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Uni-Tech company presents complex lines for liquids and beverages filling and group packaging equipment

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  • complete beverages and liquid filling and packaging equipment lines

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    industrial water treatment systems

    air compressing equipment

    pet blow-moulding equipment

    processing equipment

    filling technologies

    Water and tranquil liquids

    milk and dairy products

    edible and industrial oils

    beverages hot filling

    chemicals filling

    labelling equipment

    closing and sealing

    group packaging

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  • Industrial water treatment systems

    euroWater produces reliable water treatment plants with a very long life and minimum need of maintenance. the basis is great theroretical and practical knowledge about water treat-ment and tested and acknowledged technologies and compo-nents. besides consultancy and sales, we offer designing, instal-lation, start-up, and service.

    our many years experience, batch production, and a modular-built standard system guarantee reliable plants, short delivery time, and competitive prices.

    many waterworks, households, and companies have problems with a number of natural salts and organic substances, particles, and gasses which can be found in the ground water. in order to start the necessary precipitation processes, the water needs to be oxidized and aerated with atmospheric air. an integrated oxydation and spraying system ensures optimum oxydation at the right time in the filtration process.

    Water softening plant

  • Pressure filter plants

    Reverse osmosis

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    oxydation and filtration through pressure filter plants are used for reduction of iron, manganese, ammonium, arsenic, and aggressivity in the ground and surface water. pressure filter plants are also used for filtration of mechanical impurities.

    total demineralization by means of membrane technology. the name reverse osmosis is oftened shortened to ro. reverse osmosis plants are used to make demineralized water without the use of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide.

    standard products

    our complete product program is based on basic and tested technologies within filtration, ion exchange, and membrane filtration and is based on a modular-built standard system which consider most needs.

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  • Softening plants

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    reduction of the water hardness by means of ion exchange. soft-ening plants exchange the cal-cium salts and manganese salts in the water into sodium salts.


    a water treatment solution consists of several treatment steps, e.g. filtration, softening, and demineralization - all controlled from a central control cabinet. these units must be put together on site.

    if the end-user or the contractor is uncertain if the installation can be carried out locally within the determined economic and temporal scopes, it can be an advantage to order a water treatment plant (container or frame-mounted) which is ready for use when supplied.

    the solution is complete with all internal piping and wiring factory-built. the whole plant has been performance and pressure tested in our factory. this safety can be achieved with a euroWater frame-mounted plant or a container-installed plant.

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  • Air compressing units for pet blow-moulding


    air compressor, booster and compressed air reciever

    a large amount of compressed air is requierd for pet production.

    boosters are made for additional compressing of air coming from a screw compressor from 0,7 mpa to maximum pressure 2,5-4,0 mpa. these machines are efficient and economical in operation as only required amount of air is being compressed at maximum pressure.

    adp series boosters are low speed, single stage, v-type two-cylinder com-pressors, mounted on depreciated frames by default. the main advantage of these machines is thought-out design and maintenance-free operation.

    boosters are completely automated including oil and lubrication lack detec-tion system. control is made by a pressure regulator, lu-brication by oil pump. thrust is transferred through a belt transmission.

    all machines have 1 year war-ranty.

    / Technical Data / Standard machine

    IP = / Injection pressure (MPa)

    OR = / Output rate (m3/h)

    D = / Overall dimensions (mm)

    M = / Weight (kg)

    EP = / Engine power (kW)


    ADP 360 1,00,8




















    2,5ADP 720

    ADP 720/4

    OP = / Output pressure (MPa)

  • standard (0,25-6 )

    extra large (3-20 )

    standard series (0.25-6 l)

    extra large series (3-20 l)

    3600 13000 /

    2500 5000 /

    output from 3600 to 13000 bph

    from 2500 to 5000 bph

    Wide mouth (1,5-12 ) 1000 5600 /

    Wide mouth series (1.5-12 l)from 1000 to 5600 bph

  • Heat set (0,25-1,5 )


    PET blow-moulding machines

    1000 1200 /

    Heat set series (0.25-1.5 l)

    specials series

    output from 1000 to 1200 bph

    for special bottle shapes production

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  • Processing solutions for beverage production

    sugar dissolving systems

    concentrates preparing devices

    sugar is of course the second most important component after water, for many products such as soft drinks and juices: in our processes, the preparation of a concentrated sugar solution from granulated sugar can be either done batch-wise in a tank or in a compact continious system.

    both continious and batch sugar dissolving processes can be combined with pasteurisation of the sugar solution and when needed, other treatments, such as deaeration and filtration, can be integrated in the process.

    carbonated soft drinks as well as many still beverages are formulated with a number of ingredients that are present at very low concentrations in the final product.

    these minor ingredients are commonly pre-mixed into a solution that is then blended with sugar and water into the final syrup.

    the dry and liquid components, including flavours, fruit juice concentrates, vitamin compounds, preservatives and minerals are dissolved and mixed with water into a tank provided with sanitary stirrer, designed to quickly create a homogenous liquid of even the most difficult ingredients

  • syrup storage equipments

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    guaranteeing a continious and reliable production process is a primary need for any beverage producer: the installation of liquid sugar storage equipments grants an easier production process handling.

    our sugar syrup buffering solutions are manufactured with the strictest hygiene criteria to meet the needs of the beverage industry: their design and layout is optimised to ensure secure filling and storage, reliable discharge and easy access for maintanance operations; the technology we use is based on components of tried and tested quality and the design of the units is individual and plant-specific.

  • pasteurising equipment

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    product microbiological stability is a crucial aspect in todays beverage processing industry: in our pasteurising equipments we heat and cool the liquid to exactly right temperature at the exactly right time, with the least possible effect on product taste and quality.

    our pasteurising equipments for beverages satisfy the most exacting demands on product safety, hygiene and operational reliance minimizing product losses and guaranteeing in the meantime an high energy efficiency and a low water consumption

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  • Water and tranquil liquids filling

    ind-dose series gravitation filling blocs are ideal sollution for filling drink water, non-aerated alcohol drinks and any other tranquil waters.

    the best of the many-year practical experience of indeX-6 in manufacturing of filling machinery for wine and alcoholic drinks is incorporated in the design and technological solutions implemented in the last generation of our machines.

    depending on the concrete needs, requirements and limitations of our clients we offer specialized complete solutions for wine and alcohol filling starting with bottles rinsing and ending with product packed in cardboard boxes and palletized.

    according to our clients packaging technology and the legal requirements in the respective country we supply technological equipment for filling by level under low vacuum using special filling valves that prevent loss of aroma and alcohol degrees or volumetric filling for guara