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ESKA GAMES ( Update : 28 Juni 2011 JUDUL GAME 007 Quantum Of Solace : The Game 007 Blood Stone 18 Wheels of Steels Extreme Trucker 2 7 Sins Achtung Panzer Kharkov 1943 Act of War Act of War : High Treason (expansion) Age Of Empire 2 Age Of Empire 3 Age Of Empire 3 : The War Chiefs (EXP) Age Of Empire 3 : The Asian dynasties (EXP) Age of Mythology (+ The Titans) Age of Pirates 2 : City of Abandoned Ships Air Conflict Secret Wars Alexander The Great Alice in Wonderland Alice Madness Returns Alien Breed Impact Alien Breed 2 : Assault Alien Breed 3 : Descent Alien Shooter Vengeance Alien vs Predator Alone in the Dark 5 Alternativa Alpha Protocol Amnesia : The Dark Descent Anno 1404 : Dawn of Discovery Anno 1404 : Dawn of Discovery Venice (add on) Apache : Air Assault Arcania Gothic 4 Armada 2526 SuperNova Armed Assault 2 Armed Assault 2 : Operation Arrowhead Armed Assault 2 : Reinforcements Assassins Creed Assassins Creed 2 Assassins Creed Brotherhood Atlantica Online Back to the Future The Game Eps.1 it`s About Time Back to the Future The Game Eps.2 Get Tannen

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Update : 28 Juni 2011JUDUL GAME DVD

007 Quantum Of Solace : The Game SL007 Blood Stone DL18 Wheels of Steels Extreme Trucker 2 CD7 Sins CDAchtung Panzer Kharkov 1943 SLAct of War 2xSLAct of War : High Treason (expansion) SLAge Of Empire 2 SLAge Of Empire 3 SLAge Of Empire 3 : The War Chiefs (EXP) SLAge Of Empire 3 : The Asian dynasties (EXP) SLAge of Mythology (+ The Titans) SLAge of Pirates 2 : City of Abandoned Ships SLAir Conflict Secret Wars SLAlexander The Great SLAlice in Wonderland DLAlice Madness Returns DLAlien Breed Impact SLAlien Breed 2 : Assault SLAlien Breed 3 : Descent SLAlien Shooter Vengeance SLAlien vs Predator 2xDLAlone in the Dark 5 SLAlternativa SLAlpha Protocol 1xDL + 1xSLAmnesia : The Dark Descent SLAnno 1404 : Dawn of Discovery SLAnno 1404 : Dawn of Discovery Venice (add on) SLApache : Air Assault SLArcania Gothic 4 DLArmada 2526 SuperNova SLArmed Assault 2 DLArmed Assault 2 : Operation Arrowhead 2xSLArmed Assault 2 : Reinforcements DLAssassins Creed DLAssassins Creed 2 2xSLAssassins Creed Brotherhood DLAtlantica Online SLBack to the Future The Game Eps.1 it`s About Time CDBack to the Future The Game Eps.2 Get Tannen CD

Author: Age of Kings & Conquere
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Baseball Mogul 2010 CDBatman Arkham Assylum DLBattle Armor Division CDBattlefield 1942 SLBattlefield 2142 SLBattlefield Bad Company 2 DLBattleforge SLBattlestations Pacific DLBattle Los Angeles SLBattle VS Chess SLBeowulf The Game 2xSLBeyond God and Evil SLBionic Commando DLBioshock DLBioshock 2 DLBlacklight Tango Down (online) SLBlacksite Area 51 3xSLBlack Mirror 2 SLBlack Mirror 3 SLBlazblue Continuum Shift SLBlazblue Calamity Trigger DLBlazing Angels 2 SLBloodrayne 2 SLBlood Bowl SLBlood Bowl : Legendary Edition SLBlue Toad Murder Files : The Mysteries of Little Riddle SLBlur DLBorderlands DLBorderlands : The Zombie Island Of Dr. Ned (Add-On) SLBorderlands : Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot (Add-on) SLBorderland : The Secret Armory Of General Knoxx (Add-On) SLBorderlands Claptraps New Robot Revolution (Add-On) SLBreaking the Rules : The Roman Tournament SLBridge The Construction Game SLBrink DLBroken Sword 2 The Smoking Mirror-Remastered SLBrothers In Arms : Road to Hill 30 SLBrothers In Arms : Earned in Blood SLBrothers In Arms : Hell's Highway DLBulletstorm DLBully : Scolarship Edition SLBurnout Paradise SLCaesar IV SLCall of Duty : United Offensive SLCall of Duty 2 SL

