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  • 8/19/2019 "Lord I Need You" Easter Devotionals



     Lord, I Need You 14 Days of Devotional Readings

    To Help You Prepare For Easter

    Presented by New Vision Church of Raymore


  • 8/19/2019 "Lord I Need You" Easter Devotionals



  • 8/19/2019 "Lord I Need You" Easter Devotionals



    Are You Ready For Easter? 

    It is our biggest day of the year! Not because churches are full.

    Not because lilies are in bloom. And not because a bunny

    leaves treasure-filled eggs. Easter is our biggest day of the year  because on this day two thousand years ago, Jesus was raised

    from the dead! Demonstrating to his followers that he was

    more than a good person and more than a great teacher, the

    resurrection made it clear that Jesus was the Son of God who

    had defeated sin, hell and death once and for all!

    In fact, Easter was such a big deal, the earliest followers of

    Jesus (who were all Jewish) changed their primary day of

    worship from Saturday (the Jewish Sabbath) to Sunday. Easter

    will be here in two weeks. Are you ready? We have provided

    these daily Bible readings and inspirational devotionals written

    by our own church family members to help you prepare your

    heart and mind for Easter. Here is how to use this devotional.


    Choose a consistent time and place where you can spend approximately 15 minutes every day.

      Read the daily Scripture reading in your Bible or app.

      Read the devotional.

      Spend a few minutes asking yourself, “What is God

    saying to me? ” and “What am I going to do about it? ” 

      Conclude your time with prayer.

    We encourage you to see what God does in your own life as you

    give him 15 minutes every day over the next fourteen days!  

    If you have children, we encourage you to involve your

    children. You might retrieve the play-dough and ask your kids

    to re-create the scene of the Bible passage. During the second

    week, we encourage you to use and discuss the Resurrection

    Eggs .

    We are praying that this will be the most meaningful

    Easter ever for you and your family!

  • 8/19/2019 "Lord I Need You" Easter Devotionals



    Sunday, March 13

    Scripture Reading: Luke 9:43-51


    Have you ever heard something very clearly, the words were

    not difficult to understand, and yet, you didn’t understand

    what was being said? Parents know the feeling when their kids

    go against the wisdom of their experience.

    Jesus dealt with this very issue with his disciples. They were

    either caught up in the time of excitement and victory, or by their very narrow view of events. They were bickering about

    who was the greatest and who should be ministering in Jesus’


    Our passage says some haunting words. Jesus said, “’Listen to

    me and remember what I say. The Son of Man is going to be

     betrayed into the hands of his enemies.’ But they didn’t know

    what he meant . . . and they were afraid to ask him about it.”  

    (Italics added) (vv. 44-45 NLT)

    We may not always understand the words of Jesus. Often it

    come later. But if we don’t ask Jesus to clarify what he is saying

    to us, we will find ourselves doing and saying ill-advised

    actions and words.

    The good news is that Jesus isn’t deterred from the path set

     before Him. He went to the cross to die for us and he lives now

    to keep us close to God. We need him.

    So what will you do? Will you ask him what he means when He

    speaks to you, or will you just go on your merry way? Let’s ask

    him for his help in understanding!  

    -Fred La Plante

  • 8/19/2019 "Lord I Need You" Easter Devotionals



    Monday, March 14

    Scripture Reading: John 11:1-44 


    Lazarus died. Mary and Martha were grief stricken. Jesus met

    them in their pain as He entered Bethany. To comfort them He

    said (v.25-26), "I am the resurrection and the life. He who

     believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives

    and believes in me will never die."

    For the Christian, death is not the beginning of night, it is the dawning of a new morning of Life with God, and glorious

    reunion with loved ones in Christ who have died.

    Peter Marshall, the great Presbyterian preacher in the late

    1940's, suffered a fatal heart attack in January 1949. As the

    ambulance came to carry him to the hospital, Peter motioned

    to Catherine, his wife, that it was okay, and he was gone.

    After months of grieving, Catherine went to their beach cabin.

    The pain generated by the memories of that now empty cabin

    was more than she could bear. She went out to the beach, and

    looked out over the vastness of the ocean. Suddenly she

    remembered the last words she had spoken to Peter. As he lay

    on the stretcher, Catherine leaned down close and said,

    "Darling, I'll see you in the morning." But before morning, Peter was dead. Now those words echoed with the hope of the

    Psalmist (30:5b) " . . . weeping may remain for a night, BUT


    A morning will come that will reunite us with our loved ones,

    and with our Beloved, Jesus. If you know Jesus, then you have

    already begun to experience the power of the resurrection. So

    when death takes someone you love, you can have hope of a

    glorious reunion when that resurrection morning dawns.

    -Tom Mills

  • 8/19/2019 "Lord I Need You" Easter Devotionals



    Tuesday, March 15

    Scripture Reading: John 11:45-57


    So what's the big deal here? Why did the Pharisees and the

    chief priests worry so much about people believing in and

    following Jesus? Didn't the people have the right to choose?

    Why were the religious leaders trying to exercise control over

    them? The reason is they were under Roman rule and "Rome

    gave partial freedom to the Jews as long as they were quiet andobedient." (Life Application Study Bible)

    Jesus miracles and teachings were causing quite a stir and the

    Jewish religious leaders were concerned that things were

    getting out of hand, threatening the Jewish nation's peace.

    They would rather Jesus die than lose their tranquility.

    So what are we most concerned about--keeping the peace or following Jesus? Following Jesus might cause a stir among our

    family, friends, co-workers or fellow students. Are we afraid of

    offending others? In our recent BLESS series, author Dave

    Ferguson said, "Are you more concerned about what people

    think of you, than whether or not they find their way back to


    As this passage tells us, Jesus had to avoid the mainstream for a while. Have you stuck Jesus away in some remote area of

    your life that you visit privately or do you bear His likeness at

    all times and in all places?

    The people who sought to follow Jesus needed Him. Those in

    your life who are far from God need Him.

    Lord, by Your Spirit living in me, empower me to be one through

    whom others are drawn to new life because of the death and

    resurrection of Your Son.

    -Martha Martin

  • 8/19/2019 "Lord I Need You" Easter Devotionals



    Wednesday, March 16

    Scripture Reading: John 13:1-7


    It appears that much of what Jesus did and said was a

    contradiction of expectations for Jewish standards of thinking

    and practice. A person in high position expected to be

    honored. In this case when someone was invited for dinner, it

    was customary for the host to make arrangements for someone

    to wash the feet of the guest. The roads and pathways weremostly dirt or rock and footwear was sandals, so feet got dirty.

    That job was normally assigned to a servant or the lowest

    ranking member of the family. It was never the host who

    would do something like that.

    Yet, Jesus takes the basin and towel and washes the disciple’s

    feet. The reason for Jesus’s action is revealed in Vs. 15. “I have

    set an example that you should do as I have done.” The example was not necessarily to wash each other’s feet. We are

    to be willing to be the servant in any situation. Or, be willing to

    take the task that is the least-liked. It is not necessarily doing a

    task but being willing to be the servant in any circumstance.

    To have the attitude of servanthood.

    How might you take on a task that is the least liked at home or

    the office? Maybe it would be doing the dishes on a consistent

    basis, or taking out the trash before being asked at home.

    - Ken Schubert

  • 8/19/2019 "Lord I Need You" Easter Devotionals



    Thursday, March 17

    Scripture Reading: Matthew 16:21-28


    Jesus was a king from a carpenter’s house who rode on a

    donkey to proclaim his Kingdom. Jesus washed his servants’ 

    feet at his last supper. Regularly He reminded his followe