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This is the condensed powerpoint presentation for Connections and Collaborations: The Learning Exchange 2011.

Transcript of LOR how to publish

  • 1. Ready to Share?
    Follow these five easy steps !
  • 2. How to publish
    Step 1 click the LOR link in the navigation bar
  • 3. Step 2 Click Publish from the left sidebar
  • 4. Step 3 Browse for the file and publish!
  • 5. Bonus Step
    Describe the resource in 5 easy steps so others can find it a bit easier!
    Just click the metadata icon to get started!
  • 6. Describe the resource in 5 easy steps!
    Step 1 Choose Mohawk Template: Faculty Template
  • 7. Step 1b: Nothing for you to do!
    WOW! Content is automagically added for you!
  • 8. Step 2
    Step 2: Edit fields that are not correct for example, Creator ...and add some Keywords!
  • 9. Step 3
    Step 3: What kind of learning object is it? Choose what you think fits best!
  • 10. Step 4
    Step 4: Any copyright on the item?
  • 11. Step 5
    Step 5: Add some categories if youd like!
  • 12. Final Action!
    Click Save and youre done!
  • 13. Kudos to you! You have just channelled your inner librarian break out the bun and cardigan!
    Dont feel like mixing in the metadata? No worries, the Library will do it for you!
  • 14. Questions?