Author: butuh koneksi internet untuk memainkannya
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Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare DLCall of Duty 5 : World at War DLCall of Duty 6 : Modern Warfare 2 1xDL + 1xSLCall of Duty 7 : Black Ops DLCall of Juarez SLCall of Juarez 2 : Bound in Blood SLCapoera Fighter 3 CDCapsized CDCargo : Quest of Gravity SLChernobyl Terrorist attack SLCities in Motion CDCities XL SLCities XL 2011 SLClive Barkers Jericho SLCodename Panzers : Cold War SLCold Fear SLCommandos 3 Destination Berlin SLCommand & Conquer : The First Decade DLCommand & Conquer 4 : Tiberian Twilight 2xSLCompany of Herroes SLCompany of Herroes : Tales of Valor DLCompany of Herroes : Opposing Fronts DLConspiracies II Lethal Networks 1xDL + 1xSLContrack Jack SLCounter Strike 1.8 SLCrash Time 4 : The Syndicate SLCrazy Kart CDCrazy Machines Elements CDCreate SLCryostasis Sleep of Reason SLCrysis DLCrysis : Warhead DLCrysis 2 DLCSI : Fatal Conspiracy SLCSI : New York CDCustomplay Golf 2010 SLDamnation SLDark Sector DLDarkest of Days DLDarksiders 2xDLDead Rising 2 DLDark Void DLDead Meets Lead CDDead Space SLDead Space 2 2xDL

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Death Spank SLDeath Spank : Thongs of Virtue SLDefense Grid The Awakening CDDelta Force Xtreme 2 SLDemigod SLDesperados 2 SLDevil May Cry 3 SLDevil May Cry 4 DLDexter The Game CDDirt 2 DLDirt 3 DLDivinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga DLDragon Age Origins DLDragon Age Origins : Awakening (add on) SLDragon Age 2 DLDrains CDDrakensang : The Dark Eye SLDrakensang : The River of Time SLDrakensang : Phileassons Secret SLDreamcast Collection SLDoom 3 + Doom 3 Ressurection of Evil (expansion) SLDuke Nukem Forever DLDungeons SLDungeons and Dragons Daggerdale SLDungeon Siege 3Duty Calls Noobs Beware SLDynasty Warrior 6 SLEdna and Harvey The Breakout SLElder Scroll IV : Oblivion SLElements of War SLEmergency 2012 DLEmpire Earth CDEmpire Earth 3 DLEnemy Territory Quake Wars 2xSLEuropa Universalis III CDEuropa Universalis III Chronicles CDF-1 2010 DLFable : The Lost Chapter SLFable III DLFaery Legends of Avalon SLFallout 3 DLFallout New Vegas DLFallout New Vegas : Honest Hearts (EXP) SLFarming Simulator 2011 CDFar Cry 2 SL

