Lived It Lecture - Brant Cooper - Entrepreneurship 101 (2012/2013)

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Brant has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs across the globe and is a sought after speaker, having presented at leading companies such as Qualcomm, Intuit, Capital One and Hewlett-Packard. Brant’s startup career includes Tumbleweed, Timestamp, WildPackets, inCode, and many others. He has experienced IPO, acquisition, rapid growth, and miserable failure. Come hear Brant tell his story. Register for Entrepreneurship 101 here:

Transcript of Lived It Lecture - Brant Cooper - Entrepreneurship 101 (2012/2013)

  • 1. You Are a Visionary.

2. 2 3. You Are a Visionary. NOT 4. Should I put my beer down, bro? A lot of people are focused on taking over the world I really just want to create a really cool college directory product -Zuck in 2005 5. Henry FordThomas EdisonSteve JobsVisionaries???5 6. Flipping the Myth of the Visionary On Its Head 7. Lean Entrepreneurs Surf UncertaintyThe school startup youBusiness planOld culture around Your company culture Lean StartupBusiness model 8. What is Lean? Elimination of waste in the production and delivery of value to customer 9. Value Stream Producing a known product (mini-van) for a known consumer (soccer mom) Value-add activities (assemble part) Non value-add activities (forklift parts across warehouse) 10. Lean Objective Lose waste: Make value-add activities more efficient Eliminate non value-add activities (if possible) Must maintain value to customer 11. What is Lean Startup? Don t know value Don t know customer Elimination of waste in discovering value and customer 12. Lean Startup Value Stream If you don t know what value, how do you know what activities are wasteful? 13. Lean StartupMeasurement of Waste Validated Learning 14. How do you build somethingpeople need? 15. WinnersThose whocontinuously createnew value fornew customers. 16. The Lean Entrepreneur 17. The Lean EntrepreneurCustomer Interaction & Segmentation 18. @brantcooper & @pv 19. Innovation Spectrum 20. Startup ModelPassionatConvince Satised Hopeful Trusting IntriguedAwareedGrowth Engine MVP Conversion Funnel AcquisitionCustomer impact / emotion Startup Customer State Functionalityaction Action [email protected] & @pv 21. Thank You! Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn: @brantcooper email: [email protected] Blog: Market By Numbers Book site: http://leanentrepreneur.co24