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Loss Grief and Growth Education Project . Introduction to the program Funeral Directors/Associations. Developed with sponsorship from:. The story. “…had it not been for the hard work and dedication of teachers I never would have made it to college….” Yves Berthiaume. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Loss Grief and Growth Education Project

  • Loss Grief and Growth Education Project Introduction to the programFuneral Directors/Associations

  • Developed with sponsorship from:

  • The story...

    had it not been for the hard work and dedication of teachers I never would have made it to college.Yves Berthiaume

  • We need to address the needs of kidsTours of the funeral home

  • The most frequent question from teachers:

    How do I support grieving students?

  • Curriculum development With sponsorship OFSA & OBFSTeachers from across Ontario developed curriculumWritten by teachers for teachersLinked materials directly to Ministry curriculum & Ontario report card

  • Current status2009 FSAC assumed leadershipCurriculum Services Canada (CSC)develop a resource for teachers not curriculum June 2010 LGG was launched nationally

  • Loss Grief and Growth honors the relationship between students and teachersacknowledges that teachers are connected with students before, during and after the crisis is over, after grief counsellors have gone.

  • Loss Grief and Growthhonours the role of Funeral Directors as citizens in their communitiesrecognizes Funeral Directors as a integral members of the interprofessional team with expertise in grief and bereavementprovides opportunities to help.

  • Connect

  • Note:LGG does not replace the CIRT teamLGG does not replace any connections or need for partnering with local hospice/bereavement counsellors etc.

  • One of the strengths: simplicity

  • Connect content and make it simple

  • Loss is a part of life.Brief overview:

  • DivorceMovingDevelopmentalDeath

    Loss may include:

  • Our kids are exposed to death

  • Death in the familygrandparents,parents, siblings, pets, friends

  • Death in the media

  • Death in the school community

  • And in the school curriculum.

  • Griefis a normal healthy response to loss.is a whole person response.

  • Grievingis the process of integrating the loss into ones lifeand making meaning of lifes experiences.

  • Grievingis not something to get over

    is not something that needs to be fixed

  • Factors which influence grieving

  • What you might see

  • Teachers can:

  • General Guidelines

  • You do not need to be a specialist to offer support

  • Indicators of need for additional support

    Physically assaulting others Persistent anger towards everyone Prolonged feelings of guilt/responsibility for death .

  • Specific age/grade levelsIntroductionTASKTeachable Moment

  • Cultural diversityQuestions to explore might include:How do we best offer our support to the family/the student? Is it appropriate to: send flowers/letters, visit the home, attend the funeral

  • Resources

  • Getting started

  • Preparing the ground

  • FSAC

    Contacted Ministers of Education June 2010Supporting provincial associations Pilot projects to support learning for local and national implementation

  • Provincial TeamsApproachingSchool Boards Directors/Superintendents Principals AssociationsBased on unique characteristics in each province, may contact:Teachers associations/federationsPrivate school associations

  • Local funeral director

    Contact your provincial association

    Get involved with the provincial resource team

    Become familiar with theLGG resourcePresentation for teachersResources

  • Build relationships with your community educatorsIntroduce educators to the LGG resource

    Funeral Directors

  • Loss Grief and Growth Education ResourcePresentation guide for teachers

    Access from OFSA & FSAC website

  • Its time for lunch already?

  • How to access LGG resource

  • www.curriculum.orgAccessing the document

  • *for Funeral Associations 8 10 minute presentation April 2010 *Ontario Funeral Service AssociationOntario Board of Funeral Services*******Grieving students are usually impacted by death in their immediate circles.

    *Our hope is to help diminish the fear of death.Watch and work with the learnersgo where they want to go- within reason!This individual!Learning builds on previous learning

    Change your teaching goalsmoment to momentConnect the key!ConnectConnect in order to:Balance quantity with qualityStimulate a change in practice

    Connect with who and what?

    This is a basic resource, it is not an advanced course on loss, grief, death, dying.Simply the complex

    **Loss is not limited to death


    *Generally, children may experience the death of pets and grandparents as their first losses.*violent/sudden/tragic/terrorist/war/conflict


    Loss in the school community may be actual deaths or(next slide)*Death observed through curriculum.Death in the curriculum may cause regrief, or vicarious grief, which is grief stimulated by someone elses loss.

    EXERCISE What are examples of curriculum content in which children may find the occurrence of death?

    Short Presentation:Large group Brainstorm

    Half day or full day presentation:Small groups formed of teachers of the same courses or general areas.How might the topic of death be addressed to minimize the impact on the students?Poster paper, and present to the group on a full day presentation.

    Examples Language Arts - novels, alternative reading sources such as comic books, films, creative writingSocial Studies current events, films Science - Biology cycle of lifeMath statistics/demographicsArt paintings, drawings,sculptureDrama plays, improvisations


    Grief affects a student emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, and cognitively.****DosesIncapable of grieving 24 hours a dayPeriods of grief may last from 30 minutes to a few hoursBetween these periods of grieving, behaviour appears to be normalPlayLack of language acquisition related to grief can become frustrating for a young childActive play and the creative arts, including art and music, facilitates expression of the childs thoughts and feelings*promote a climate of opennessfoster empathy in the classroomprovide an environment that is safe, respectful, non-judgmental, and caringlook for teachable moments

    **Definition of specialist psychologist, medical personnal*Look in Resources Talk with the parent, a guidance counselor.*Give out the resources, or jump to the end so that teachers who have their laptops can access it online.

    Brief Presentation:Go through the Activity together.

    Half day or Full Day Workshop Divide into same grade/level/course small groups.Select a grade that is most appropriate for the students you teach.Follow the Activity and create a lesson plan for one TASK and the relevant Teachable Moment60 minutes

    Full day -> poster paper and present.

    *In addition to the answers which came from the previous activity, teachers/schools may consider these questions as well. (slide)Rather than providing a book on the traditions/beliefs of various world religions, it may be more helpful to ask questions of the particular family/community.

    If there has been any offense to a student related to their cultural or religious grieving practices, we can learn from the experience by asking ourselves What didnt we ask? What did we assume?*For Teachers Publications Websites For StudentsPublications Websites Films**Contact informationChair of Kerri at the OFSA office if you wish to be part of the Implementation team

    *Educators:Public schoolsPrivate schoolsCharter schools

    *We may not be able to have a bubble bath, but we can still make education enjoyable

    Beliefs will influence how and what we teachhumourno sarcasm