Author: Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, SEGA Bass Fishing, and Space Channel 5: Part 2.
Page 5: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Fatal Frame 3 The Tormented SLFEAR 2 : Reborn SLFEAR 2 : Project Origins 1xDL + 1xSLF.E.A.R 3 SLFIFA 2010 DLFIFA 2011 DLFIFA Manager 10 DLFIFA Manager 11 DLFinal Fantasy 8 SLFootball Manager 2010 SLFootball Manager 2011 SLFlat Out Ultimate Carnage SLFloorball League SLFrontlines : Fuel of war 1xDL + 1xSLFront Mission Evolved DLGame of Life (XP) CDGarshasp SLGarshasp: The Monster Slayer SLGears of War DLGene Troopers SLGhostbuster The Game DLGhostbusters: Sanctum of Slime CDGrand Theft Auto III SLGrand Theft Auto : Vice City SLGrand Theft Auto : San Andreas SLGrand Theft Auto 4 2xDLGrand Theft Auto 4 : Episode From Liberty City 2xSLGray Matter DLGuadian of Graxia CDGuitar Hero 3 Legend of Rock SLGuitar Hero Aerosmith DLGuitar Hero World tour DLHalf Life Collection DLHALO 2 SLHarry Potter and the Half Blood Prince SLHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part.1 DLHamilton's Great Adventure SLHank Haney World Golf SLHearts of Iron 3 SLHeaven SLHellgate London 2XSLHomefront SLHotel Giant 2 SLHoyle Card Games 2011 CDHydrophobia : Prophecy SL

Author: semua episode Half Life dari Half Life 1 sampai 2
Page 6: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

IL 2 Sturmovic Cliffs of Dover DLInfernal SLIronman SLJade Empire Special Edition DLJames Cameron's Avatar - The Game SLJohn Daly's ProStroke Golf SLJolly Rover Special Edition SLJust Cause 2 SLKane & Lynch : Dean Men SLKane & Lynch 2 : Dog Days DLKing's Bounty - Armored Princess SLKing's Bounty - Crossworld SLKungfu Panda SLLara Croft and the Guardian of Light SLLast Half of Darkness : Society of the Serpent Moon SLLeft 4 Dead SLLeft 4 Dead 2 SLLeft 4 Dead 2 : The Passing (Add On) SLLegend : Hand of God SLLegendary SLLEGO Pirates of the Caribbean DLLEGO StarWars The Complete Saga SLLEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars DLLeisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust SLLionheart: Kings' Crusade SLLost Planet : Extreme Condition DLLost Planet 2 3xSLLOST via domus : the game SLM.I.A Mission In Asia SLMachinarum CDMafia 2 2xSLMafia 2 : Joe`s Adventures (Add On) SLMagic The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 SLMagicka SLMajesty 2 : Battles of Ardania (add on) SLMajesty 2 : Monster Kingdom SLMajor League Baseball 2K10 DLMajor League Baseball 2K11 DLMan Hunt 2 SLMark Leung Revenge of the Bitch SLMass Effect DLMass Effect 2 2xDLMedal of Honor: Airborne 2xSLMedal of Honor DLMedieval 2 : Total War 2xSL

Page 7: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Men of War Assault Squad SLMercenarries 2 : World in Flame DLMetal Slug Collection SLMetro 2033 DLMicrosoft Flight Simulator X 2xSLMini Ninjas DLMirror`s Edge DLMoorhuhn CDMonday Night Combat SLMonkey Island 2 : LeChucks Revenge Special Edition SLMonopoly tycoon CDMotoGP 08 SLMX vs ATV Reflex DLMount & Blade SLMount & Blade: With Fire & Sword SLNail`d SLNancy Drew : Shadow at the Waters edge SLNaruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen SPECIAL SLNaruto Shippuden Dragon Blade Chronicles SLNaruto Ultimate Ninja SLNapoleon : Total War 3xSLNBA 2K9 DLNBA 2K11 DLNecrovision 2xSLNeed 4 Speed : Carbon SLNeed 4 Speed : Hot Pursuit DLNeed 4 Speed : Most Wanted SLNeed 4 Speed : Pro Street DLNeed 4 Speed : Shift DLNeed for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed DLNeed 4 Speed : Undercover SLNeed 4 Speed : Underground SLNeed 4 Speed : Underground 2 SLNeverwinter Nights 2 DLNeighbors From Hells 1 & 2 CDNinja Blade SLOddworld : The Oddboxx DLOMSI The Bus Simulator SLOperation FlashPoint : Dragon Rising DLOperation Flashpoint : Red River DLOverlord 2 DLPainkiller Redemption SLPatrician IV SLPatrician IV Rise of a Dynasty SLPoint Blank SL

