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  1. 1. Machine Embroidery Tips ForBeginners By Jeff Hernandezfppt. com
  2. 2. Introduction' Machine embroidery is a process where sewing machine or embroidery machines are used to createpatterns on clothes. ' People nowadays are Very fond of embroiderydesigns. ' Some of the useful machine embroidery tips forbeginners have been listed in slides below. fppt. com
  3. 3. Needle for Fabric The machine used for embroidery goes so fastthat many times,needlebreaks. So,one needs to check the stabilizer for fabric and theneedle used for the fabric.fppt. com
  4. 4. C FIBTest Embroidery PatternUse a scrap fabric to test the embroidery pattern. 7/ //./ /:4// /yj,You can find a perfect Wmatch of stabilizer,needle, tension and fabric. . . aff , . , . $95 . -. . . 3;;' t; f4
  5. 5. Write the exact comboOnce you find perfect combo of fabric,stabilizer,needle and tension,make anote of it. If you have to embroider that fabric again,you can save the time and effortsrequired for testing. fppt. com
  6. 6. Embroidery machines useBuy Embroidery Bobbin Threadcertain type of threads just for bobbin. Purchase these threads and wind several bobbins forlater use. It will prevent needle frombreaking.fppt. com
  7. 7. Learn Machine EmbroideryMachine Embroidery is not a load machinepushbutton process. Invest your time inlearning Embroidery first. Dont be angry if it is notperfect for the first time.fppt. com
  8. 8. Turn off your machine if it makessound If the machine sounds likea hammer,turn it off. If such thing happen,you have wrong stabilizer or loaded somethingincorrectly.fppt. com
  9. 9. Purchase Machine EmbroideryEssentialsPurchase a book to learn more about machine embroidery.The book named,Machine Embroidery Essentials by Jeanine Twigg is a greatsource for learners. This book gives a start on some of the commoncombos. Embroidery MachineESSENTIALSllml In l. lhI| l/L | I:mp.1ml mull I)(U| f.l[IL llmgns M. May lbelelum VIII Rlvrwmli by [more (iuudalllfppt. com
  10. 10. You can patch a stickyStock Up On Stabilizerstabilizer by cutting out a piece bigger than your hole & placing the patch on top. Once your sticky stabilizer is pulled tight,throw it &hoop a new piece.fppt. com
  11. 11. Conclusion This Presentation is created to help beginners knowa few points about machine embroidery. Nowadays Embroidery Digitizing is very popular.Itgives a good look to your embroidery. Machine Embroidery is being widely used and therefore,has increased the usage of EmbroideryDigitizing as well. fppt. com
  12. 12. Thank You' Thank You for investing your time to go throughthis presentation. " I hope this might fulfill the purpose it has been created for and enlighten the minds of many more embroidery enthusiasts who wish to try their handat machine embroidery. fppt. com
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