Loss and grief

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Loss and Grief Social Health

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Loss and Grief

Loss and GriefSocial Health

Types of Loss?DeathLoved one, friend, pet, classmate, etc. DivorceBreaking up with significant otherMoving/Selling a family homeLosing a jobLoss of healthLoss of a friendshipLoss of a cherished dreamLoss of financial stabilityMiscarriage

What is grief?

How is it different than just being sad?Grief is the natural reaction to an overwhelming loss, especially the loss of a loved one.It's most often associated with death, but any loss - a friend moving away or even breaking up with a special someone - can trigger it.

Myths and Facts about Grief

Stages of GriefD = Denial This cant be happening to meA = Anger Why is this happening? Who is to blame?B = Bargaining Make this not happen, and in return I willD = Depression Im too sad to do anythingA = Acceptance Im at peace with what happened

* Not everyone goes through all of these stages in this exact order**You DO NOT have to go through each stage in order to heal*

Healing ProcessEach person has their own cycle and timeline

Coping with Grief and Loss: Tip #1Find support Turn to friends and family membersJoin a support groupTalk to a therapist or grief counselorIf applicable, draw comfort from your faith

Tip #2Take care of yourself:Face your feelingsExpress your feelings in a tangible or creative wayLook after your physical healthEat right, get enough sleep, exercise

Tip #3Dont let anyone tell you how to feel, and dont tell yourself how to feel eitherYour grief is your own, and no one else can tell you when its time to move on or get over it.

Healthy Ways to Express Emotion?