Luxury Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings choosing Grohe,...

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Transcript of Luxury Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings choosing Grohe,...

  • Luxury Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings

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    Do you enjoy water?

    At Grohe, water is our business – we’re passionate about it, we care about it and

    we enjoy it. But, what’s most important to us is that you enjoy it too. Throughout

    this brochure you’ll find a wealth of exciting new products; while many of our

    popular lines have been given a fresh new look and benefit from all the latest

    technologies developed by our engineers.

    Perhaps you’re planning a new bathroom. If so, you’ll find everything you need

    from functional basin mixers to feature-packed shower panels in our extensive

    bathroom section. Or maybe you’re looking to update your current kitchen with

    a new faucet, in which case our kitchen section is guaranteed to inspire. Detailed

    information on all ranges can be found on our website:

    We appreciate that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some people a

    modern city apartment is the home of their dreams, while for others a cottage

    in the country is the ultimate. Our exhaustive range of products features faucets,

    showers and fittings for every style of interior, from classic period contours

    to sculptural modern designs. And to make it easier for you to choose a

    design to suit your budget we’ve grouped our products into four price tiers:

    G3: performance, G4: premium, G5: prestige and G7: luxury.

    For Grohe, efficiency and durability is key. It’s what our customers have come

    to expect from us and why you’ll see our products used in prominent buildings

    across the globe. But it’s not just about technology – aesthetics and ergonomics

    are central when it comes to developing new ranges. Our products are visually

    appealing, simple to operate and created to enhance your living space. To

    experience these benefits first hand, visit our website to locate your nearest Grohe

    stockist. Then visit the showroom where you’ll be able to see and feel the quality

    of our exciting products, and order all the essential fittings for your bathroom

    or kitchen – so that you too can enjoy water.

    David J. Haines

    Chief Executive Officer Grohe AG, Industriepark Edelburg, Hemer Germany,

  • What does ‘Enjoy Water’ mean for Grohe?

    Paul Flowers: When we talk about ‘Enjoy Water’ we’re defining an experience and how the delivery of water can change and enhance that experience. We are incredibly for- tunate nature has given us so many examples from which we can take inspiration, from waterfalls to rain. We believe we have captured a unique way for people to enjoy one of the most precious resources our planet has to offer.

    Detlef Spigiel: Our technology allows you to enjoy water in a way you never thought possible. Grohe products encourage interaction; they offer you choices and give you tactile feedback. Grohe DreamSpray® technology – at the heart of all our showers – efficiently distributes an equal flow of water to every single shower nozzle and offers a range of spray patterns; this allows our customers to choose from the variety of experiences that our products deliver.

    Luxury Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings … page 4

    How has the bathroom evolved over the last five years and how does this influence the development of new products?

    PF: The set parameters of the home as we know it today are slowly dissolving, making room for hybrid spaces. Bathrooms are no longer purely functional spaces for cleaning and grooming – they have become “wellbeing” centres. People enjoy the personal time they spend in the bathroom and expect products which will enhance that experience.

    DS: We have a responsibility to society to enhance people’s lives and to design products that satisfy their expectations. Our products must be simple to operate, reliable and durable, yet they must also provide exciting experiences for the user.

    Design and Quality Here at Grohe, good design is backed up by years of research and development; this allows us to

    produce a range of products that is both visually exciting and technically superior. We invest more in

    quality than any other sanitary fittings company in the world and are market leaders in our field. By

    choosing Grohe, you’re not only buying a technically advanced product but one that is designed to give a

    lifetime of enjoyment and service. Below, Detlef Spigiel, Executive Director, and Paul Flowers, Vice President

    Design, discuss the importance of quality and design and the philosophy behind the new company

    strategy ‘Enjoy Water.’

    70 years of excellence

    Since 1936, when Friedrich Grohe founded the company, it has been our mission to develop technically superior, high quality bathroom and kitchen fittings. Over the past seven decades, we have launched thousands of exciting new products and re-defined the way people look at their bathrooms. Grohe is now one of the world’s leading sanitary fittings manufacturers.

    Above: An advertising image from the 1950s.

  • Installing a new bathroom is an investment. How do you ensure that the design of a new product is still relevant in ten years’ time?

    PF: We work with trend forecasters to identify long-term societal trends. This ensures that our designs are relevant today but they will also be relevant in the future. This, combined with our constant search to understand and explore human behaviour and desires, helps to ensure the longevity of our designs.

    DS: Our products are designed to withstand years of stress and exposure. Grohe SilkMove® technology uses the finest ceramic discs in the industry ensuring a lifetime of maintenance- free operation, while our dazzling Grohe StarLight® finish is soil repellent and resists scratches and tarnishing guaranteeing good-as-new looks for years to come.

    How will Grohe satisfy the consumer’s desire for a product that is environmentally friendly and economically efficient?

    PF: The obvious way is to reduce the negative impact our designs have on the planet. The other way is to design products with which consumers form relationships; this encourages them to keep products for longer and use them more efficiently.

    DS: Grohe is a responsible company. We listen to our customers’ opinions and care about the environment. Our products are made from high- grade materials, and combine the economical and ecological use of water with excellent design to ensure years of func-tion and enjoyment. Grohe TurboStat® technology is an example of this – our superior thermostats reach the desired temperature in a flash and respond to changes in water pressure instantly. As a result they use less water.

    “Our technology allows

    you to enjoy water in a way

    you never thought possible.”

    Detlef Spigiel, Executive Director

    “We have an impressive

    history of quality and products

    which function to perfection.”

    Paul Flowers, Vice President Design

    What can we expect to see from Grohe in the future?

    PF: We have an impressive history of quality and products that function to perfection; this is a fabulous foundation from which to create world-class design. Trends suggest environments will be less defined in the future and that technology and entertainment could affect the concept of the bathroom. Grohe will create new iconic ways in which to enjoy and experience water.

    DS: A change in lifestyle trends, whereby our bathrooms play an increasingly important role in our homes, requires that our technologies are always one-step ahead. As the boundary between bedroom and bathroom dissolves, future-proof features such as Grohe Whisper® technology – which transforms the sound of running water into a gentle, hypnotic flow – will become increasingly important.

  • Grohe Technology

    Luxury Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings … page 6

    Seven decades of research and development has resulted in a range of products that are renowned

    worldwide for their technical excellence and longevity. Throughout this brochure you’ll find

    references to our water technologies, all of them developed to make your experience with Grohe different,

    special and better.

    Grohe StarLight® Our dazzling chrome finish is in a class of its own thanks to Grohe StarLight® technology. Our chrome plating process, refined over the past 70 years, creates a deep and even layer and is known as one of the best surface finishes in the world. The result is a luminous, mirror-like sheen that is soil repellent and resists scratches and tarnishing, ensuring good-as-new looks for years to come.

    Grohe SilkMove® When it comes to smooth operation, Grohe faucets are a cut above the rest. Our unique cartridges are manufactured in-house from an advanced ceramic alloy, and coated with a special Teflon lubricant. As a result, Grohe SilkMove® technology ensures a lifetime of maintenance-free comfort and reliability, while an extra generous operating angle means that temperature change from hot to cold is a smooth, gradual and precise process.

    Cr 0.2 µm

    Ni 5.0 µm

    Messing Brass

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