Lokotrack LT Series Primary Crushing Plants for metso- Unrivalled crushing capacity Lokotrack Series...

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Transcript of Lokotrack LT Series Primary Crushing Plants for metso- Unrivalled crushing capacity Lokotrack Series...

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    Lokotrack LT Series Primary Crushing Plantsfor Quarrying and In-pit Crushing

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    Metso Minerals has pioneered the development of track-mounted, fully mobile crushing plants. Serial production ofthese self-propelled, track-mounted units started 20 years ago.

    Today, Metso Minerals is the world leader in mobile crushing,having delivered well over 2500 mobile, track-mountedcrushing plants worldwide. The Lokotrack Series is mainly usedin hard rock contracting, aggregate production, in-pit crushingand mining, recycling, cement production and tunnel crushing.

    The Lokotrack Series for primary crushing represents a state-of-the-art commitment to crushing know-how and quality.With a wide range of optional equipment availablefor each of the over 25 basic models, every machine can betailored to meet the specific requirements of virtually anyapplication.

    Lokotracks can be fitted with jaw or impact crushers, with orwithout screens, and equipped with closed circuit and dischargeconveyors as required. Capacities range from 150 to 2000 mtph(160 - 2200 stph).

    Take a closer look at Lokotrack Series mobile crushing plants the leading brand in mobile primary crushing.

    The worlds most comprehensive range of mobile crushingplants for primary crushing offers:

    High performance Excellent reliability Easy transport and fast set-up Safe and simple operation and service Compliance with strict environmental standards Global after-sales service locally

    Offering the worlds widest rangeof mobile crushing plants

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    Product Presentation

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    Unrivalled crushing capacityLokotrack Series mobile crushing plants for primary crushingare built around the proven jaw and impact crusher concepts.Since the 1920s, Metso Minerals has installed over 10,000 jawcrushers and over 1,000 impact crushers worldwide.

    C Series worlds favourite jaw crushers

    Today, the Nordberg C Series represents the worlds favouritejaw crusher. Based on a revolutionary modular, non-weldedframe construction, the C series offers superior strength,reliability and many different mounting options even in themost demanding mobile applications.

    In all applications the C Series jaw crushers offer unrivalledcrushing performance, combining a high reduction ratio andincreased capacity with any feed materials: from extra hardrock to recycle materials. This is achieved through severalunique features such as higher crushing speed, optimisedkinematics, a longer stroke and easy adjustment.

    C Series jaw crushers are so well balanced they can be installedon mobile applications without bolting. In all there are 11 jawcrusher models for mobile applications.

    NP Series impact crushers forsoft to medium hard and recycle materials

    In mobile applications with soft to medium hard or recyclematerials and with high productivity, reduction ratio andcubicity requirements, the ultimate choice is Lokotrackequipped with the proven NP Series horizontal impact crusher.

    NP Series impact crushers feature a heavy rotor design, robustwear material and an optimal crushing chamber design. Thishas proved to be a revolutionary combination in improvingcapacity, end-product quality and in reducing operating andwear costs.

    NP Series impact crushers are designed to minimisemaintenance and improve all adjusting operations. Noless than 10 impact crusher models are available for mobileapplications.

    Full mobility - less trucking, more tracking

    The Lokotrack Series mobile crushing plant is based on theinnovative idea of flexibly moving the equipment rather thanthe material. With track-mounted equipment, the need for

    A two-stage crushing process in Wales: the Lokotrack125 primary crushingplant and the LT1315C secondary crushing plant.

    All 11 Nordberg C Series jaw crushers are based on the modular, non-weldedframe construction that provides a robust yet highly mobile structure.

    Nordberg NP Series impact crushers feature a heavy rotor and crusherchamber design and durable wear materials for efficient crushing ofmedium-hard rock and recycle materials.

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    costly truck fleets is dramatically reduced. LTs can always bemoved within and between sites, which means loweredmaterial transport costs. Transportability can be furtherimproved with special options like the bogie and split versions.

    Full mobile crushing equipment offers considerable benefits,including less quarry traffic, less dust and noise and exhaustemissions. All this combines to create a safer and cleanerworking environment.

    Lokotrack Series crushing plants are environmentally friendly,incorporating basic dust and noise reduction features. Lowemission (Stage 2) diesel engines are used which meet thestrictest environmental norms.

