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Living the dream
Vocabulary Adventure equipment
1 Label the photos. Use words from A and B. A
back first-aid insect sleeping sun waterproof
sleeping bag 1
2 3
4 5
2 Choose the correct option. You carry things in a backpack / map. 1 You repair things with binoculars / tools. 2 You navigate with a torch / compass. 3 You sleep outside in a backpack / tent. 4 You look through sleeping bags / binoculars to see
something far away. 5 You use a first-aid kit / torch to see at night. 6 You look at a map / tent to navigate.
3 Complete the text with the words in the box.
binoculars insect repellent sleeping bag sunscreen tent torch
Every August, I go camping with my family. We all sleep in one big tent. It’s fun! The campsite is by a lake. It’s beautiful, but I don’t like the mosquitoes there — I hate using (1) ! We sometimes go kayaking on the lake. My mum never does it. Instead, she puts on some (2) , sits in the sun and sometimes watches us through her (3) . It’s quite cold at night, but I don’t mind. It’s nice and warm in my (4) . I always use a (5) to read comics before I go to sleep.
4 What equipment do you need for these situations? Use You need a / some … a day orienteering You need a map and a compass.
1 a bike ride 2 a camping trip 3 a walk in the mountains 4 a day on the beach
Extra vocabulary
5 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
ancestors dawn journey kind truck
My uncle drives a big truck. 1 It’s a short by bus to my school. 2 Tom is American, but his are from Ireland. 3 It’s of you to help. 4 I often get up early before .
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3 Write present continuous questions and short answers. the children / watch a film () Are the children watching a film? Yes, they are.
1 you and your friends / dance () 2 your mum / wash her hair () 3 those boys / do karate () 4 you / sit on your bed () 5 Marcus / wear trainers () 6 you / go to bed ()
4 What are these people doing right now? Write one affirmative and one negative sentence. (you) I’m doing this exercise right now. I’m not listening to
1 (your best friend) 2 (your head teacher) 3 (your teacher) 4 (your parents / grandparents)
5 Complete the dialogue with the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets and the words in the box.
backpack map sleeping bags tent waterproof jacket
Mia Hi, Lucy. What are you doing (you / do)? Lucy I (1) (look) at a website that
sells camping equipment. Mia Really? (2) (you / buy) a big
(3) and some (4) to go camping?
Lucy No, I (5) (not get) anything like that. I (6) (try) to find a new (7) for my school books and my mum (8) (look) for a (9) of North Wales for our walking holiday there.
Mia Buy a (10) , too. It rains a lot in Wales, you know!
Grammar Present continuous
1 Complete the questions and sentences with the verbs in the box.
are aren’t Is isn’t ’m ’m not ’s
Is Martin having lunch? Yes, he is. 1 I going home now. Bye! 2 Look! Zara using your phone. 3 What they looking at? 4 Are you listening? No, I . 5 Is it raining? No, it . 6 We’re studying. We watching TV.
2 Look at the photo and write true sentences. Use the affirmative or negative present continuous.
The students are walking (walk) in a library. 1 They (sit) in a classroom. 2 They (carry) books. 3 The girl (wear) a hat. 4 She (read) a book. 5 The boy (wear) a jacket. 6 He (look) at the girl. 7 She (smile) at the boy. 8 He (not carry) a backpack.
