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Adapting a product to a local market is a very long process that involves meeting technical requirements, legal requirements as well as local functional requirements and business processes. During this session, the Openbravo localization process will be explained, and how it works from a high level.

Transcript of Localization and Internationalization - Jordi Mas

  • Openbravo Get Together Technology Day Localization and Internationalization Round TableBarcelona, April 13th 2008Speakers: Jordi Mas

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    AgendaIntroduction LocalizationQuestions and Answers

  • Introduction

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    How do you measure sucess?Openbravo Get Together Localization & Internationalization Round Table

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    How do you measure success?Openbravo Get Together Localization & Internationalization Round Table

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    Regional Localization PacksThe Openbravo Localization Stack Future VisionOpenbravo Get Together Localization & Internationalization Round TableCountryLocalizationPackOpenbravo ERPArial 12 BoldRegional Localization PacksCountryLocalizationPackCountryLocalization PackOpenbravo ERPCountryLocalizationPackCountryLocalizationPackCountryLocalizationPack

  • Localization

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    Who, what and how much effort is requiredOpenbravo Get Together Localization & Internationalization Round TableWho can localize Openbravo? Anyone can localize Openbravo ERP. Openbravo is leading the effort for Spain, United States and partially France. Openbravo community is leading 40 additional localization efforts.What does it take to localize Openbravo? Translate the user interface. Create a local Chart of Accounts file. Set-up the local taxes for a specific entity. Create dedicated reports to facilitate the filing of official reports (optional).How much effort is required to do a basic Openbravo localization? 4 weeks of a full time skilled translator. 1 week of a person with knowledge on the accounting system of the country.

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    How can be doneOpenbravo Get Together Localization & Internationalization Round TableCommunity driven process All the documentation is available open and free at wiki.openbravo.com. Plenty of examples of how has been done for other countries. Openbravo and its community gives supports trough forums and IRC channels. The localizations are open and freely available to everyone.Additionally: Commercial support from Openbravo Second level support. Specific localization custom training.

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    What the process is?Openbravo Get Together Localization & Internationalization Round TableBasic Openbravo localization process Register your localization effort. Localize the XML files containing the translations. Test the translation. Create a chart of accounts. Test the chart of account and the accounting. Identify any special requirement for your country. Upload your work and publish it at Openbravo. Update and review your localization in future versions.

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    Areas of improvementOpenbravo Get Together Localization & Internationalization Round TableAreas of improvement that we are exploring Easing the installation and distribution of localization packs Adding PO (Portable Objects) native support Consolidating the strings in the product Adding real time statistics of the status of the translations Any additional idea?

  • Questions and Answers

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    Thank you!Openbravo Get Together

    So, if localization is never completed, how do you know whether you have a successful global product?The answer is surprisingly simple: the users and the community will tell you!

    If you have adoption in a country, it means that the product is fit for usage in that country! If you have a strong community of global user, it means that the product is fit for global usage.

    Openbravo currently distributes translations in 5 languages and support accounting for 7.In addition to that, there are 21 active localization projects managed by the community.But things could be better. Producing a localization could be easier see later for that and applying it could be also simpler.One of our chief goals for 2008 is to achieve those goals.For that, we intend to rely on the coming modularity architecture of Openbravo and release localization packs that can be installed on top of the Openbravo ERP with a single install, which applies everything, translation, chart of account, legal reports, local business practices, etc.We anticipate the need of two types of localization packs. Regional packs that contain the feature required by more than one country; for example, the localization pack for the European Union might contain the Intrastat reporting feature as well as other European specific features.Country localization pack will contain the translation, the chart of account and the local and business requirements for that country.It is important that multiple localizations pack can be applied in the same installation and in the same client in order to support global deployments.