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Transcript of Liquid Crystals

  • Liquid CrystalsChapter 8, Box 8.1

  • MesophaseSolidMesophaseLiquid

  • Common Shapes: AnisotropicThin, LongDisk-shaped

  • Liquid CrystalTransition

    Temperature (thermotropic)Pressure (lyotropic)Mesophase, Liquid CrystalSolidLiquid

  • Types of long range orderNematic phaseParallel alignmentLack layer arrangement

    Smectic phaseParallel alignmentLayeredCholesteric phaseMolecules lie in sheets at different angles (helical structure).

  • Importance of Cholesteric phaseForm Helical structure(dependent on temp.)Diffract lightColors

  • LCD Layers

  • Twisted nematic LCDTwisted: rotates polarized light 90oSupertwisted: rotates polarized light 270o

    Nematic CrystalsAnisotropic optical propertiesResponse to electric fieldsUsed in Liquid Crystal Display

  • Optical ResponseApplied voltage changes tilt angle of nematic layersTilt Angle changes light transmission

  • Super-Twisted Nematic LCD270o90oAbrupt tilt angle change with 270o twistOn/Off response faster210o used for grayscale

  • Obtaining a Useful Temperature RangeNematic exists over larger range than either separate solution does

  • ConclusionsMesophase valuable toolLCD one example of application

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