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Vocabulary Verbs
1 Match 1–5 to A–E. 1 act B A a video online 2 take B in a film 3 post C a photo 4 build D on stage 5 perform E a model
2 Complete the verbs.
2 s _ _ _ 3 p _ _ _ _
4 b _ _ _ _ 5 s _ _ _ _
3 Choose the correct option.
4 Write a typical activity for each person. Choose words from A and B. Remember to use the 3rd person singular form. A
act paint perform post score take
photos videos online goals on stage in films pictures
(a pop group) A pop group performs on stage. 1 (a photographer) 2 (a footballer) 3 (an actor) 4 (an artist) 5 (a vlogger)
Extra vocabulary
5 Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
annual character collection guitarist national
Which character do you like best in the film? 1 Todd’s learning the guitar. He wants to be a
in a band. 2 My parents watch the news on TV every
day. 3 The museum has an amazing of paintings
by Picasso. 4 There’s an concert at my school every
I love doing art and crafts and I spend hours (1) scoring / building models of boats and carefully (2) acting / painting them. My latest model is in an art competition at the library. I really want to (3) win / sing! I think my boat is popular because I often see people (4) taking / acting photos of it and (5) performing / posting them online.
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4 Write pairs of sentences about you and people you know. Use the present continuous with now / at the moment in one, and the present simple with an adverb of frequency in the other. My sister is hanging out with friends now. They usually go to the cinema or the park.
5 Complete the text with the present continuous or present simple form of the verbs in brackets and choose the correct option.
Grammar Present continuous and Present simple
1 Complete the sentences with the correct verbs.
’m reading read I read in bed every night. I’m reading a good book at the moment.
is playing plays 1 Listen! Max the piano. 2 He it for 30 minutes every evening.
aren’t studying don’t study 3 The students in the summer holidays. 4 It’s August, so we now.
’s having has 5 Emma usually a shower in the morning. 6 She a bath today.
2 Complete the text with the present continuous or present simple form of the verbs in brackets. My parents usually work (work) on Fridays, but they (1) (not work) today because it’s my birthday, and we (2) (have) a barbecue in the garden. Dad (3) (cook) hamburgers at the moment. He (4) (love) cooking. Unfortunately, it (5) (rain) now and the hamburgers (6) (get) wet. It often (7) (rain) on my birthday.
3 Complete the sentences with the present continuous or present simple form of the verbs in the box.
brush clean go play take wear
I’m going to bed right now. I’m tired. 1 Our teacher never trainers to school. 2 How often Millie her teeth? 3 At the moment, they video games. 4 I usually my room on Sundays. 5 you a photo right now?
There’s an annual / national talent competition at my school at the end of the summer term. A lot of students (1) perform / post on stage in order to (2) score / win it. Everyone (3) (do) something different – some students play a musical instrument, some choose a (4) collection / character and (5) act / build a scene from a book or a film and others sing in a (6) band / model. This year, I (7) (be) in a short play with three friends. We (8) (learn) our lines at the moment. It’s difficult! Another friend (9) (practise) his guitar right now. He’s a classical guitarist. He (10) (not play) rock music.
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3 Complete the sentences so that they are correct. People call the West End Theatreland because there
are many theatres there. 1 At one of the theatres, you can see . 2 The story comes from . 3 Life at home isn’t easy for Matilda because . 4 Matilda also has problems . 5 To perform in Matilda, all the actors need to . 6 Only 8–12-year-old girls who
can be Matilda on stage.
1 Read the online article. Choose the correct option. 1 The article talks about a place that’s famous for
cinemas / schools / theatres. 2 It describes what happens in a popular
musical / band / film. 3 It also mentions a model / an online video / a photo
of people on stage.
2 Read the article again and find: a place in London the West End 1 an alternative name for this place 2 a musical 3 an author 4 the main character’s surname 5 a character at school 6 a website 7 the necessary age to act the main character
What’s on in the West End? The West End is a vibrant part of central London with crowded shops and restaurants. It has also got about forty different theatres – that’s why people often call it Theatreland. Some fantastic musicals are playing there right now, including Matilda The Musical.
Matilda The Musical is based on the children’s novel Matilda by Roald Dahl. The main character is Matilda Wormwood, an extraordinary young girl, who loves reading. Mr and Mrs Wormwood aren’t kind to her because they think books are bad. School life is also difficult with a scary head teacher, Miss Trunchbull. Matilda’s dream is to change the situation and, in the end, that’s what she does.