Page 8: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Pool Hall Pro SLPortal 2 DLPost Apocalyptic Mayhem CDPound of Ground SLPrecursors DLPride of Nation SLPrince of Persia (2008) DLPrince of Persia : The Sands of Time SLPrince of Persia : The Two Thrones SLPrince of Persia : The Forgoten Sands 2xSLPrince of Persia : Warrior within SLPrison Break - The Conspiracy SLPro Evolution Soccer 2009 DLPro Evolution Soccer 2010 (patch 4.1) DLPro Evolution Soccer 2011 (patch 1.1) DLPuzzle Quest 2 CDPrototype DLR.U.S.E DLRace Driver : Grid DLRailworks 2 SLRed Alert 3 : Uprising DLRed Faction Armageddon DLRed Faction Guerilla DLReign Conflict of Nations CDResident Evil 4 SLResident Evil 5 DLRF Online : The Golden Mystery SLRise of Prusia SLRise of The Argonauts SLRisen SLRisk Faction SLRoller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum CDRulers of Nations : Geo-Political Simulator 2 SLSaints Row 2 DLSanctum SLSAW The Video Game SLSection 8 SLSection 8 prejudice DLSerious Sam HD The Second Encounter SLShank SLShogun 2 Total War 2xDLShadow Harvest Phantom Ops SLShatterd Origins Guardian of Unity CDShrek Forever After DLSid Meier`s Civilization V SL

Page 9: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Silen Hill 3 SLSilent Hill 4 : The Room SLSilent Hill Homecoming SLSilent Hunter 5 - Battle of the Atlantic SLSimsCity 4 SLSingularity DLSins of a Solar Empire SLSins of a Solar Empire : Trinity SLSniper : Ghost Warrior SLSoldier of Fortune 2 : Double Helix SLSoldier Of Fortune 3 : Payback SLSoldner CDSonic & Sega All Star Racing SLSpellforce 2 Shadow Wars SLSpiderman : Shattered Dimensions DLSpiderman : Web of Shadows DLSplit/Second Velocity DLSpore SLSpore : Galactic Adventure (expansion) SLSpore : Creepy and Cute parts pack SLS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky SLS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat SLSTCC 2 The Game SLStar Raiders SLStarcraft 2 : Wings of Liberty DLStarpoint Gemini SLStar Sentinel Tactics SLStar Wars Battlefront 2 SLStar Wars : The Force Unleashed 2 DLSteam Slug SLSteel Storm Burning Retribution CDStoked Big Air Edition SLStorm Frontline Nation SLStormrise SLStranglehold 3xSLStreet Fighter 4 DLSuperstars V8 Next Challenge 2010 SLSuper Meat Boy CDSupreme Commander 2 DLTales of Monkey Island : Collector Edition SLTangled The Video Game SLTerminator Salvation SLTerrorist Takedown 3 SLTesla The Weather Man CDTest Drive unlimited SL

