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Name: Louay KhazaalTopic: A Comparative Study of Customer Satisfaction Toward Pepsi & ColaSemester: Summer 2014

The History of Coca-cola1886 It was produced by Dr.JohnSPenbarton.1887 It was launched in America by EGCandlerAnd Franchised in Lebanon

The history of PEPSIThe originator of PEPSI is Caleb D. Bradhamin 1898

Land in Japan in 1947

In 1989 Toufic Assaf won the hall of fame award, PepsiCo's highest recognition for franchise holders.

Caleb D. Bradham

Comparative Table (Pepsi vs. Cola)

for diet Cola

They've both embraced the digital world as social media gets bigger and bigger , but Cola seems to be faring better than Pepsi world widely except in LEBANON


cola has a big lead in market share over Pepsi, but Pepsi's multiple business lines provides more cash

InternationallyCustomer Satisfaction & LoyaltyGAP


Descriptive Quantitative Research

Data is Collected through Market survey in Baalback, Lebanon (Al- Khayyam Restaurant).

Data Collection Instrument: structured questionnaire were used in this study

Sample Size is 40 respondents of different age group from different economic background were asked to fill the questionnaire containing 15 questions.

This Bar chart shows that out of 40 questionnaires prefer 14 Coca Cola & 25 prefer Pepsi-cola no value was missing which means 64% people prefer Pepsi & 35% prefer Coca-cola.Findings







44%56%ConclusionPepsi seem stronger in all the contributed parts than Cola. Pepsi has more brands than Cola and covers higher media than Cola. Pepsi advertise almost all brands while Coca cola mainly advertise only one brand which is Coca cola.Pepsi market share is evidenced 70% which is the strongest point of Pepsi.


Coca Cola is enjoying about 36% of the total market share and it is not the market leader in Lebanese beverage industry .While with the 64 % market share Pepsi is on the second step represent a market leader in Lebanon.

If we are analyzing properly then we find Cola is small product portfolio than Pepsi in Lebanon, which is responsible for its second position. Cola should increase its product portfolio to capture the Pepsis market share.

Companies should focus on the taste of the product because 77% population is influenced by taste only.

Young generation is the potential consumer so companies should more focus on them.

As we find that 40 % population consumes 200ml cold drinks. Which comes in glass bottles, these bottles are being returned back for refilling to companies? Which is incurred again cost of re-transportation. If company start to supply 200 ml cold drinks in pet bottles (plastic bottles) it will be good for company because 40% of population is using only 200ml.

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