifying all shapes and

    sizes, and for placing markings