Author: windows 7 enggak support
Author: butuh koneksi internet untuk nginstall
Page 10: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Test Drive unlimited 2 DLThe Ball SLThe First Templar SLThe Chronicles of Riddick : Assault on Dark Athena DLThe Godfather 2 DLThe Guild 2 : Renaissance SLThe House of The Dead 3 CDThe Matrix : Path of Neo SLThe Next Big Thing SLThe Last Remnant 3xSLThe Lord Of The Ring : Conquest SLThe Lord Of The Ring : The Return of the King SLTLOTR : The Battle for Middle-Earth SLTLOTR : The Battle for Middle-Earth 2 SLTLOTR : The Battle for Middle-Earth 2 : The Rise of the Witch-King (exp) SLThe Punisher SLThe Saboteur DLThe Secret of Monkeys Island : Special Edition SLThe Sims 2 Double Deluxe SLThe Sims 3 DLThe Sims 3 : High End Loft Stuff (Add On) SLThe Sims 3 : Outdoor Living Stuff (Add on) DLThe Sims 3 : Fast Lane Stuff (Add on) SLThe Sims 3 : World Adventure (EXP) DLThe Sims 3 : Ambitions (EXP) DLThe Sims 3 : Late Night (EXP) DLThe Sims 3 : Generations DLThe Sims Medieval DLThe Sims Collection SLThe Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom 2xSLThe Scourge Project I & II DLThe Void SLThe Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings 2xDLTheatre of War 2 : Battle for Caen SLTheatre of War 2 : Centauro SLThey're Alive SLTiger Woods PGA Tour 08 SLTom Clancy`s : Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter SLTom Clancy`s : Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 SLTom Clancy's : End War DLTom Clancy's : H.A.W.X DLTom Clancy's : Rainbow Six Vegas 2 DLTom Clancy's : Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield SLTom Clancy's : Splinter Cell Double Agent 2xSLTom Clancy's : Splinter Cell Conviction DL

Author: Livin` Large House Party Hot Date Unleashed Vacation Superstar Makin Magic Simcity 4 (+ Simcity 4 Rush Hour)
Page 11: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Tomb Raider Legend SLTomb Raider Underworld DLTomba 2 : The Evil Swine Returns CDToy Story 3 The Game SLTrain Simulator 12 DLTransformers SLTransformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen DLTransformers : War for Cybertron DLTrainz Simulator 2009 SLTrapped Dead CDTron Evolution DLTropico 3 SLTropico 3 : Absolute Power (add on) SLTurok 1xDL + 1xSLTwo Worlds 2 DLUniverse at War Earth Assault SLUnreal Tournament 3 DLVelvet Assassins DLVenetica DLVictoria 2 SLVirtua Tennis 4 SLVirtual Tennis 2009 SLWanted : Weapons of Fate SLWarbirds Red Baron SLWarcraft 3 Reign of Chaos + Frozen Throne SLWarfare Reloaded SLWarhammer 40000 : Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising DLWarhammer 40000 Dawn of War 2 Retribution SLWatchmen : The End is Nigh part2 SLWheelman DLWill Rock CDWings of Prey DLWinter Sports 2011 SLWolfenstein DLWolfschanze 2 SLWoodcutter Simulator SLWorld in Conflict SLWorld in Conflict : Soviet Assault (EXP) SLWorld of Subway vol.3 London Underground SLWorld SBK 2009 SLWorld SBK 2010 SLWorld SBK 2011 SLWorldshift SLWorms 4 Mayhem SLWorms Reloaded CD

Author: cd key nya kudu beli atau nyari sendiri ya
Page 12: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

WRC FIA World Rally Championship 2010 SLX-Blades SLXIII Century Gold Edition SLX-men Origins Wolverine DLXenus 2 : White Gold SLXyanide Ressurection SLYar's Revenge SLYou Dont Know Jack SLZeit Squared CDZeno Clash SLZombie Driver CD

Page 13: LIST GAME (Eska Game)


GENRE TAHUN RILISFPS/Action 2009FPS/Action 2010

Car Simulation 2010Life Simulation ~

RTS 2010RTS 2005RTS 2006RTS 1999RTS 2005RTS 2006RTS 2006RTS ~

Action/Adventure ~Flight Simulation 2011

RTS 2011Action 2010

Adventure 2011Action 2010

Action/Horror 2010Action/Horror 2010Action/Horror 2008

FPS/Action 2010Horror 2008

Adventure 2010Action/RPG 2010

Horror 2010RTS 2009RTS 2009

Air War 2010Action/Adventure 2010Action Adventure 2011

First Person Shooter 2009First Person Shooter 2010First Person Shooter 2011

Action 2007Action 2010Action 2011

Strategy/RPG/Online 2010Adventure 2010Adventure 2011

Page 14: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Strategy/Sport 2010Action 2009

