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Linking Research Data. Adrian Burton 2010-6-15 Go8 Data Sharing Group, Sydney. The Australian National Data Service (ANDS). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Linking Research Data

  • Linking Research Data Adrian Burton2010-6-15Go8 Data Sharing Group, Sydney

  • The Australian National Data Service (ANDS)An initiative of the Australian Government being conducted as part of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and the Super Science Initiative (via EIF)A collaboration between Monash University, the Australian National University and CSIROOperations nodes in Melbourne, Canberra, and elsewhere

  • *What does ANDS provide?Online ServicesANDS infrastructure to support data registration, identification, publication, classification, etcExpertise and information consultancyrecommendations, policy, and advicecapability buildingInformation sharing, sharing experienceResourcingCommunity infrastructure projectsInstitutional changePolicy advocacy

  • TrendsData scienceGov 2.0Research 2.0 Open ScienceFreedom of Information

  • Data Science

  • The Hubble Telescope*

  • The Taskforces central recommendation was that the Australian Government make a declaration of open government. The Rudd Government has accepted this recommendation and we expect to make such a declaration in the coming months Design by Ben Crothers of Catch Media CC BY 2.5Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Australian Government The Hon Lindsay Tanner MP

  • Open Science

  • The underlying flaw that seems to elude journal editors and the scientific community is the need to independently examine the actual data BEFORE publication. Journal editors must adopt a PUBLICATION REQUIREMENT for all authors submitting clinical trial reports if they want to protect the integrity of both the journals and the scientific literature. Authors should be REQUIRED to submit ALL RAW DATA along with their research report.

  • 2. Making data publicFunding guidelines publicly funded research avoid duplicationencourage re-useOpen researchverification of claimsavailable for re-analysisLongitudinal studiesCollaboration, mash-ups, linking data

  • Publishing DataAcknowledgement for the creator/ publisherStable part of scholarly communication

  • 3. What does published mean? Citable, referencable Accessible ReliableContentForm Publicised Claim to primacy and acknowledgement

  • