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Data driven organizations are outpacing their competitors through implementing programs that allow them greater strategic agility. Location intelligence combined with innovative data visualization techniques provides an integrated and holistic approach to problem solving, decision-making and ultimately generating business growth. The ability to analyse sales performance in the context of its location enables organisations to quickly and easily gain insights regarding their sales effectiveness by territory, enabling them to identify currently underperforming zones and outline an efficient action plan for future expansion.

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  • 1. 1 of 30 Sales Territory Optimization Location Intelligence & Data Visualization
  • 2. 2 of 30 Business Needs Companies aim to survive and thrive in highly competitive times sell more innovative products and services at healthy margins become more efficient by achieving higher productivity utilizing fewer resources Sales force optimization stays important as companies evolve and face new challenges in the market place
  • 3. 3 of 30 Sales are not only responsible for individual customers but for a group of customers Be as efficient as possible Achieve short term goals Sell more at healthy margins Start from your (long term) business objectives Define your sales action plan for groups of customers Use Location Intelligence to gain actionable market insights Territory management Cater for the well-being of individual customers Use CRM and BI as support tools Account management efficiency short term long term
  • 4. 4 of 30 DataScouts Methodology for Sales Territory Optimization 1. Explore 2. Discover 3. Engage
  • 5. 5 of 30 1. Scout Collect Relevant Input for detailed sales territory analysis Sales Strategy Customer Data (CRM / BI) Open Data Market Research The location component brings all these elements together and provides actionable insights Visualized data on maps & in graphs
  • 6. 6 of 30 Identify underperforming sales territories Cluster customers into balanced sales territories Gain insight in sales performance by territory Outline high- potential zones for new services Define list of high/low priority customers & prospects per territory 2. Discover Uncover similarities as well as differentiators in customer groups
  • 7. 7 of 30 Visual dashboard of the market situation Gap analysis and potential detection Optimized sales territories What-if scenarios 3. Engage Concrete Action plan to Increase Revenue and/or Reduce Cost of Sales
  • 8. 8 of 30 Field Sales Optimization E-business solution provider 25mio annual revenue / 65 employees Results Use Case Input Sales Strategy (internal) Multi-segment, multi-product sales approach CRM and BI information (internal) Customers per segment / Product Sales per segment Publically available information (external) Governmental open data regarding construction permits and evolution real estate park per segment Market research information (internal) Marketing budget to spend Higher flexibility in resource allocation and planning Improved sales coverage Maximal time in front of qualified customers/ prospects Minimized hours spent on driving and visiting no-or low-return customers / prospects Right mix between account management & business development
  • 9. 9 of 30 Build upon own customer data (BI / CRM) Concrete action plan Enriched with the location dimension Focused on uncovering trends and correlations on the location dimension Aimed at efficiently testing multiple scenarios Easy extendable into continuous monitoring of key performance indicators DataScouts Deliverables in Sales Territory Optimization
  • 10. 10 of 30 Market Share & Market Penetration Analysis Market segmentation Distribution Channel & Branch Performance Analysis Site selection Territory Management Boost Sales & Marketing Efficiency visualizing your market space
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