Luna: How Flowers Grow

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Luna: How Flowers Grow. Isabella Vincenzes. Luna : How Flowers Grow. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Luna: How Flowers GrowIsabella Vincenzes

As Luna wandered off into the woods to find Earas house she realized that she didnt know where Earas house was. She wasnt worried though. She remembered what her dad said. He said he was the only one who lived in the Wood of Wonder. The Wood of Wonder was called exactly that because you could never figure out where you were going. Almost the whole woods looked alike. Time passed slowly to Luna .She thought she would never find Earas houseShe was very tired ,and the sun was setting. She said aloud that she wished she were already at Earas house. She thought about how hungry and tired she was and stopped to rest on a rock. An owl overheard her and decided to help her. He swooped down and told her he knew where his house was. She thought the wind was fooling her ears, but it wasnt. She saw the wise owl, and he offered to help her. Luna : How Flowers Grow