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  • 1. Quarterly Newsletter / August-November 2009 Its been a busy three months! One of a Kind by katie brayton We thank you for the support Tail wagging, mouth drooling, riled up you have shown us thus far. with excitement stands Tank the dog, wel- coming bar patrons Aug. 29 to the newly renovated, the Loft Bar and Grill. This newsletter has a little bit of The ambiance of the bar was really cool, it was very laid back and was a good everything. Stories about what place to hangout with friends, said Kristen Harvey, junior at KSU.They had a really weve been up to, interviews good drink selection, and a very cute bar- with loyal customers and an tender. The Loft is different in a variety of ways exclusive offer for the month of from other bars found in the Aggieville December! Business District. It is an environmentally friendly bar that has aims to give back to the community of Manhattan. So enjoy your newsletter. Clip I believe it is important to give back to the community; we are, after all, in the hos- the coupon on the backpage, pitality industry, said Jacque Jacobson, the Loft affiliate. and stop by The Loft tonight. According to the Lofts Web site, they plan to actively implement green practices that we are trying to do here, Jacobson by recycling glass bottles as well as cook- said. We look forward to serving you! ing grease used in the kitchen. The Loft also is involved with the hu- We are open to any other suggestions mane society. -The Loft that the public can offer to help the envi- We will be having many different types ronment, Jacobson said. I look for things of animals outside the Loft dogs, goats that can give back to the community, be- and even miniature Clydesdales. Jacob- cause it is the right thing to do. son said. Our bar is very pet-friendly. The Loft is also the only bar in the area The Loft has no cover charge and daily INSIDE: to serve food until closing time - 2 a.m., drink specials. Renovations inside The 2 Monday through Saturday. Loft will continue for the next year. It IS Easy Being Green The Loft was flipping awesome, said If renovations go as planned the Loft Read about The Lofts com- Kyle Huhmann, a graduate student at plans to open the upper level with two res- mitment to being the most KSU. It was a great place to meet my taurants and install a glass elevator. environmentally-friendly bar friends and start out the night. We just have to get the mothership go- in Aggieville. 3 The Loft supports many local charities, ing, Jacobson said. including Fairy God Mothers, a program Ultimately, The Loft is a great place for A Taste of HEAVEN Dancing, music and drag that helps single employed mothers who college students to relax and share drinks shows at The Loft every have automotive complications. Affiliates - and food - with friends. Tuesday night. 4 of the Loft have helped raise more than Yes we are a bar, but I want students $4000 for this charity. and the community to be able to come to- Deal of December An exclusive offer youll only We arent just another bar that aims to gether, Jacobson said. This bar will defi- find in this newsletter! get kids all liquored up, there is much more nitely be different than the others.
  • 2. it is easy Q&A w/JEFF being the bartender green Each newsletter will feature a Q&A session with a different Loft personality. Subjects may include owners, managers, bartenders or loyal customers. This months victim is Jeff, a bartender that started working at The Loft in August. He shares his thoughts about everything related to The Loft! Q Q In addition to being pet-friendly, the Loft What do you think sets The So the food is a unique aspect is also very environmentally conscious. Loft apart from other bars in to The Loft. We are committed to keeping Manhattan the area? What about the drinks? A A a beautiful and green city. Toward that I think that people like the new Were actually going to try to set goal, The Loft is looking forward to part- style. You know, they dont wan- a standard on a shot just our nering with local organizations to help us na go to a bar thats dirty. They own. Its called the Bubblegum with our recycling efforts. dont wanna go to a bar thats shot - the Bubblegum bomb. I got things all along the wall. think its something thats going A special focus will be placed on the They want it nice, clean, and to push us over the envelope recycling of glass bottles and reuse of they want a great atmosphere. I with the other standard bars and cooking grease. think thats what makes us more their random shots. appealing than a normal bar with tradition. Q How have the first few months of business gone? What kinds shotof the of things do you have planned for the future? A month Things are going pretty well. { Were actually going to start do- ing construction up on the top floor as soon as this years lease is up to actually extend the bar two more floors. So were gunna Bubblegum Bomb have a tri-level bar. Thats pretty exciting, especially for a place We would love to hear your ideas on like Aggieville. To kind of break how we can accomplish our green tradition. Bubblegum goal. We are open to any ideas you may have! Q Grenadine The Loft is the only bar in Ag- We have already received feedback on gieville to serve food from our brand new blog regarding this issue. open to close. Full Throttle Nightlife 2 If you are interested, check out our blog What kind of food is available until 2 a.m. each day? Energy Drink A at to share some of your ideas. Comment on Its all the fried foods. You know, the post under the Community page, or, itd kill you if you ate too much better yet, stop by The Loft tonight! of it. We got a lot of good fries, corndogs, all the good bar food *To view the full interview with so that when youre nice and Jeff the