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Transcript of London Book Fair 2013 Rights List Fiction - Paul Ch · PDF fileFiction / Personal Growth...

  • London Book Fair 2013 Rights List


  • Fiction / Personal Growth

    Antoni Bolinches

    A LUCKY BREAK Sometimes dreams help us to wake up


    This book tells the story of an

    unscrupulous social achiever that, after

    a serious car accident, begins to

    experience a series of strange psychic

    experiences that will change his life


    This self-help story, with psychic

    touches, is the first novel by renowned

    psychologist Antoni Bolinches. In a

    direct style and full of irony, a brilliant

    economist and ambitious politician tell

    us, in first person, the psychological

    changes he experiences thanks to the

    help of three great masters of the past

    who visit him while in coma. These

    messengers of wisdom help him revive

    his body and awaken his consciousness

    to a point that allows him to review his

    life plan and become a better person.

    This is a moral tale full of optimism that

    makes clear the idea that the great

    traumas can become the prelude to the

    great changes.

    World Spanish: Lectio Catalan: Cossetnia Publication: March 2013

    Antoni Bolinches has a degree in Philosophy and Education with degree in Psychology and Master in Human Sexuality. He is one of the introducers of humanistic psychology in Spain and has specialized in the treatment of marital conflict, sexual dysfunction and personal growth therapies with a new methodology known as Vital Therapy. He is the most read Catalan psychologist and the impact of their ideas accredite him as one of the most prestigious figures in the new trends of positive psychology, which this work, in a fictional key, can be considered an excellent example.

  • Fiction

    B.R. Vega

    The Clear Light

    The detective and the Buddhist monk

    This is a detective story set in the Pyrenees of Huesca, in the scenario of a Buddhist temple hidden in the mountains. Bards are, according to Buddhist tradition and The Tibetan Book of the Dead, the phases through which the soul after death and until his next reincarnation. The book's protagonist is a policewoman who just over a month has lost her 18 year old son in a car accident. She becomes involved in investigating a strange case of disappearance of a deputy nearby Buddhist temple. There, a small lama named Kalu Ari, runs into the soul of the deceased, and begins a web of mystery, mysticism and humor.

    B.R. Vega is a Psychiatrist in Hospital de la Paz, in Madrid. This is her first novel.

    Joscelyn Godwin & Guido Mina di Sospiro

    The Forbidden Book

    Gripping, thought-provoking, resonant

    with esoteric knowledge. I couldnt put it

    down. Graham Hancock, author of The

    Sign and the Seal

    This gripping page-turner has something for every fan of occult fiction: a murder mystery set against the conflicts of Islam and the West with symbolism, alchemy, and magic fueling the action. The evocative setting of Venice and the Veneto dominates the plot, along with vivid scenes in Santiago de compostela, Provence, Washington and the Vatican.

    Joscelyn Godwin is a professor of music at Colgate University. Guido Mina di Sospiro is an award winning novelist born in Argentina, raised in Italy, and educated in the United States.

    World Spanish: Luciernaga Publication: January 2013 117 Pages

    Brasilian and Portuguese Rights available. 282 Pages

  • Fiction / SciFi

    David Mateo

    SALTY NIGHTS Scifiworld Award 2012

    Aurora, at age eleven, was marked

    by the tragic circumstances of the

    death of her mother in a car accident.

    Since then, she remains detained in

    an apartment in Nocturnes Street of

    Valencia, chained to old faces from

    his childhood and ghostly creatures

    born of his own psychosis.

    Abel, a young illustrator who works

    for a newspaper and studying

    medicine at the university, reaches

    her through a common passion:

    writing. Art and inspiration

    consummate an atypical relationship

    between them. But this relationship

    will bring dire consequences in the

    distant future that will affect people

    they love.

    A horror thriller divided into two

    timelines. A group of women have to

    deal with a serial murderer, whose

    criminal methodology has led him to

    receive the nickname of Pilate. An

    entity that terrorizes the streets of

    Valencia becomes a character in the


    Spanish fantasy novels have few

    essentials. This is one of them.