    Sturdy design to meet the heaviest workload

    A strong undercarriage is key to the LTs superior manoeuvr-ability. Metso Minerals design team employ state-of-the-artplanning tools including 3D-design to develop robust, long-lasting parts without adding any unnecessary weight.

    All primary LTs have a robust undercarriage and tracks for safemovement even in the most difficult terrain. It is also crucialthat the unit can be quickly moved to safety when blasting.

    The LT Series is based upon Metso Minerals extensiveexperience and process expertise and built with first classcomponents. Combined with our ISO9001 quality controlsystem, a global after-sales network, online support and promptspare parts service, all this means that dependability is builtinto LTs.

    Theres a Lokotrack for every crushing process

    Lokotrack series crushing plants have been designed anddeveloped on the basis of careful evaluation and analysis ofend-user needs. Key design criteria have included the highestpossible production rates and the lowest possible operatingcosts.

    Whether the priority requirement is high production capacity,good process adaptability, excellent cubicity or efficient recyclecrushing, the Lokotrack primary range can provide the rightanswer.

    From contract crushing to demanding in-pit crushingapplications, Metso Minerals has the right mobile, tracked units,specified for your capacity and end product needs.

    With its sturdy undercarriage, tracks and feeder Lokotrack primarycrushing plant can be used in even the most demanding applications.

    Track-mounted, full mobile equipment today provide for highly cost-effective production even in large quarries and open pits.

    The newest trend with mobile crushing is to build two or three stagecrushing and screening processes that can always be adjusted preciselyaccording to the end product requirements.

    Features and Benefits

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    High performancein compact size

    Lokotrack LT110 combines performance and transportabilitywithout compromising durability and reliability. LT110 is thehighest performing jaw crusher unit on the market that canbe transported between sites without the need to dismantleany major parts. (Notice, though, that transport regulationsmay vary between different countries).

    The nominal Nordberg C110 jaw crusher feed opening is1100x850 mm (34x44 in).

    Transportability means that the LT110 is particularly well-suitedto high capacity contract crushing, either as a stand-alone unit,together with a mobile screen or with secondary and tertiaryLT units.

    Everything on board

    The Lokotrack LT110 incorporates everything that is necessaryfor high powered mobile crushing: a strong undercarriage,sturdy jaw crusher, feed hopper, feeder and conveyors, a reliableengine and a wide range of optional equipment.

    The proven C Series jaw crusher Nordberg C110 features arobust non-welded, pinned and bolted structure, manufacturedof special high quality steel for long life. It offers an exceptionallyhigh reduction ratio and safe and fast setting adjustment tomeet the special requirements of each crushing application.

    Lokotrack LT110 has a typical capacity range of 200-450 mtph(220-500 stph).

    Main features of the Lokotrack LT110

    combined high performance and transportability operation as stand-alone unit or as multi-stage operation high capacity, easily adjustable jaw crusher wide range of options to suit each application

    Primary crushing with Lokotrack LT110 in Romania.

    In a two-stage crushing and screening process, an LT110 primarycrushing plant feeds an LT300GPB secondary plant.

    In-pit crushing with Lokotrack LT110 in the UK.Lokotrack LT110 crushing plants can reachcapacities up to 600 mtph (660 stph).

    Lokotrack LT110

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    Number one forquarry operations

    Lokotrack LT125 is the right choice for primary crushing inquarry operations. Its heavy duty design guarantees years ofreliable service.

    The LT125 can be operated as a stand-alone unit or inconjunction with secondary and tertiary Lokotrack units as amulti-stage operation. It can also be combined with an LLSeries mobile conveyor system to eliminate truck haulage ofthe primary crushed material.

    The nominal Nordberg C125 jaw crusher feed opening is1250x950 mm (37x49 in).

    The Split version providesrapid installation without cranes

    The LT125 'Split' is the ultimate primary crusher for contractingpurposes. This special version is equipped with hydraulic legsfor dismantling the crusher and feeder units. The unit can beset up within a matter of hours without any need for craneage.

    Like other LT Series mobile crushing plants, Lokotrack LT125features the same proven components and options toguarantee the lowest cost per tonne in quarry operations.

    Lokotrack LT125 has a typical capacity range of 400-700 mtph(440