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Worldwide extensive research on liver disorders in herbal medicine is done till date. There are numerous plants that show hepato-protective activity and thus safeguard as well as repair against liver damages.

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  • 1.Development of Novel Phyto-drugs in Curing LIVER DiseasesPresented by Dr. Sudhakar Kokate Director PPRC, India

2. Liver Largest organ in the human body Pivotal role in maintenance of health and homeostasis Involved in vital functions - Metabolism - Secretion - Storage - Detoxification of drugs & xenobioticsPPRC/INDIA 01 3. Origin of Liver diseases (Acute & Chronic) Viruses Toxins Drugs Metabolic disorders Exposure to solvents Genetic disorders Hydrocarbons Alcohol consumptionPPRC/INDIA 02 4. Stat of Diseases Hepatitis A.In children 85 95 % in SE Asia Hepatitis B.5 7 % Hepatitis C.2 % Cirrhosis & Cancer.20 30 % Alcoholic hepatitis.60 % Hepato-toxicity.1 in 10,000 1 in 100,000PPRC/INDIA 03 5. Phyto-Stat for Cure Hepato-protective plants.101 plants of Globe.150 phyto-constituents India.87 plants.33 patented herbal formulations A number of poly-herbal mixtures In U.S. >13 % patients on herbal remedy Other countries range 18 65 %PPRC/INDIA 04 6. Classification of Liver disorders Hepatitis Hepatosis Liver cirrhosis Liver injury Acute hepatitis PPRC/INDIA 05 7. Classification of Liver disorders Chronic active Hepatitis B Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) Alcoholic fibrosis Alcoholic hepatitis PPRC/INDIA 06 8. Well characterised phyto-drugs Silybum marinum Picrorhiza kurroa Liv. 52: - Capparis spinosa- Cassia occidentalis- Achillea millefolium- Tamarix gallica- Cichorium intybus- Solanum nigrum- Terminalia arjuna PPRC/INDIA 07 9. Well characterised phyto-drugs T J 9: Prescribed in China, Japan as Sho-saiko-to an aqueous extract from the roots of Scutellaria, Glycyrrhiza, Bupleurum, Ginseng, Pinella tuber, Jujube fruit & ginger Compound 861: Chinese medicine with 10 defined herbs, main plants Salvia miltiorrhiza, Astragalus membranaceous, Spatholobus suferectusPPRC/INDIA 08 10. Emerging research trend On Phyto-medicine 11. Andrographis paniculataPPRC/INDIA 09 12. Andrographis paniculata Habitat: Plains of India Extensively used in Unani and Ayurveda Aqueous extract of leaves . Effective The extract inhibited BHC induced Liver toxicity in Swiss male mice . Trivedi & Rawal, 2000 PPRC/INDIA 10 13. Boerhavia diffusaPPRC/INDIA 11 14. Boerhavia diffusa Commonly known as Punarnava Perennial creeping herb found in waste lands of India Roots effective in Liver Diseases . Kirtikar & Basu 1933, Chopra 1956 PPRC/INDIA 12 15. Boerhavia diffusa Whole plant extract potent in cure . Chakraborti & Handa 1989 Compounds Punarnavin, Beta-sitosterol from roots Beta-D-glucoside, tetracosanoic, hexacosanoic, stearic, palmitic, arachidic acid, hentriacontane, ursolic acid punarnavoside PPRC/INDIA 13 16. Peumus boldusPPRC/INDIA 14 17. Peumus boldus Indigenous to Chile Small tree: 8 cm long, coriaceous texture, strong odour Family: Monimiaceae Chemicals: Boldine, Ascaridole, Linalool, P-cymene cineole PPRC/INDIA 15 18. Fumaria indicaPPRC/INDIA 16 19. Fumaria indica The whole plant: Constituent of Unani, Ayurvedic and Medicinal preparations Family: Fumariaceae Anti-hepatotoxic against thioacetamide in vitro & carbon tetrachloride, paracetamol, rifampicin Active principle: similar to Silymarin PPRC/INDIA 17 20. Fumaria indica The plant is useful in: - Blood purification - Cutaneous diseases - Obstructions of LiverPPRC/INDIA 18 21. Curcuma longaPPRC/INDIA 19 22. Curcuma longa Hepato-protective against carbon tetra chloride, paracetamol and Aspergillus aflatoxin Effective due to anti-oxidant property Major metabolite of Curcumin tetrahydrocurcumin (THC) THC prevents erythromycin estolate induced Liver diseasePPRC/INDIA 20 23. Picrorhiza kurroaPPRC/INDIA 21 24. Picrorhiza kurroa Family: Scrophulariaceae Small perennial herb Grows in northwest India Active principle: irioid glycoside, Picrosides I, II, III, Kutkoside Hepato-protective effect superior to that of Silymarin in many casesPPRC/INDIA 22 25. Picrorhiza kurroa Protects Liver cells from a wide variety of injuries including: - Carbon tetrachloride (Santra et. al 1998)-- Galactosamine (Dwivedi 1992) - Ethanol (Rastogi et. al 1996) - Acetaminophen (Singh et. al 1992) - Thioacetamide (Dwivedi et. al 1991)PPRC/INDIA 23 26. Phyllanthus amarusPPRC/INDIA 24 27. Phyllanthus amarus Family: Euphorbiaceae Widespread throughout tropic and subtropics in sandy regions or cultivated & wastelands The plant is bitter, astringent, cooling, diuretic, stomachic, febrifuge & antiseptic Butanol fraction of the whole plant exhibited potent activity (Tripathi et. al 1992)PPRC/INDIA 25 28. Phyllanthus amarus Whole plant powder 0.66 gm/kg in rat showed hepatoprotective action against carbon tetrachloride (Sane et. al 1955) Albino rats treated with ethanol were orally given whole plant powder 200 mg/rat per day for 45 days showed significant activity PPRC/INDIA 26 29. Glycyrrhiza glabraPPRC/INDIA 27 30. Glycyrrhiza glabra Glycyrrhizin, main component of Licorice root Found to be effective for chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis It showed hepato-protective effect against toxicity by carbon tetrachloride and Gal N Antioxidant properties of glycyrrhizin & glycyrrhetinic acid responsible for anti-hepatotoxic activity PPRC/INDIA 28 31. Silybum marianumPPRC/INDIA 29 32. Silybum marianum Most characterised useful important plant Mixture of Silvbin, Silvdianin & Silychristin Significant action against induction by carbon tetrachloride of Liver damage in rats It reduces the prolongation of hexa-harbital sleeping time produced by carbon tetrachloride PPRC/INDIA 30 33. Cichorium intybusPPRC/INDIA 31 34. Cichorium intybus Family: Compositae Aqueous extract showed hepato-protective toxicity induced by carbon tetrachloride & paracetamol (Gadgoli & Mishra 1995) Scientists conducted several experiments on this plant PPRC/INDIA 32 35. Tinospora cordifoliaPPRC/INDIA 33 36. Tinospora cordifolia Commonly known as Guduchi or Amrita Most valuable medicinal herb in Ayurveda Plant has ability to impart youthfulness vitality & longevity Also quite effective in Liver injury PPRC/INDIA 34 37. Tinospora cordifolia In modern times it is well known as hepatoprotective, adaptogenic & immuno-modulatory activities Clinical studies in patients of hepatitis showed that Guduchi plays an important role in relieving the symptoms of Liver disease PPRC/INDIA 35 38. Wedelia calendulaceaPPRC/INDIA 36 39. Wedelia calendulacea Family: Compositae Perennial herb with light camphor-like odour Traditionally used as tonic, spleen enlargement and skin diseases Showed protective action in Paracetamol induced Liver damage PPRC/INDIA 37 40. Wedelia calendulacea The alcoholic extract of whole plant exhibited protection against carbon tetrachloride The extract increased bile flow in rats. Min. lethal dose was greater than 200 mg/kg P.O. in mice PPRC/INDIA 38 41. Tephrosia purpureaPPRC/INDIA 39 42. Tephrosia purpurea Locally known as Sarapunkha Most important ingredient of formulations available in Indian market for liver ailments Good results in Cirrhosis & vital Hepatitis in clinical trials It prevents cellular leakage & loss of functional integrity of Liver cell membranes, release in hepatic regeneration PPRC/INDIA 40 43. Protium heptaphyllumPPRC/INDIA 41 44. Protium heptaphyllum Family: Burseraceae Active principle: alpha & beta amyrin, a triterpene mixture Folk medicinal plant It protects acetaminophen induced Liver injury PPRC/INDIA 42 45. Buddleja officinalisPPRC/INDIA 43 46. Buddleja officinalis Family: Loganiaceae Flowers, buds effective Active principle: Acteoside, a phenylethanoid glycoside Possesses antioxidant property Protects against carbon tetrachloridePPRC/INDIA 44 47. Anastatica hierochunticaPPRC/INDIA 45 48. Anastatica hierochuntica Egyptian medicinal herb Chemicals: Anastatins A & B from Methanolic extract Protective against d-galactosamine induced cytotoxicity in primary cultured mouse Activity is stronger than that of commercial Silybin PPRC/INDIA 46 49. Tilia argenteaPPRC/INDIA 47 50. Tilia argentea Methanolic ext. showed protection against dgalactosamine, Lipopolysaccharide induced Liver injury in mice Flowers are effective hepato-protectorsPPRC/INDIA 48 51. Garcinia kolaPPRC/INDIA 49 52. Garcinia kola Extract of seeds of this plant showed protection against carbon tetrachloride induced Liver injury Extensively studied plantPPRC/INDIA 50 53. Hymenaea martianaPPRC/INDIA 51 54. Hymenaea martiana Active principle: Astibin Protects against carbon tetrachloride induced Liver injury One of the important useful herbPPRC/INDIA 52 55. Thank You !!BE WITH US