For publicity, there’s a short video of Matilda The Musical on YouTube. You can see the characters performing on stage in the theatre. They aren’t just singing; they’re acting, dancing and doing acrobatics, too. The production company are always looking for new children to be Matilda and her classmates. To be Matilda, girls need to be between 8 and 12 years old, and shorter than 129.5 cm. That’s small!
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Writing Look at language Using time expressions
1 Match 1–4 to A–D to make sentences. 1 Every C A moment, we’re watching TV. 2 At the B we’re making dinner. 3 Normally, C evening, we watch TV. 4 Right now, D we have dinner at 7 p.m.
2 Choose the correct option. At the moment / Every day, he’s taking a photo. 1 Normally / Right now, some students are acting on
stage. 2 Every Saturday / At the moment, I go shopping with
my friends. 3 Right now / Normally, it rains a lot in winter.
3 Read the adverts and the email. Which advert is Emily interested in?
Writing builder
1 THINK AND PLAN Make notes under the headings:
Personal details Activities you love doing Regular routine and actions in progress Photo(s)
Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and give some personal details.
My name’s ... and I’m ... Paragraph 2: Describe what you like doing in your free time. Say what you usually do and what you’re doing at the moment.
I love ... In this photo, I’m ... Right now, / At the moment, I’m ... Every evening, / Normally, I ... Paragraph 3: Describe a photo and what you’re doing in it.
This is a photo of ... I’m ... Normally, I ...
• Time expressions • Present simple • Present continuous
4 Choose an advert in exercise 3 and write an email. Choose one or two photos to write about. Follow the steps in the Writing builder.
We need someone to help at an art club every
Saturday afternoon. The children spend time
painting pictures and building models. Tell us
about yourself in an email and include one or two
We’re looking for someone to help at a holiday activity club this summer. Do you enjoy spending time outdoors and playing team sports? Send us an email about yourself and include one or two photos.
WANTED! A teenager to help
at a drama club every Thursday
evening. The children learn how
to sing, dance and act on stage.
Describe yourself in an email and
include one or two photos.
Subject: Advert
My name’s Emily and I’m 14. I’ve got a younger brother and a sister, and I’m a student at Portway School.
I love making things. In this photo, I’m making a robot in a science class. At the moment, I’m building a model of a theatre in my free time. It’s for a competition and I want to win it! Every evening, I do a little bit more. Right now, I’m making the stage.
This is a photo of me and my sister, Lilly. I’m helping her with her homework. Normally, I only help her do maths. It isn’t her favourite subject!
Everyday English5
Order food and drink
1 Put the words in the correct order to make sentences or questions. 1 you / like / would / What / to drink / ? 2 that / much / How / is / ? 3 I’ll / , please / mineral water / a / have 4 a burger / I / , please / have / Can / ? 5 you / What / get / can I / ? 6 with that / you / any chips / like / Would / ?
2 Complete the dialogue with the sentences and questions in exercise 1. Server Hi there. What can I get you? Megan Let’s see. (1) ? Server A burger, OK. (2)
? Megan Yes, please. Server Great. (3)
? Megan (4)
. Server OK. A burger, chips, and mineral water. Megan That’s right. (5)
? Server That’s £4.35.
Real Talk Unit 5
Before reading
1 Find one interesting fact about the author of the Sherlock Holmes books, Arthur Conan Doyle.
2 What type of story is it?
a crime novel a historical novel a comedy
6 Look at the picture. Who are the people in the picture? Which part of the story does the picture show?
After reading
7 Read chapter 2 again. Choose the correct option. 1 The murder happens at the Cunninghams’ / Actons’
house. 2 Holmes doesn’t want to / wants to work on the murder. 3 The thief shoots William inside / outside the house. 4 Alec and Mr Cunningham don’t see / see the thief. 5 William’s mother doesn’t know / knows about his
8 What do you think is on the piece of paper?
9 Suggest a different ending for this chapter.
10 Translate a useful phrase in the chapter into your first language.
11 Were the pictures right for the story? If not, how would you change them?
12 Suggest a friend or family member who would like this story.
3 Look at the title and the front cover. What do you think the word puzzle means in the title? A a popular old-fashioned game B a crime the police want to solve C Sherlock Holmes’s favourite free-time activity
During reading Go to the Dynamic Active Learning Kit now,
and open Book Club 3
Enjoy reading! Focus on the words you understand and don’t worry about words you don’t know.