Action/Strategy 2011First Person Shooter 2003First Person Shooter 2006First Person Shooter 2010

RTS/Online 2009Flight Simulation 2009

First Person Shooter 2011Strategy 2011Action 2007

Action/Adventure 2004Action 2009

First Person Shooter/Horror 2008First Person Shooter/Horror 2010

First Person Shooter 2010First Person Shooter 2007

Adventure 2010Adventure 2011

Fighting 2010Fighting 2010

Flight Simulation 2009Action 2005

Strategy 2009Strategy 2010

Action/Puzzle 2010Racing 2010

First Person Shooter/RPG 2009First Person Shooter/RPG 2009First Person Shooter/RPG 2009First Person Shooter/RPG 2010First Person Shooter/RPG 2010

Action 2011Simulation 2011

First Person Shooter 2011Adventure 2011

First Person Shooter 2005First Person Shooter 2005First Person Shooter 2008First Person Shooter 2011

Action 2008Racing 2009

Strategy ~First Person Shooter 2003First Person Shooter 2004

Page 15: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

First Person Shooter 2007First Person Shooter 2008First Person Shooter 2009First Person Shooter 2010First Person Shooter 2007First Person Shooter 2008

Fighting ~Adventure 2011Simulation 2011

First Person Shooter 2011Simulation 2011Simulation 2009Simulation 2010

Action/Horror 2006Action 2009

Action/Horror 2005Strategy 2006

RTS 2007RTS 2010RTS 2006RTS 2008RTS 2008

Adventure 2011First Person Shooter 2002First Person Shooter 2007

Racing 2010Racing/Online 2009Arcade/Action 2011

Arcade 2010Horror 2007

First Person Shooter 2007First Person Shooter 2008First Person Shooter 2011

Action/Puzzle 2010Action/Puzzle ~

Sport 2010Action 2009Action 2009

First Person Shooter 2009Action 2010

Action/Horror 2010Action 2010

Action/Adventure 2011Action/Horror 2008Action/Horror 2011

Page 16: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

RPG/Action 2010RPG/Action 2010

Arcade 2010First Person Shooter 2009

RTS 2009Action 2006Action 2005Action 2007Action 2011Racing 2009Racing 2011

RPG 2010RPG 2009RPG 2010RPG 2011

Adventure 2011RPG 2009RPG 2010RPG 2011

Compilation 2011First Person Shooter/Horror 2004

First Person Shooter 2011RPG 2011RPG 2011RPG 2011

First Person Shooter 2011Action 2009Puzzle 2011Action 2006

RTS 2011Action 2010

RTS 2002RTS 2007

First Person Shooter 2007Strategy 2007Strategy 2011Racing 2010

Adventure/RPG 2007Adventure/RPG 2011

Adventure 2011First Person Shooter/RPG 2008First Person Shooter/RPG 2010First Person Shooter/RPG 2011

Simulation 2010First Person Shooter 2008

Page 17: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Horror ~First Person Shooter/Horror 2007First Person Shooter/Horror 2008First Person Shooter/Horror 2011

Sport 2009Sport 2010

Sport/ Strategy 2009Sport/ Strategy 2010

RPG 1998Sport/ Strategy 2009Sport/ Strategy 2010Racing/Action 2008

Sport 2011First Person Shooter 2008

First Person Shooter/action 2010Fun Simulation ~

Action/Adventure 2011Action/Adventure 2011

Action 2007Action 2006Action 2009Action 2011Action 2001Action 2003Action 2005Action 2008Action 2010

Adventure 2010Strategy 2010

Music 2007Music 2008Music 2009

Action/First person Shooter 2007First Person Shooter 2006

Action 2009Action 2010

Adventure 2011Sport 2011

Strategy 2009Action 2010

Action/First person Shooter 2006Action 2011

Simulation 2008Card Game 2010

Action/Horror 2011

Page 18: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Flight Simulation 2011Action 2007Action 2008

