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    Coffee is might be not the best choice for you in case of yourhealth, but is no denying how delightful that feeling when you drinking coffee. People are more enjoying not the taste of the coffee but the lifestyle that comes with it.People like to drink coffee because its making them calm and relax. As well coffee in winter is wonderful, its is really nice when warm coffee goes down from your throat to your stomach and you can feel the heat spreads all over your body and when you holding a cup in your palms and you feel how cup of coffee making your arms warm. Also most common thing is why coffee is so popular is because coffee helping you to keep awake through the night, especially when you do have to make some deadlines at work or study for exams or to meet any other important deadlines.So in this magazine we will be showing you what do people think about coffee, how they drinking it and what they do know about it (). We will also go with you through the coffee history, after this issue you will know where coffee came from and how it grown in such a big deal in our lifes now(). As well we will try getting you better knowledge about the coffee and coffees types ().

    Contributors Vivienne. Girl come from the south of China who major is media studies and entertainment technology in University of Portsmouth. Begin to draw about ten years. In this magazine she designed the logo and mainly is focused on the area of drinking coffee is a lifestyle. She designed the inside of magazine as well.Also she took some photos for this magazine.

    Huihui Shen. She is Chinese student studying in the University of Portsmouth. She does love to photograph, so there is no wonder that she took some of the photos and modify them for the magazine. Meanwhile she took part to make layouts in the magazine. As she is creative minded she did helped loads of to create the magazine.

    Ilona Ruskyte. She is student that does studying a Digital media in the Portsmouth of University. She thinks that doing what you do is freedom, liking what you like is happiness. For this magazine she took pictures in the managing, making the appointments with people that we interviewed, and also took some pictures for the magazine.

    She is International student from China and does studying a Media Studies and Entertainment Technology in Portsmouth. Her dream is to become a photographer. Admire the people who are very creative. In the magazines she is mainly focuses on shooting beautiful photographs and modified them for the magazine. She also was working on the history of coffee area.


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    The History of Coffee

    Let me introduce you to the history of coffee, and coffee shops. If you are interesting about the coffee it would be really nice if you would know some of the things such as; how everything is started, where came from coffee name and how the coffees growth spread around the world.Around 11th Century, people began to drink boiled coffee as a beverage. In 13th Century, Ethiopia army invaded Yemen, and then coffee brought into Arab world. But the coffee shop was once closed because of the religious doctrine. The word - coffee then summoned to Turkey. The word became the source of European languages. The way of how to plant and make coffee was improved by Arabian. Before the 15th century, coffee has been long dominated by Arabia world. It is used in medicine and religion. Muslim physicians and the monks admit that coffees function with refreshing; cool the brain, invigorating stomach, salubrity, hemostasis and so on. At the beginning of 15th century, coffee became the important social drink. Until 16th and 17th centuries, the business between Venice and Dutch merchant brought coffee into Europe and the coffee was called Black Gold at that time. In 17th Century coffee planting and production has been dominated by the Arabs and the value of it was not poor. Just people who where upper class could drink coffee. In 1727, Spanish planted coffee beans in Brazil and achieved good results and hen coffee spread rapidly in South America. Due to mass production and lower prices coffee became important beverage among Europeans.

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    EtymologyThe word "coffee" entered English in 1582 via Dutch koffie, borrowed from Turkish kahve, in turn borrowed from Arabic qahwa, a truncation of qahhwat al-bun'wine of the bean.

    AsiaIn 1670, coffee has been growing in the India and then coffee was planted in there and extending in south to Kodagu. JapanIn the 17th century, the Dutch introduced coffee to Japan. In the beginning of 1930s, there were more than 30000 coffee shops in Japan. And now, Japan is one of the leading per capita coffee costumers in the world. England Coffee became available in England before the 16th century and the first coffee shop in England was opened in St.Michaels Alley in Cornhill. Until 1675, there were about 3000 coffee shops in England. But some of them were disrupted in the progressive movement between the 1660s and 1670s. These cafes were used for meetings to religious and political discussions during this time. In England, the womens were forbidden to enter the coffee shops. Some people believed that coffee have medicinal properties. The coffee shops are now really popular in England and it became a life style for many people.

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    The Types of Coffee

    Coffee is one of the most p o p u l a r a n d o l d e s t beverages in the world, for over a thousand years, human has been perfecting t h e a r t o f m a k i n g a n d drinking coffee. Nowadays, espresso-based coffee gets a great popularity in most of coffee shops around the world. There are several primary coffee types that we can always see them in coffee shops. Each type is based on espresso, and then gets a mixture from hot water, various forms of milk and milk foam. Lets go for a cup of coffee in a bright sunshine to relax and enjoy the tastes of coffee.

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    Espresso is one of the strong taste types of coffee, which has more caffeine per unit volume than most beverages, brewed by very hot but not boiling water (90 centigrade degree), and crossed by the high ground into a very fine powder to coffee. It was invented and developed in early 20th century In Italy. Nowadays Espresso is widely known throughout the world, and most numerous coffee types group is based on Espresso. In the morning, a cup of espresso can make person sober and wide a wake quickly, and in the evening to drink espresso can cause insomnia. If you are going to stay up to studying than espresso could be a quite good choice.

    Americano it is like a style of coffee, which is based on shots of espresso. It is brewed by adding hot water to espresso, giving a similar strength but different flavor from regular drip coffee. The strength of Americano depends on the numbers of shots of Espresso and how much is water added. In the United States, Americano is a combination of hot water and Espresso without the order, but in a more specific definition, adding water to Espresso called Americano, while adding espresso to water means Long Black. The term of Americano comes from American soldier in Europe at 1970s, he would dilute espresso with hot water to achieve his coffee habits, and this method get popularity because the preparation are more simple and casual, just like Americans personality and adapt to their fast pace of life.

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    Latte consists of espresso and steamed milk, generally the ingredients are 1/3 espresso plus 2/3 fresh milk. In Italy, latte is almost always prepared at home and for breakfast only. The coffee is brewed with a stovetop Moka pot and poured into a cup containing heated milk. (Unlike the international latte drink, the milk in the Italian original is not foamed.) Besides, Latte means milk in Italian, if you saying latte to the staff at coffee shop in Italy; they will give you a cup of milk.

    Cappuccino is one of a very common type of coffee. The traditional cappuccino gets two definitions, which are wet cappuccino and dry cappuccino. They could be distinguished by the amount of milk, if barista pours more hot milk on the top of espresso, leading to a 2cm thick milk foam, then the mixture get more milk than normal, so it is called wet cappuccino, vice versa, if there is less milk than normal, it will be dry cappuccino. However these days cappuccino is prepared with 1/3 espresso, 1/3 hot milk and 1/3 steamed milk foam also the temperature of milk

    is very important factor for making cappuccino. Besides, generally the foam can be decorated with a lot of artistic drawings made by milk. In the United Kingdom, espresso coffee become popular in the form of the cappuccino, it is influenced by the British custom of drinking coffee with milk.

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    Mocha name came from Mocha town - Yemen, the local people monopolized exports of coffee in 15th century, which led to a particularly large impact on coffee trade of areas around Arabia Peninsula. Mocha also means a "chocolate" coffee bean (from Yemen in Mocha), and this is how mocha was developed chocolate concentrated Coffee beverage. So Caf Mocha, in nowadays, is based on espresso and hot foam milk, as well as chocolate, typically there will be whipped cream or sweet cocoa powder on the top. Sometimes they are served with marshmallows on top for flavor and decoration.

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    Coffee is an element of nowadays life. It is very p