4 Make a note of any words you want to check in the dictionary later.
5 Find the clue which the chapter heading refers to.
Book Club 3 Sherlock Holmes: The Reigate Puzzle by Arthur Conan Doyle
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Grammar reference
Present continuous: affirmative and negative Subject + be (not) + -ing form of the verb
Affirmative Negative I’m talking. I’m not talking.
You’re talking. You aren’t talking.
He’s talking. He isn’t talking.
She’s talking. She isn’t talking.
It’s talking. It isn’t talking.
We’re talking. We aren’t talking.
They’re talking. They aren’t talking.
Note: -ing form of verbs With most verbs, we add -ing. talk – talking
play – playing
With verbs that end in -e, we omit -e and add -ing. dive – diving
write – writing
With verbs that end in a vowel + consonant, we double the consonant and add -ing. sit – sitting
swim – swimming
Uses We use the present continuous to talk about actions in progress. I’m watching TV.
He’s writing an email.
They’re playing hockey.
Present continuous: questions be + subject + -ing form of the verb
Questions Short answers Am I talking? Yes, I am. No, I’m not.
Are you talking? Yes, you are. No, you aren’t.
Is he talking? Yes, he is. No, he isn’t.
Is she talking? Yes, she is. No, she isn’t.
Is it talking? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.
Are we talking? Yes, we are. No, we aren’t.
Are they talking? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.
Wh- questions What are you doing? I’m playing computer games.
Uses We use present continuous questions to ask about actions in progress.
Note: In short answers, we only use the verb be, not the -ing form. ‘Are you studying?’ ‘Yes, I am.’
‘Is he watching TV?’ ‘No, he isn’t.’
Present continuous and present simple Uses Present continuous = actions in progress Present simple = routines or repeated actions We often include now or at the moment in present continuous sentences. We’re having dinner now.
What are you doing at the moment?
We often include adverbs of frequency in present simple sentences. We often have dinner at 7 p.m.
What do you usually do on Saturdays?
Note: We don’t use some verbs in the continuous form, e.g., think, like, love, hate, want. I think sport is fun. NOT I’m thinking sport is fun.
We like football. NOT We’re liking football.
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Present continuous and present simple 4 Complete the pairs of sentences with the present
continuous and the present simple form of the verbs in brackets. (play) My brother plays football three times a week.
He’s playing in a match now. 1 (read) I a great book right now.
Sometimes I five books in a week. 2 (build) Jack models as a hobby.
He a model plane at the moment. 3 (study) It’s 7.30 p.m. and Naomi in her
room. She every evening. 4 (not watch) My parents TV right now.
They TV during the day. 5 (listen) We to music in the classroom
at the moment. I usually to it at home.
5 Complete the sentences with the present continuous or present simple form of the verbs in brackets. Where’s Liam? He’s running (run) in the park. 1 I often (see) Martin at the
weekend. 2 Sometimes I (not have) breakfast. 3 Dad isn’t here. He (work) in
London. 4 How often (you / do) sports? 5 My parents never (carry)
backpacks. 6 What (you / write) at the
moment? 7 We (clean) our room right now. 8 My brother (like) team sports. 9 Look at the dog! It (sleep) on the
sofa. 10 I (not wear) sunscreen at the
Grammar practice
Present continuous: affirmative and negative 1 Complete the sentences with the present