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  1. 1. Bell/Virgins towers are localized to Edmonton, even though this search was performed from Calgary. The most local option was #6! IP-BASED LOCATION USE PRECISE LOCATION This option is in the footer of any Google results page. Whether it works depends on device settings. IP LOCATION PRECISE LOCATION You can tell when useprecise location is turnedon because youll seeproximity indicators in thelocal pack results. Requires manual user action, so dont expect that the searcher being nearby will rank you number one. Brand Keywords The second result is nearer, but the other Apple is (obviously) a bigger brand, so it trumps. New York pizza describes a style of pizza. Its an implied brand, so it ranks higher than pizza places in New York. Reviews A less dominant ranking factor, but Better reviews doesnt always ensure a higher rank. More reviews (indicating higher reliability and more popularity) doesnt always improve rankings either. What can you do as a local business? Create high-quality content Verify with Google Search Console Blog and engage regularly Complete your Google+ prole and use it Link to your G+ Page and prole from your website and vice-versa Ensure your website is mobile friendly Be socially active Use local keywords in titles, headings, and page URLs Ensure your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) match exactly everywhere on the web Claim your G+ My Business listing Encourage local buyers to review your company on Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, and elsewhere Update your schema (advanced) STANDARD PRACTICE LOCAL-SPECIFIC Get the local SEO checklist: http://kyak.mobi/1B4CGjk (Check the box to be alerted to updates.) SCHEMA.ORG LOCALBUSINESS ADVANCEDThere are specic categories for different kinds of businesses (restaurants, pharmacies, etc.). Local Search Local Search Local Search What is Google Local? San Francisco actually nearby LOCALIZED LOCAL Know the differencebetween localized search,and local search. Google knows your IP address, so they can guess what city you live in. Its not always precise, though. LOCAL PACK OR LOCAL STACK http://localu.org/blog/name-local-carousel-replacement/ Were going to call it the local pack, but we like fanny pack, too. When does it appear? Its entirely up to Google dui lawyer dui attorney pest removal mold removal real estate realtor computers laptops dui lawyer dui attorney near Calgary pest removal mold removal near Calgary real estate realtor near Calgary computers laptops near Calgary This works with otherlocalizing terms, like inCalgary or simplyCalgary, but not localterms like near me. Ranking factors? Proximity Brand Keywords Reviews Reviewer reputation Review quantity Google+ Business Page + usualGoogle ranking factors There are dozens of other factors, but we believe that these are weighted more heavily. Proximity Often allows for longer distances (assuming car and more time) Stands to reason that it will prioritize shorter distances for walking.