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Describes the areas in which mobile technology could serve as a potential tool for extending healthcare services.

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  • 1. m-Powering Healthcare SAURAV GUPTA | TEAM LEAD, MSWASTHYA

2. mHealth = Mobile + Healthcare 3. Mobile health information technology (mHealth) typically refers to portable devices with the capability to create, store, retrieve, and transmit data in real time between end users for the purpose of improving patient safety and quality of care 4. source: rockhealth 5. source: rockhealth 6. Modalities Mobile AppsInstant notificationsHigh end Smart phones/ tabletsEmailsLow end smart phones/ tabletsSMSLow end mobile devicesVoice Messages 7. mHealth Key Areas Education and AwarenessRemote Data CollectionRemote MonitoringCommunication and TrainingDisease and epidemic outbreak trackingDiagnostic and treatment support 8. Education & Awareness SMS Alerts: SMS alerts have a measurable impact and a greater ability to influence behaviour than radio and television campaignstesting and treatment methods,availability of health services, anddisease management 9. Remote Data Collection Collecting field informationPatients are rarely able to visit a hospitalInformation should be updated and accessible on a real-time basisThe data collection process is more efficient and reliable if conducted via smart phones, PDAs, or mobile phones rather thanpaper-based surveys 10. Remote Monitoring Possibility for treating patients in an outpatient settingLimited access to hospital beds and clinicsapplications consists of one- or two-way communications to monitor health conditions, maintain caregiver appointments, or ensure medication regimen adherenceAlso include inpatient and out patient sensors chronic conditions 11. Communication & Training Shortage of healthcare workersTraining new cadres of health professionals and empowering current workersmobile technology is a strong basis for empowerment 12. Disease & Epidemic Outbreak Tracking Outbreaks of communicable diseases often begin in pockets, and, when left undetected, can develop into epidemics. Ex: Tb, cholera, SARSDeployment of mobile devices, with their ability to quickly captureand transmit data on disease incidence, can be decisive in the prevention and containment of outbreaks 13. Diagnostic & Treatment SupportDiagnosticsandtreatmentsupportarevitally importantinhealthcaremisdiagnosis or the inability to diagnose a condition could have serious, even fatal, ramifications With mHealth-enabled diagnostics and treatment support, patients are able to receive treatment in their villages and homes, averting the need for expensive hospital visits, which are beyond reach for many 14. Thank You SAURAV@CDAC.IN