Fighting 2008Action 2010Sport 2010

Adventure 2011Action 2010Action 2007

Action/Third Person Shooter 2010RPG 2010RTS 2010

Fun Action 2008Action/Adventure 2010Action/Adventure 2011

First Person Shooter/Horror 2008First Person Shooter/Horror 2009First Person Shooter/Horror 2010

Adventure 2008First Person Shooter 2008

Fun Action 2011Fun Action 2009Fun Action 2011Fun Action 2009

RTS 2010Action 2007Action 2010Action 2008

First Person Shooter 2011Puzzle 2010Action 2010Action 2010

Strategy/Card Battle 2011RPG 2011

Strategy 2010Strategy 2010

Sport 2010Sport 2011Action 2009

RPG 2011Action/RPG 2007Action/RPG 2010

First Person Shooter 2007First Person Shooter 2010

RTS 2008

Page 19: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

RTS 2011Action 2008Action 2010

First Person Shooter/Horror 2010Simulation 2006Fun Action 2009

Action 2008Arcade 2010Action 2011Puzzle 2010

Fun Simulation 2001Racing 2008Racing 2010

RPG 2010RPG 2011

Racing 2010Horror 2010

Fighting 2010Fighting 2011

Fighting/kompilasi/Mini Game ~RTS 2010

Sport 2008Sport 2010

First Person Shooter/Horror 2009Racing 2006Racing 2010Racing 2005Racing 2007Racing 2009Racing 2011Racing 2008Racing 2003Racing 2004

RPG 2006Arcade 2004Action 2009

Adventure 2010Simulation 2011

First Person Shooter 2009First Person Shooter 2011

Action 2009FPS 2011RTS 2010RTS 2011

FPS/Online 2009

Page 20: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Sport/Pool 2009Action 2011

Car Action 2011Action 2010

Action/First person Shooter 2010Strategy 2011Action 2008Action 2003Action 2005Action 2010Action 2004Action 2009Sport 2008Sport 2009Sport 2010Puzzle 2010Action 2009

RTS 2010Racing 2008

Simulation 2010RTS 2009

Action/Third Person Shooter 2011Action/Third Person Shooter 2009

RTS ~Action/Horror 2004Action/Horror 2009

RPG/Online 2010RTS 2010

Adventure 2008RPG 2009

Action 2011Simulation 2004Simulation 2010

Action 2008Action/Strategy 2011

Action 2009Action/First person Shooter 2009Action/First person Shooter 2011Action/First person Shooter 2009

Action/Fighting 2010RTS 2011

Third Person Shooter 2011Flight War 2011Adventure 2010

RTS 2010

Page 21: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Horror 2003Horror 2004Horror 2008

Simulation 2010Simulation 2003

Action/Horror 2010Strategy 2010Strategy 2010

FPS 2010First Person Shooter 2003First Person Shooter 2007

Action 2003Racing 2009

RPG 2006Action 2010Action 2008Racing 2010

RPG 2008RPG 2009RPG 2009

First Person Shooter 2009First Person Shooter 2010

Racing 2011Arcade 2011

RTS 2010RTS 2010

Strategy 2010Action 2005Action 2010

Third Person Shooter 2011Arcade 2011Sport 2011RTS 2011

Action 2009Action 2007

Fighting 2009Racing 2010Arcade 2010

RTS 2010Puzzle 2009

Adventure 2010Action 2009

First Person Shooter 2009Action 2011Racing 2008

Page 22: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Racing 2011Action 2010

Action/Adventure 2011First Person Shooter/Action 2009

Action 2009Strategy 2010Horror 2003Action 2005

Adventure 2011RPG 2009

Action 2008Action/Adventure 2006

Strategy 2004Strategy 2006Strategy 2006Action 2005Action 2009Puzzle 2009

Simulation 2008Simulation 2009Simulation 2010Simulation 2010Simulation 2010Simulation 2010Simulation 2010Simulation 2010Simulation 2011Simulation 2011Simulation ~

