Longwood Junior HS PBIS Implementation Plan September 2015.

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Transcript of Longwood Junior HS PBIS Implementation Plan September 2015.

  • Longwood Junior HS

    PBIS Implementation Plan

    September 2015

  • We can communicate positive behavior expectations byBeing good role modelsPromoting positive behavior often and everywhere throughPostersVideosAnnouncementsClassroom lessonsActivitiesClass climateRecognition & Reinforcement

  • We can reinforce positive behaviors by offering studentsPraise and positive reinforcementIndividual teacher reward systems already in placePostcards for positive and improved behavior

    Recognition throughBracelet Reward System

  • PBIS Depends onCONSISTENCYinExpectationsTrainingInvolvementInterpretationImplementationAccountabilityAdministratorsTeachers StudentsFamiliesSchool staffSupport groupsBYBY

  • What is PBIS?PBIS is a 3 or more year process.Over 2,000 schools across the country - over 400 in New York have implemented PBIS.50% or more schools reduce their office referrals by 50% the first year. This is a data driven program.PBIS is a process for creating safer and more effective schools. PBIS focuses on improving a schools ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students.

  • What is PBIS? (cont.)It is a SCHOOL-WIDE design for discipline. It is team-based systematic planning.It is for (and by) ALL students, ALL staff, and in ALL settings.It is a program that can be upgraded as we go along.Every 5 weeks we will analyze the discipline data.Every 5 weeks - student recognitionWe will survey the staff, students, and parents for upgrades.

  • What is different about PBIS?Organized system of Positive Behavior management in all settings Organized system of disciplinary actionsClear school wide expectations with incentives and consequencesActual teaching of Positive Behavior ExpectationsBehavioral recognition system for kids doing the right thing

  • The Golden Lion Says: Follow the 3 RsBE RESPONSIBLE



  • Reward BraceletsWhy?The Bracelets are used to recognize positive behavior and encourage our students to consistently demonstrate the LJHSs core values: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready.White, green or gold bracelets will be given to students who earn points by demonstrating the LJHS core values with their grades, attendance and positive behavior.

    Who?Teachers will:Take accurate attendanceKeep accurate gradesGive out postcards

  • What is a Postcard?

  • Postcards

    Postcards should be given out by faculty to recognize exceptional or improved behaviors. This includes:Random acts of kindnessImproved performance in any area- academic, social, behavior, attendance, etc

    Postcards are a way of reinforcing the 3 Rs, as well as, reaching students who may not otherwise be recognized.Postcards get handed in to Kelly Chichester and will be mailed home.

  • Bracelet Levels

    GoldGreenWhiteReward ceremonyReward ceremonyReward ceremonyUsed as a passUsed as a passUsed as a pass

    Free dance ticketReduced price dance tickets $2.00 offReduced price dance tickets $1.00 off

    2- Homework passes2- Homework passes1- Homework passes

    Field Day with End of the year Picnic/BBQEnd of the year picnic/BBQMovie night in field Movie night in field

    Special LunchSubway outsideLunch outside

    Spirit wear T-shirt

  • Office Referral Form