MacArthur Foundation's Generosity

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MacArthur Foundation's Generosity

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Page 1: MacArthur Foundation's Generosity

MacArthur Foundation's Generosity

Page 2: MacArthur Foundation's Generosity

Recognition is being deservedly given to the MacArthurFoundation. Having awarded 6.5 million dollars to

Chicago nonprofit organizations revolving around thearts, the foundation is looking to lend a helping hand to

the Windy City community. In fact, the foundationarticulates three main goals. They are as follows:

1. To support the arts and culturalinfrastructure of the Chicago area throughflexible, multi-year core operating support.

2. To provide funding for special, time-limited projects and initiatives that

benefits a set of arts organizations or thesector as a whole.

3. To support projects that contribute tocivic life in Chicago

Page 3: MacArthur Foundation's Generosity

This is the first time all recipients have been of an artisticinclination. According to a news press, the grants were

restricted to the arts field in order “to strengthen the city’svibrant cultural life” and to exhibit “commitment to its

hometown.” The fortunate recipients are listed below bytitle along with the dollar amount they received:

-Red Orchid Theater (200,000$)-Albany Park Theater Project (400,000$)

-Chicago Film Archives (200,000$)-Chicago Jazz Philharmonic (400,000$)

-Chicago Opera Theater (800,000$)-Chicago Sinfonietta (625,000$)

-Eighth Blackbird (400,000$)-Hyde Park Art Center (625,000$)

-Links Hall (200,000$)-Lookingglass Theatre (1,000,000$)

-Lucky Plush Productions (200,000$)-The Hypocites (200,000$)

-Timeline Theatre (625,000$)-Young Chicago Authors (625,000$)

Page 4: MacArthur Foundation's Generosity

Since 1978, the MacArthur Foundation claimsto have donated more than 1,000,000,000

dollars to the Windy City. Over the last tenyears, this work has largely been completedthrough dual partnerships with the Prince

Charitable Trusts and the Richard H DriehausFoundation. These two generous organizationsdonate grants on behalf of MacArthur throughappropriate allocated funds that have been set

aside for that express purpose.

Page 5: MacArthur Foundation's Generosity

Conducted studies have led thefoundation to conclude thatsaid artistic organizations

benefit from having both coreoperating fiscal support as wellas project-based fiscal support.

By attaining both forms of supportsimultaneously, these nonprofits areable to envision and accomplish newcharitable ventures with flexibility,

which benefits not only the nonprofitorganization itself, but also the city

of Chicago at large.