London Book Fair Presentation April 2010 Zinio

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Transcript of London Book Fair Presentation April 2010 Zinio

  • The World Just Got More Interesting

    Introducing the ZINIO UNITY Platform

  • Zinio is the biggest newsstand in the world.

    With approximately 75,000 reading products for sale, as an global e-store, Zinio is the worldwide leader for high fidelity, interactive published content not available anywhere else.

  • Based San Francisco, New York and Barcelona

    Stable Backed by entrepreneur David H. Gilmour (FIJI Water, Barrick Gold)

    Consumer Focus Marketing services to acquire and retain

    Global Customers in 140 countries, 26 currencies, 17 languages,

    localized for FR, IT, DE, MX, CN, GB, AR, BR, NZ, AU, ES, PL, CH, TW

    Reach Serving 10M active paying users (in last 24 months)

    Robust Delivering 4M monthly on behalf of 350+ major publishers

    Extensive Over 25M searchable pages in our content repository

    Breadth Over 2,500 top magazine and book titles worldwide

  • From the desk

    From the couch


    On the go


    We make reading available everywhere

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  • Thomas Nelson



    Chronicle Books



    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


    Harvard Common Press

    National Geographic



    F + W Media


    Oxford University Press

  • Who Reads Digitally?

    Road Warrior

    Appeal* Instant access* Greater privacy* Dynamic, high fidelity* Mobile access/offline access

    Personality* Tech savvy * Biz traveler/Commuter * Mobile Savvy

    Desires* Confidentiality* Advertising wish they could instantly learn more * Will exchange personal information for targeted ads*Loves tech, news, sports, business, hobbies


    Appeal* Selection* Avoids paper/clutter* Archive/Saving* Single Issue Options

    Personality* Home enthusiasts* Loves Gardening/Cooking* News fan

    Desires* Access to content on demand* Ability to search through owned contentInterest in home, garden, fashion, news, auto


    Appeal* Zooming* Bookmarking articles* Watching video* Archiving/Saving

    Personality* Magazines are an enjoyable experience* Loves to read laying down* Low tech

    Desires* Likes to rip out/save articles * Likes enthusiast titles, art and photo mags, ebooks, and womens interest

    Study Conducted by Harrison Group, 2009

  • Carole Jordorson

    Director, Business Development

    UK & Nordic Regions

    Stand Z609

  • Situation: Kenn Nesbitt new release, TIGHTY WHITEY SPIDER releasing on April 1

    Action: Create awareness of early digital release of new title with coordinated marketing campaign. Buy TIGHTY WHITEY SPIDER get earlier eBook, HIPPO HAS THE HICCUPS for free. Both eBooks included embedded audio poems, promotional creative included banner, left of cover messaging, digital blow-in card

    Result: Massive outreach through publisher and author to fans, librarians, educational blogs and more

    Case Study Sourcebooks Kids Book Promo

  • Situation: Drive interest and sales for Harvard Common Press launch of 50 digital cookbooks

    Action: Create awareness of new digital cook books with a series of strategic email marketing messages highlighting cookbooks for 4th of July grilling festiviites. Promotions targeted to Zinio, VIV and Go Read Green subscribers through targeted email announcements and social media campaigns.

    Result: After first three weeks, Zinio sold 120 units (digital list price: $10.36- $15.96)

    Case Study Cookbooks Promo

  • McGraw-Hill Custom e-Store

    Penguins Rough Guides e-Store

    Barnes & Noble See Inside Program Digital Integration of Zinio

    Zinio Classic Books

    Major 2010 Initiative Books

    Focus is on high-fidelity photo or Illustrative booksunderserved by black & white eInk (e.g., cookbooks, photo, childrens, travel books)

    Zinio embarking on 50,000 Digital Book March in 2010

  • Category Placement on Zinios global newsstand to reach users in 26 local languages and 17 currencies

    Joint Zinio Featured stores will give books highlighted exposure and cross promotional benefits alongside popular magazines.

    Books launched and separated into relevant categories with editorial picks rotated in the featured section.

    Promotion in monthly category email promotions

    Participation in special merchandising email and site promotions

    Reach: 10M subscribers

    Retail Marketing Services Prominent Placement on



  • Zinio can additionally setup and power a custom e-bookstore for a publisher, brand series or specific category.

    Zinio can handle sales transaction and digital order fulfillment remittance in a localized and global way.

    Private-Labels are built off of a full-powered commerce platform with all features included (search inside, global currencies, languages, etc).

    View other examples at Womans Day, Costco, or Dell.

    Retail eStore Private-Label

  • The iPhone App #1 News App on App Store with

    over 2,500 ratings since release

    Read articles like web pages (no zooming necessary to read text)

    Browse print magazine version

    Read in portrait or landscape mode

    New magazine notification

    Fast download process

    Read magazines online or offline

    Email articles to friends

    Buy single issues & subscriptions

  • The iPhone App

  • The iPhone App

    Allow easy navigation of all of your articles in your magazine

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  • The iPad App