Live blogging lecture for Reporting Words, UT-Austin

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Transcript of Live blogging lecture for Reporting Words, UT-Austin

  • 1. Live Blogging 11 a.m.: Learned about live blogging

2. Why live blog? People cant watch video at work People cant watch TV at work People cant listen to the radio at work People CAN peak at a news site at work However, people cant wait for you to write a long story Functions like live television coverage 3. Short bursts 4. Longer form 5. What to do Time stamp your elements as you go Leave older material on the blog the way it was written Start new entries when necessary If you make an error, correct it and be transparent Use proper grammar,AP style, clear writing Add photos/graphics/videos to entries where they help 6. Multimedia Quick-hit photos (Instagram) Quick-hit videos (Vine,YouTube) Infographics prepared ahead of time Audio captured on the fly Turn everything around quickly or have an editor 7. Our assignment It is Sunday,April 7, beginning at 8 a.m. (get there earlier) Starts at the Statesman, ends Auditorium Shores Go to for information Each lab will be a reporting team, all updating to a lab Tumblr You will each spend a minimum of five hours in the field We will use multimedia (photos, video, social, etc.) 8. Our assignment Plan your coverage carefully with your team members Make sure you have access to class Tumblr beforehand Create a Hello World entry explaining the plan Use time stamps, create new entries for new topics One person should be an editor. Add bylines. Shoot a lot of photos and video Example 9. What types of things can we cover? 10. What types of things can we cover?