Lower Key Stage 2 Parent Information Evening September 2015

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Lower Key Stage 2Parent Information EveningSeptember 2015

What does our day look like?Session 1 and 2: Guided Reading, English, Spelling and Maths


Session 3 and 4: TOPIC/SCIENCE/PE/ ICT

Children will also attend Assemblies.

What do we wear?Uniform list

What happens if uniform is not correct.

All children are expected to have a school bag (either a Hollywood book bag or a sensible bag that can hold A4 folders)

BoysGreen sweatshirt or jumperWhite polo shirt or shirtBlack or charcoal grey trousers or shortsBlack unbranded shoesHollywood school tie (optional)

Summer (after Easter break)Black or grey shorts All children are expected to have a school bag.

Uniform list

What happens if uniform is not correct.

All children are expected to have a school bag (either a Hollywood book bag or a sensible bag that can hold A4 folders)

GirlsGreen sweatshirt or green cardiganWhite polo shirt or blouseBlack, or charcoal grey skirt, trousers, knee-length shorts or pinaforeWhite socks or black, grey or green tightsBlack shoes, flat, no heels (NO SANDALS or BOOTS)Green or green/white hairbands, clips, bobbles or scrunchiesHollywood School tie (optional)Summer (after Easter break)Green checked or striped summer dress

4Uniform list

What happens if uniform is not correct.

All children are expected to have a school bag (either a Hollywood book bag or a sensible bag that can hold A4 folders)

OUTDOORWhite T-shirt(with or without school logo)Green shorts Trainers Tracksuit trousers and a sweatshirt may be worn outside in cold weather (no football logos)INDOORWhite T-shirt (with or without school logo)Green shortsBlack plimsollsPE KIT

Hair cuts and stylesWe ask parents and carers to have childrens hair cut in an appropriate style, without any shaved patterns or extreme styles. Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back for hygiene as well as health and safety reasons. In both indoor and outdoor PE lessons hair longer than shoulder length has to be tied back.

What happens if uniform is not correct?

A reminder note will sent home.

If a pupil does not wear the correct school uniform the school may adopt the following procedures:ask the pupil to comply with the uniformlend the child a clean school sweatshirt for the day ask children to swap inappropriate footwear for school pumpslend the child a correct PE kit for the PE lessoncontact parents/carers by letter or by telephoneinvite parents/carers to the school to discuss the uniform

Behaviour at HollywoodAt Hollywood, we expect outstanding behaviour so that our school is a safe and happy place to be.

Children have responsibility for their own actions.

Children are rewarded for good behaviour choices. Equally, there are sanctions for those making the wrong choices.

Attendance and punctualityAttendance is very important.

Holidays in term time will not be authorised

There is a 100% attendance reward half termly.

If a child has more than 3 lates, they will not be able to take part in the 100% attendance reward.

Healthy eatingFrom September 2015:

Water only in the classroom

Healthy Snacks ONLY at breaktime (NO HIGH SUGAR or HIGH SALT)

Toast and juice available in school (15p each daily)

KS1 Fruit scheme

If children have an inappropriate snack, it will be returned to their lunch box.

We are a Nut-Aware school. Please do not send any food containing nuts into school.

Run Faster Snacks(energy giving)malt loafhot cross bunbreadbreadsticksplain rice cakes (low salt version)marmite on bread or rice cakescrispbreadcrackersHealthy Bodies Snacks(vitamins to help eyes & skin, resist colds etc)dried fruit eg apricots, mango, banana, raisins, cranberries, cherriesfruit smoothies (carton, plastic bottle or home-made)vegetable sticks eg carrot, pepperfresh fruit eg banana, apple, kiwi (cut in half at home and provide spoon, grapes) Muscle Growing Snacks(protein giving)diced cheesepineapple and cheeseUnacceptable break time snacksCrispsChocolate barsCereal bars (many are high in sugar/fat and contain nuts)

ASSESSING PROGRESSNew National Curriculum last year changed what we teach the children and how we assess.The new curriculum has much higher expectations than previous years.The levels you are familiar with are no longer used.As a school we have taken on Assertive Mentoring as an assessment approach. This uses stages to monitor personalised progress.This will initially be used for English and Maths.


Changes since September 2015 All medicines in school must be prescribed either from a doctor, nurse or pharmacist. They must have the original labels attached which have not been altered. A consent form must be completed which you can get from the school office, we cannot administer any medication without prior written consent.If your child needs medication on a long-term, daily basis a care plan needs completing with school and parental consent. If your child / children need medication 3 times a day then if possible this should be administered at home. This can be given at breakfast, dinner and before bed.Inhalers must be kept in its original packaging and in a sealed bag which we will provide. We do have a school inhaler but this can only be used in an emergency not if an inhaler is not in school. If your child needs an inhaler on a regular basis a consent form alongside a medical consent must be completed. A care plan will be completed when necessary.A register will continue to be kept in school for when medication is administered.If you have any questions regarding the information above please arrange to speak to Ms Schwartz or contact her on m.schwartz@hollywood.bham.sch.uk

Any questions before we split off into year groups for more specific information?

Year 3 Staff3PClass Teacher: Mrs PowellTeaching Assistant: Mrs GoughAdditional Support: Mrs Dixon 3SClass Teacher: Mrs Southern/Mrs DavisTeaching Assistant: Mrs Smith

Year 3 WORK EXPECTATIONSWe aim to work in partnership with our parents and carers.

Children are only at school for 15% of the time, the rest of the time they are at home with you.

We need you to carry on working with, and supporting both us and your children by completing reading, spellings and homework each week.

BEHAVIOURIn Year 3 we have a behaviour ladder.If children make the right choices then they move up through the stars and earn house points for their team.For each move up the ladder they earn a stamp on a reward chart.When they have got 60 stamps they receive a behaviour certificate from Mr Dix.If children make the wrong choices then they will move down the ladder.Each rung of the ladder is worth a minute off their playtime on a Friday. If a child continues to make the wrong choices they may be moved within the classroom, moved to the other year 3 class or moved to another year group to re focus. Time outs may be given for unacceptable behaviour.

HomeWORK EXPECTATIONS HomeworkTwo homework books One orange maths bookOne yellow English bookEnglish and Maths homework will be set on a Friday and will be expected back on Thursday.

ReadingBooks and diaries should be brought to school daily.Children will read in a group and some will read individually throughout the week.We expect children to read 3 times a week at home and a signature from an adult should be put in their diary. We have a Reading Race incentive to encourage children to read.Spellings Sent home on a Friday in the yellow homework book. These are to be practised continually throughout the year.

Year 3 TopicsHistoryAncient EgyptThe Stone AgeLocal History Study

GeographyVolcanoes, Earthquakes, MountainsFranceMap work

SciencePlantsAnimals, including humansForces and MagnetsRocksLight

EnglishSpelling, Punctuation and GrammarFiction / Non fiction WritingHandwritingSpeaking and Listening

MathsPlace Value4 RulesFractionsX tables Shape, Space and Measure

PEPE Children will take part in a range ofactivities including dance, gymnastics,tennis, hockey, tag rugby and athletics.

This year, due to space requirements we only have one PE session. This will be on a MONDAY.

SwimmingChildren who cannot swim 25m will go swimming. Once in Year 5, children who can swim 25 metres will go sailing.

How to keep up with us!Come and talk to us before or after school

Write to us / call us

Check out the blog hollywoodyear3.primaryblogger.co.uk

Look on the school website www.hollywoodprimaryschool.co.uk Email year3@hollywood.bham.sch.uk

Any questions?