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Look book (morgue) tutorial. A Ladies of Distinction Workshop Collaborators: Ms. Feit and Chevon Morris. What is a look Book?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Look book (morgue) tutorial

Look book (morgue) tutorialA Ladies of Distinction WorkshopCollaborators: Ms. Feit and Chevon MorrisWhat is a look Book?Research, from both historical and current references, is a crucial component to the successful makeup artist. The research is typically reflected and organized in a look book or morgue and is a personal collection of objects and tear sheets pulled from various sources to keep the makeup artist inspired and up-to-date.What is in a look book?Objects found and references pulled will reflect the work of admired photographers, artists, and makeup artists. Sources from which to draw inspiration should include stills from film, and images from books, magazines, and the internet. The makeup artist may also wish to add personal drawings, paintings, sculptures, and photographs, from which to draw makeup artistry inspiration.Additional infoThe Morgue, as its called, is also used as a tool for the makeup artist and crew, (or bride), to brainstorm, come up with fresh ideas, and to ensure that all parties are in unison on the agreed-upon look. This collaboration is critical to a successful event and/or shoot.How to create a look bookIt is first recommended that the makeup artist obtain a binder and plastic insert sheets, or other mounting pages, to periodically add and delete images. The makeup artist should obtain dividers with tabs separating the sheets into various categories. Any images of faces should clearly show the makeup application, necessitating that the face should comprise at least three-fourths of the page.Elements for use in a morgueColorsTexturesCharacters (who), archetypesFacial features (eyes, brows, lips, etc.)TechniqueTime periodShade and LightDesign, element, printShape, Silhouette (curved or straight)Dimension 2D, 3D, pearlesque, glitter, matte, shimmerThemeTrend and the deviantBlingNeutralColor ComplimentWhat, when, where, why, who, howSenses, emotionsMetallic influences (gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass)Historical, theory, literature, society, cultureYin/YangWhats next?CREATE YOUR OWN!