RTS 2010FPS/Action 2010Adventure 2009Action/RPG 2011

RTS 2010RTS 2011

Action 2011Sport 2008

First Person Shooter 2006First Person Shooter 2007

RTS 2009Flight Simulation 2009

First Person Shooter 2008First Person Shooter 2003

Action/Adventure 2006Action/Adventure 2010

Page 23: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Action/Adventure 2006Action 2009

Adventure 1998Adventure 2010Simulation 2011

Action 2007Action 2009Action 2010

Simulation 2009Horror 2011Action 2010

RTS 2009RTS 2010

First Person Shooter 2007RPG 2010

Strategy 2007First Person Shooter 2007

Action 2008RPG/Action 2010

Strategy 2010Sport 2011Sport 2009Action 2008

Flight Simulation 2010RTS 2002RTS 2011RTS 2010RTS 2011

Action 2008Action 2008

First Person Shooter 2003Flight Simulation 2009

Sport 2010First Person Shooter 2009First Person Shooter 2010

Simulation 2011RTS 2007RTS 2009

Simulation 2011Racing 2003Racing 2010Racing 2011

Strategy 2008Strategy 2005Strategy 2010

Page 24: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

Racing 2010Action 2010

RTS 2008Action 2009Action 2010Action 2010Arcade 2011Puzzle 2011

Action/Simulation 2011Action ~

Action/Horror 2009

Page 25: LIST GAME (Eska Game)



Keterangan : SL berarti DVD Single Layer, kapasitas 4,7gb

DL berarti DVD Dual Layer, kapasitas 8,5gb

LATEST UPDATEHomefrontShogun 2 Total WarThe Sims MedievalGhostbusters: Sanctum of SlimeLEGO Star Wars III The Clone WarsCrysis 2Steam SlugThey're AliveAlexander The GreatCrazy Machines ElementsStoked Big Air EditionM.I.A Mission In AsiaWarfare ReloadedChernobyl Terrorist attackNeed for Speed Shift 2 UnleashedNaruto Shippuden Dragon Blade ChroniclesIL 2 Sturmovic Cliffs of DoverShadow Harvest Phantom OpsBridge The Construction GameDuty Calls Noobs BewareShatterd Origins Guardian of UnityRisk FactionBlack Mirror 3Armada 2526 SuperNovaBroken Sword 2 The Smoking Mirror-RemasteredARMA II ReinforcementsOMSI The Bus Simulator Elements of War SanctumMark Leung Revenge of the BitchWoodcutter SimulatorTrain Simulator 12Portal 2Operation Flashpoint Red RiverYar's Revenge

Page 26: LIST GAME (Eska Game)

The Next Big ThingTesla The Weather ManSTCC 2 The GameWorld SBK 2011Cargo : Quest of GravityCapsizedSection 8 prejudiceThe First TemplarDead Meets LeadDrainsMount & Blade: With Fire & SwordEuropa Universalis 3 ChroniclesGarshasp: The Monster SlayerHydrophobia : ProphecyBrinkFaery Legends of AvalonStar RaidersSteel Storm Burning RetributionWildlife Park 3Battle VS ChessLEGO Pirates of the CaribbeanThe Witcher 2 Assassins of KingsDrakensang Phileassons SecretFallout New Vegas Honest HeartsFable IIIDirt 3The Sims 3 : GenerationsDungeons and Dragons DaggerdaleHamilton's Great AdventurePride of NationRed Faction ArmageddonDuke Nukem ForeverDungeon Siege 3Storm Frontline NationBreaking the Rules : The Roman Tournament

Alice Madness ReturnsWorld of Subway vol.3 London UndergroundAir Conflict Secret WarsMagic The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012Conspiracies II Lethal NetworksF.E.A.R 3Last Half of Darkness : Society of the Serpent MoonVirtua Tennis 4

Battle Armor Division

Page 27: LIST GAME (Eska Game)
Page 28: LIST GAME (Eska Game)


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