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LOCUS Demo. Stefan Zickler. Two “different” classes. Class “Car Rears”. Class “Car Side Views”. Morphing within a class. We can interpolate between model instance’s parameters (gradual change of the deformation field and pixel colors) This gives us a nice morphing effect. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of LOCUS Demo

  • LOCUS DemoStefan Zickler

  • Two different classesClass Car Side ViewsClass Car Rears

  • Morphing within a classWe can interpolate between model instances parameters (gradual change of the deformation field and pixel colors)This gives us a nice morphing effect.

  • Morphing within Class Car Sides

  • Morphing within Class Car Rears

  • Morphing within Class Horse Sides

  • LOCUS applied to a videoMaskEdge MapEvery video frame is treated as a separate class instance.

  • Using motion and tracking cuesSo far we have derived models by treating each image as an independent instance of our model.When segmenting videos, we can improve results by making use of the fact that a video is a continuous model change.

  • Using motion and tracking cuesN. Jojic, J. Winn and L. Zitnick Escaping Local Minima through Hierarchical Model Selection: Automatic Object Discovery, Segmentation, and Tracking in VideoProc. IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), New York, 2006. To appear.