    Jose Miguel Pallares.

    World Spanish: AJEC Publication: March 2012

    David Mateo (Valencia, 1976) writes

    fantasy novels. He also writes for

    several newspapers in Valencia.

    He works as a literary events manager

    for different organisations. Founding

    member of Nocte, the Spanish

    Association of Horror Writers, he has

    directed two magazines devoted to

    fantasy literature.

  • Inspirational Fiction / Self help

    Arthur Rowshan

    The Man who Rode the Tiger of Happiness How To Transform Anxiety Into Positive Energy David is a young person with a normal job, who daily goes to the office and fulfills his duties. One day, he feels a strong chest pain and faints. He ends up in the hospital. Fortunately, the doctors rule out any heart problem. It is an anxiety problem that can only be treated by psychiatric or psychological means. Coincidentally, David meets an old Chinese man in a small restaurant, who starts to show him the way of stress liberation through small changes in his life. This book will be of great help to millions of people who nowadays suffer the consequences of stress and anxiety.

    The Diet of the Chinese Princessess An easy way to get slim with no suffering Meifen was an obese Chinese princess. She tried to get slim many times but she always failed. Finally she metes a chinese monk who promises to help her. He teaches her three techniques to loose weight. 4000 years later a young journalist is writing an article about diets. She interviews a cardiologist, a personal trainer and an anthropologist. But she doesnt find the secret to loose weight. One day she meets a Chinese master. He tells her the story about the Princess.

    Arthur Rowshan

    He was born in Iran and grow up in Italy. Later he studied in Canada and Spain. He is hypnologist and has written several books about addictions.

    World Spanish: Zenith Publication: March 2013


    June 2011

    Spanish (world): EDAF Greece: Opera

  • Inspirational Narrative / PNL

    Pedro Vieira

    The Magician who didnt Believe in Magic Transform lifes challenges into opportunities for growth Peter (the books protagonist) runs into an old university friend who invites him to participate in a conference on communication. Once hes overcome his initial skepticism and under the guidance of his friend who acts as his coach (without his name being mentioned even once), Peter embarks on a process of personal, professional and family transformation. As the chapters progress, Peter begins to discover the fundamental principles of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) which help him have a better grasp of the mechanisms of human conduct while improving communication processes between individuals. To achieve this, Peters friend gives him the task of creating a blog in which Peter is supposed to jot down the progress he makes day by day; moreover, he hands him a mysterious deck of black cards, under the condition that Peter investigates each of the cards when asked to do so; in this way, Peter gauges each of the NLP principles and learns to implement them in his personal and professional life.

    The author Pedro Vieira loves to think about how we can achieve the objectives we set for ourselves. He is an expert on using our mental resources to maximize results in different areas of our lives. He has worked as a manager of a multinational company and at present is the CEO of Life Training, a company that trains executives in NLP techniques.

    English translation available Publication date: February 2011 Portugal: Pergaminho Spanish (World): Temas de Hoy (Planeta) To be published soon by Pergaminho:

  • Communication / Inspirational Narrative

    Ferran Ramon-Corts

    The Island of the 5 Lighthouses A travel to the keys of comunication "Do you still have this beautiful retreat in Menorca? Go there and watch your favorite landscape: the lighthouses. They can teach you a lot more than me. Look at them calmly and with eyes wide open ... " This is what Max, an old friend and professor, said to Ferran after listening to his presentation and seeing that he had not been able to connect with the public. On the advice of Max, Ferran travels to Menorca in winter. Menorca is a small island in the Mediterranean. The five lighthouses on the island will give you the keys of the communication, the keys to make clear messages and effectively reach to our audience. This brief history will be useful for those who need to be heard at some point in their lives: teachers, parents, politicians, media ... Ferran Ramon-Corts

    Ferran was born in Barcelona in 1962. He holds a degree in Economics from ESADE. He has worked in marketing and communications for over 20 years. He currently heads his own school of communication and collaborates with various universities. He is the author of five books. Island of the five lighthouses, published by RBA in Spain in 20