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PowerPoint Presentation

Not Happy with your look in the mirror ?

Everyone wants to feel beautiful , but some just look better than others dont they ? Well the secret is L'Oral, it has worked hard to tell you how it can help anyone feel beautiful

Everyone in the world wants to look beautiful. When we look in the mirror , we dont always see a beautiful and thats where L'Oral comes to tell us that they can make even the ugly duckling feel beautiful.1

Who are we ?

L'Oral is one of the leading beauty and cosmetics companies in the world. Their mission is to help people all over the world feel beautiful. They began our work in 1909 to help woman understand the power of beauty2

Develop Messages

So, How do L'Oral do it ? L'Oral told them what they want to hear. They found their market People who didnt feel beautiful and they told them they could feel beautiful with what we have.

L'Oral told them how to be beautiful with their creative and innovative messages. They identified the target audience people who dont feel beautiful and told them how to achieve beauty in their lives.3


L'Oral helped many achieve this by showing how different they could feel after a session with their products. They told u

They told them that they could be whatever they want and made products for all the different segments. L'Oral told them their brand attitude was for them to feel happy with the way they look.4


The Power of Beauty

They didnt want to be any other brand so they designed their communication to tell people that all they wanted to do was make their beauty their power which is their transformative appeal6

Informational Appeal

But they didnt tell them they just transform them mentally but rather made your exterior look even more pretty by stopping the ravages of time, troubles of the job and keep everyone looking stunning always.7

Message Source

What if they didnt want to listen to any random person. So, They bought celebrities who look stunning to tell them their message of how L'Oral made them feel the way they wanted and look amazing while doing it.8

Marketing Communication Mix

Even with an extraordinary message, L'Oral can succeed only if it is able to reach its consumers. For this purpose, they use the various types of marketing communication mix available to tell you their message and why you should buy their products.9


Advertisements , the sheer no of ads we see in a day will make sure we never forget them. They can also remind us what to focus on in their products this way with the use of songs, lights and pictures10

Sales Promotion

They can even make those who haven't used it try the product ,give it a shot when they see promotional offers. They also offer incentives to those who might be reluctant. They also have the chance to get invited to be a L'Oral Gold Member if they try.11


L'Oral will also remind people how people all over the world are using it to express themselves and how it is still relevant everywhere. It shows people live on the floor flaunting the look which L'Oral gave them to show their implicit nature.12


They also make sure everyone knows how to use it. They have special events like powder room where experts will provide professional advice, beauty tips and gifts, so that they are able to achieve the beauty that they crave for. These events are able to engage with their target customers.13

Public Relations

They know its not as easy for everyone to get their products , so they work with other organizations to help everyone avail the benefits. Here, we have Rent the Runaway who sells it for college students, since it is difficult for them to get it from the city and similarly, it reaches hard to find customers.14

Online Marketing

Well, what about people who are not outgoing ? Or cant come and experience it . They still hear it through their social media and online websites which will have content rich enough to help you with any product you might need. Here, whatever you need will be updated periodically and your comments are dully recorded to give you what you need.15

Mobile Marketing

Even if you are on the go, L'Oral is there to help you find out what suits your personality with its apps. They will help tell you what to buy when you are buying and compel you to invest in your beauty periodically by reminding you on the go.16

Personal Selling

They can even help you select exactly what you need if you dont know. L'Oral makes sure you get a customized experience while looking for your needs. The customer is Important to L'Oral and hence they take feedback and make sure they help you whichever way they can.17

Integrated Marketing Communication

Even if they tell you a convincing message, it will eventually die out , so they use the integrated marketing communication to make sure all their brands are relevant to the customer and consistent over time18

How does it help ?

They can say multiple things about the brand but unless they all relate they tend to damage the image of the brand. Hence, L'Oral organizes the way that their message goes through so that every marketing communication method used gives the same message and in this case that is of beauty.19


Develop Messages

Marketing Communication Mix

Integrated Marketing Communication

To Summarize, L'Oral developed a compelling message which could influence people . Then, they told people using the marketing communication mix and finally made sure that they are always relevant to the brand using their integrated marketing approach which makes sure that they say the same message or at least related messages.20

DisclaimerCreated by Pratheek Denny, NIT Trichy, during a marketing internship by Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow