Live Owl Nest Box May 29, 2010 ¢  Live Owl Nest Box Cam Share 59K 1213 retweet Wesley the...

download Live Owl Nest Box May 29, 2010 ¢  Live Owl Nest Box Cam Share 59K 1213 retweet Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable

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Transcript of Live Owl Nest Box May 29, 2010 ¢  Live Owl Nest Box Cam Share 59K 1213 retweet Wesley the...

  • Live Owl Nest Box Cam

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    Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl

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    -MUTE This Video If You Have An ECHO-

    Live Barn Owl Nest Box Cam - San Marcos, CA This is a live feed of a wild female barn owl named Molly. The owl box is located 15 feet off the ground. The male(McGee) has a white chest and face. He usually shows up after dark but has spent an entire day with the female. For more Information about the owls and this cam. Click Here Click Here to "Like" us on Facebook.

    Egg 1 2/13/10 12:15 PM Egg Broke Egg 2 Laid 02/16/10 07:23 AM Hatched 03/21/10 11:45 AM Name: Max Egg 3 Laid 02/18/10 09:13 AM Hatched 03/23/10 6:47 PM Name: Pattison Egg 4 Laid 02/20/10 11:07 AM Hatched 03/25/10 3:11 PM Name: Austin Egg 5 Laid 02/22/10 02:00 PM Hatched 03/28/10 12:01 PM Name: Wesley Egg 6 02/25/10 09:35 AM Est. Hatch 3/28/10 Note: didn't hatch/won't hatch Sound and Video Help Page

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    Carolynn I think we need to fly some f lags this morning.

    Cheryl Owen Just for Barb! photos of Barn Owl model as requested!! also a couple of pics of the posters I received - and I just had to clear a space on my kitchen worktops

    to take these - I really need to do some housework

    Barb Sure looks like it could fly. You need to add fishing line to your shopping list and hang it up! Very cute.

    Mollie The model looks like one f rom the website that Chris in Olympia posted last night on the wiki: Papercraft. You could hang it f rom a wire in the ceiling and then it would fly with the breeze.

    LeeAnne Mighty dusty in the OB today.

    Bonnie Kirkland Steele R we looking at Max and Wes? Thanks from TN


    Good morning all...clear ly our litt le fr iends had a busy night and are now napping peacefully. Of f to read some to see what exciting things happened over

    night! Anything of f hand that's a gotta know? THanks!

    LeeAnne Alert

    Elliott "Guest", please adopt a name and an avatar so we know who you are. It's very annoying being peppered with questions from an anonymous being.

    Mollie Elliott, I'm glad you're here. Tell me what your avatar is. It looks like a pre-Columbian jade or something.

    Elliott Good morning, Mollie. It's nice to see you! The object is an antique Chinese jade talisman which I own. It is pierced f or wearing, but I'm not sure where originally - perhaps around the waist.

    Mollie Well sink me, Chinese jade was my first guess. Could it be the Chinese equivalent of a netsuke? I love the coloration but it's hard to see the detail.

    guest http://mollysbox.wordpress. com/blog/

    guest check it out

    Owlbominable Snowman (a.k.a. JH) Melissa - Photos of all 4 outside, last night. Not great images, but about the only chance we had with all 4 in the same frame. Two were on the platform f or quite some time, each eating their own meals. The two on the perch seemed little interested in what they had, glancing back only once in a while. URLs of the images below, for those reading the PDFs later:

    Colleen Good ones. I hope Melissa is still here!

    Frances Gaffney Good morning all from NYC. Off to NJ for the weekend but taking the owlets with me

    JM I cannot recall how to enlarge the blue box. Will someone please tell me? Thank you so much.

    Karen Terrell Ballard press crt l and the + at the same decrease it i press crtle and the - sign to

    Owlbominable Snowman (a.k.a. JH)

    ... and Ct rl-0 [control-zero] to return to normal.

    guest me tooo i dont know

    TByrd Morning MODs f rom Florida. Beautiful day but I wish we could be there to enjoy the picnic. You all have a safe and good holiday weekend.

    guest what does mods mean

    lordgar84 moderators

    LeeAnne All caps means people with Molly Obsessive Disorder


    did you guys see the pants on the ground veido

    guest isnt it f unny

    guest there pants are acully on the ground

    Jessica Wesley sure has a tummy of fuzz! Loved the OB2 last night. Gotta get some things done so I can ck in on the picnic later.

    I got 3 hounds that need some morning exercise

    guest whick OB2

    guest which

    guest wow u got a hobby

    Caroline in Alabama Good morning, "MOD" friends. From the looks of the blue box, all of our babies and their parents had a busy night. Anything unusual happen?


    Nope, just flying, killing and eating.

    Caroline in Alabama Thanks, Carla. Have a great day. See y'owl later tonight .

    Frances Gaffney What a life

    sumaclain Flying, killing, eating...they sure make us proud...!

    Dawn R

    Have to go now, have a good day all.

    guest do you guys want to have a comptision merret,dave the buzur man,karen, and barb

    17142 votes

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    5/29/2010 Live Owl Nest Box Cam… 1/7

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