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St. Andrews Catholic School Unit G324: Advanced Portfolio in Media


LocationPotential Hazards/Risks

Walton roadThis will be the setting of the establishing shots that will set the scene. We have chosen this street as it is the central road in Walton and acts as the central point of focus for the story, We also chose this location as it suites the urban atmosphere that soap operas need. We will use a tracking shot to establish the setting.

Potential Hazards/Risks The potential of heavy traffic could present risks of being killed in a traffic collision. There might be pedestrians in the way of the tracks that will be used for the tracking shot.solutions

We will solve this by not going into the road and risk crossing the path of the oncomming vehicles. We will tell the public that we are filming and respectfully ask them to ovoid crossing our path.

The Grey DoveThis location will be used for the scene in which Dan is meeting with Johnny to discuss the state of Lucus. Dan is conserned for Lucuss well being. There will be use of Shot Reverse Shot to denote the exchange of ideas and conserns. This is suitable as a small public coffe shop is recognisable and is suitable to have a dicussion about such matters. We chose this setting as it give a central social scene to the town that is crucial to have in the social realism that soap operas are based in.

Potential Hazards/Risks We will need permission to film in a place of business. The hot beverages that will be in the scene may cause burning if spillt.Solutions We will seek permission to film in this establichment through letter or the director of the group can speek with the manager to secure the rights to film. We will solve this by taking procuations when handeling the hot beverages.

a messy bed in a messy room (Jonnys house)

Lucas is amid the aftermath of a dose of a drug substance and is sprawled on the bed. This is suitable because it fits the stereo typical image of a drug addicts house due to the lack of control that they seem to have in their lives. (possible Medium Long Shot)

Potential Hazards/Risks The house may be untidy and so there may be accidents. There may not be enough room for all crew members.Solution We will only use the crew that we need for that scene if there is not enough room.

Kitchen in Food Tech room This will be where we film the cake cooking scene. This will be a crucial scene in the trailer and this is the center of the British Bake off parody theme of the trailer. In this scene there will be multiple close up shots of the woman making the Walton Hill cake.

Potential Hazards/risks There are knives in the room and so people may be cut. The appliences may be on and so hot, this may cause injury if touched. The cooking equipment may fall onto peoples feet and cause injury. The cooking mix may cause damage to camara if they come into contact. Solutions We will not go near the knive unless absolutly nessery for the scene. If that is the case then the person shall hold the knive downward with the sharpeneed blade faceing away from them. We shall not use the appliences that involve heat as they do not need to be functioning during filming. Cooking equiment shall not be positioned too close to the edge of the work surface to reduce probebillity of falling. The camara man shall weare the strap around their wrist at all times.

Walton woodsThis is where we will film the flashback of the murder scene. We chose this location because it is desolate and connotes the loneliness of the character as they bury the person. This will also create intrigue in the audience.

Potential Hazards/Risks The paths may be slippery and so may caurse injury. There may be fallen trees in the way and broken branches could course splinters. Animals may get in the way. If we stray too far of the track we may get lost.Solutions We will wear suitable foot where for traversing the woodland. We will aviod broken trees. We will try not to disturb the wildlife.

Jonny house (living room)We will use this location for the lying scene as it is between two spouses and therefore it would be effective if it were in a home. We chose this, as it would provide the home affairs feel that is used in soap operas to illustrate the idea of domestic tribulations.

Potential Hazards/Risks The house may be untidy and so there may be accidents. There may not be enough room for all crew. members. There is a shotgun in the room.Solutions We will only use the cerw that we need for that scene if there is not enough room. We will not go near or use the gun.

Alley wayThis will be the setting for the conflict scene. We chose this as it provides the dark and tense atmosphere that the conflict will need for maximum drama. The alley way will also provide the low key lighting that will also be necessary for the dark theme of conflict in the narrative.

Potential Hazards/Risks There is no pavement on one side of the road. Pedestrians may use the walkwyay. Cars may interupt filming. Solutions We will only use the side that has a pavment to make sure that no crew members are not in danger. We will have members that are not filoming to act as scouts to warn the public that we are oprating and the fiming crew of the pedestrians. Will will have the scouts wrn us of cars.

Mere pondThis is where the establishing shots will be filmed. We chose this location, as it is an iconic location in the town of Walton on the hill. This will provide really good scenes of the picturesque atmosphere of the town. This will act as false hope as they find out that the picturesque nature of the town is spoilt by the turmoil that will be represented in the trailer.

Potential hazards/ risks Duck poo is slipery and so may cause injury. The public may be using the space and might not want to be filmed. Solutions We will take procortions to make sure that nobody falls over. We will inform the public of our persesnce and so they can either raise concerns with our teacher or take asctions of their own.