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  • Networking and planning your future

    Localization Industry Events -

    NATALIA SIEGMUND Localization Project Manager

    GLOW Workshop @ Goodgames Studios

    November 29th, 2019


  • • Key facts

    • Experience sharing

    • Ninja tips

    L10N events

    Social media & business



    game industry events


  • Focus






    What are the main

    Localization industry events?

  • globalization

    1st LocWorld: Oct 2003 in Seattle,

    Washington, followed 2004 by the 1st

    European LocWorld in Bonn, Germany

    Asia, Europe, North America

    Last LocWorld#41: Nov, 6-8, 2019

    Silicon Valley

    founded in 1996 by Ulrich Henes

    based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA

    also owns MultiLingual Magazine, based in USA

    At no charge on Nov, 7: access to exhibitors’ area

    (LSPs and tech vendors) + one free final session

    (choose from 5), registration required

  • 1 pre-conference day: workshops & round-tables

    + 2 main days: talks & networking

    $1200 (1 day) - $1850 (2 days)

    buyers & service providers

    e.g. 600 in 2014 in Dublin

    “Leading conference for international business, localization and global website


    Especially valuable for companies that want to venture into new international markets”

    Next LocWorld:

  • Multiple Conference Tracks for better orientation

    + another 13 tracks

    + event app from Pathable.com

  • * Multilingual December issue logo version

  • video games globalization:

    functional & localization testing



    Track sessions & round tables

    Events so far:

    1. Warsaw 2018, 5-6 June

    2. Tokyo 2018, September 19

    3. Seattle 2019, October 16 - 17

    4. Lisbon 2019, June 18 - 19

    5. Silicon Valley 2019, November 5-6

    Before 2018 known as:

    Game Localization Round Table

    on the LocWorld pre-conference day

  • 2 days

    $750 (1 day) - $1400 (2 days),

    + 10% discount to the following LocWorld

    senior L10N professionals, academics,

    publishers, devs, buyer side

    between 50 and 200

  • from 2012 to 2018 known as

    founded in 2012 by a group of people passionate

    about games headed by Arran Oakes, Gaming IQ (a

    division of IQPC)

    games QA, localization

    + customer support (added 2018)

    IQPC Ltd, London

    International Quality

    and Productivity Center

    Global B2B event company:

    • Founded in 1976

    • Over 1500 events annually

    • Offices in major cities across six

    continents including: Berlin,

    Dubai, London, New York,

    Singapore and Sydney

  • 1st event: London 2012 as Game QA&Loc,

    Berlin, 2018 as Game Forum

    same European city 2 years in a row

    3 days (1 pre-conf + 2 main)

    €970 (2 days) - €1380 (3 days)

    buyers & service providers

    180 in London, 2014

    Next GQFG:

    23 - 25 June, 2020


  • Translation Technology Round Table

  • translation technology solutions for

    buyers, suppliers, and every-day

    hands-on users

    1st European event: September 2019,

    Heidelberg, Germany

    USA +Europe


    2 days


    Translation Technology Round Table

  • 1 session each day reserved for vendors

    to give informal product demos

    focus on translation technology

    + technology marketing

    (for technology providers)

    discussion of translation tool prices and

    details of vendor contracts is not


    Translation Technology Round Table

    Event page: https://www.xing.com/events/


  • localization

    1st event: March 2008, Silicon Valley

    1st German event: June 18-19, 2015, Munich

    Last event: 17-18 September 2019, Munich

    (Google offices)

    North America +Europe

    Unconferences (aka barcamps) are all about peer-to-peer learning and


    Since 2008 an annual event in Silicon Valley

    +offshoots in Canada, Germany, Ukraine and


    Since 2012 one unconference day at each

    US LocWorld

  • 2 days

    free of charge


    39€ - networking dinner

    • Day 1: translatathon & hackathon


    • Day 2: actual unconference

    • Participant-driven

    • No power-point presentations

    • No sales pitches

    • No agenda, only topics the group votes on

  • translation, transcreation, language

    technology, document outsourcing,

    crowdsourcing, MT

    1 day

    Language Industry Intelligence

    headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland

    + offices in Singapore, Bangkok,

    Manila, and London

    1st event:

    2016, Zurich

    Last event (annual):

    November 28, 2019 in Amsterdam


    buyers and service providers

  • from workflow and productivity

    tools to website translation

    proxies and SaaS

    from global marketing content to

    technical documentation

     weekly eNewsletter (free) – market

    intelligence for language industry

    stakeholders to make informed, time-

    critical decisions: latest private equity &

    venture capital investments, startup

    launches, funding, technology disruption,

    talent moves

    + (at extra cost) SlatorSweep, SlatorPro,

    RFQ Center and in-depth research reports

  • Fun for All VI

    International Conference on

    Video Game Translation and


  • game localization & accessibility,

    linguistic and cultural dimensions of

    game localization

    professionals, scholars, practitioners

    and other interested parties


    120€ (early bird) - 180€ (regular)

    1st event: 2010 (every 2 years)

    Next event: June, 15-16, 2020 (2


    audiovisual translation: dubbing, subtitling,

    voice-over, etc.

    media accessibility in various genres &


    user testing and technological implementation

    Fun for All VI

    An interdisciplinary research group

    created 2004

  • January: hard working

    February: hard working

    March: hard working

    April: hard working

    May: hard working


    July: hard working

    August: hard working

    September: hard working

    October: hard working

    November: hard working

    December: hard working

    2020 schedule

    Fun for All VI

    in Barcelona

  • rebranded

    Founded by Daniel Finck in 2015,

    held twice a year

    Current trends

    • free-of-charge monthly gathering of people interested in topics like I18n, L10n, G11n, global brand

    management, marketing & translation software development

    • around the 2nd Thursday of each month in a restaurant (worldwide)

    • Extensive events spreadsheet:



    Annual LocSig meet-up at GamesCom

    in Malzmühle (LSPs?)

  • International Games Events


    „Deal making event“B2C + B2B

    China Digital Entertainment Expo

    US Game Developers Conference


    European games industry

    Europe’s biggest mobile B2B

    event for the games industry

    +B2B day



  • Key players



    How are Localization

    professionals organized globally

    and in Europe?

  • global, non-profit trade association for the language industry

    founded in 2002 by leaders of 15 companies

    building professional communities

    sharing knowledge

    advancing best practices in the globalization sector

    + LocSIG (localization special interest group on Facebook)

    Informal gatherings of translation

    and L10N industry professionals

    at no charge (restaurants, pubs

    or public places)

    Cairo, Seattle, Munich, Dublin, Tokyo

    Other GALA events:

    • GALA Conference

    • GALA Localization Forum @ tekom/tcworld


  • LocSIG mission:

    provide a focal point and nexus for the growing number of game localization professionals

    build community, draw together best practices and processes

    emphasize the international dimension of game content development

    improving global game development processes and local end user experiences.

    “The world’s largest nonprofit membership

    organization serving all individuals who

    create games”