Lunar eclipse Wed. Oct. 8 /detroit /detroit

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Transcript of Lunar eclipse Wed. Oct. 8 /detroit /detroit

  • Lunar eclipseWed. Oct. 8

  • SPACE ROCKSpages 595-599Coming to a planet near you.

  • Comet fun!

  • CometsMade of rock, ices and tars Snowy dirtballsTwo tails: 1)made of gases (straight, dim) and 2)rocks (curved, bright)Tails only seen when close to sunComa- head of comet

  • Comet HalleyPerihelion 2062Last seen in 1986Seen every 76 years

  • Hale-Bopp1997

  • Comet Kohoutek. NASA

  • Comet Siding Springs

  • The Oort Cloud

    Forms a spherical shell around solar system

    Home to long period comets> 200 years

  • The Kuiper Belt

    Home to short-period comets < 200yearsOrbit on the same plane as planetsDonut shaped

  • Stardust missionLanded on a cometBrought sample back to earth!

  • StardustStardust rendezvoused with Comet Wild 2 on January 2, 2004.Stardust uses aerogel to collect and trap comet and solar wind particles.

  • Stardust Sample ReturnThe sample landed in the Utah desert January 15, 2006.Only sample return mission expect ApolloFound water and carbon

  • Making a Deep ImpactThe mission will blow a football-field sized crater ( 7 stories deep) in Comet Tempel 1 on July 4, 2005.This will be our first look at the fresh inside layers of a comet.Found water ice

  • What Kind of Impact ?370 kg Copper impactor (816 lbs.).Impact speed 10.2 km/sEnergy released 18 gigajoules = (4.5 tons of TNT).Impactor must hit an area less than 6 km (3.7 miles) in diameter from about 864,000 km (536,865 miles) away.

  • Lets take a look-

  • Deep Impact missionImpacted a cometBaby step in destroying space rocks

  • Left over planet materialsRock material

  • From Galileo

  • Must be IN SPACEMost are small

  • A meteoroid burning up in the atmosphereWhen many are burning= meteor shower

  • Hits earth

  • Three Groups:Stony (chondrite)- rock like

    Iron- metallic appearance

    Stony-Iron- both!

  • Russia meteorite 2/15/13

  • Meteor crater, AZ

  • Meteor craterwhy are craters rare on Earth?

  • Craters are rare on Earth because.Atmosphere burns them up

    They get eroded away

  • ASU meteorite lab

  • Smithsonian meteorites

  • Worden MeteoriteFell in 1997 in Ann ArborThrough a garage1550 grams

  • Titicaca CraterSept. 15, 2007

  • Titicaca meteoritechondrite

  • NASA - Asteroid Will Miss In 2019 - End Of World On Hold The announcement that 2019 is a non-starter was made after further observations by NASA's Near-Earth Objects Office. But they said a remote chance remained that the two-kilometre-wide space rock, known as 2002 NT7, could crash into our planet in 2060. Astronomers initially spotted the asteroid on 5 July, through the Linear Observatory's automated sky survey programme in New Mexico, and early calculations showed it was due to hit our planet on 1 February, 2019.

  • NEOSNear Earth Objects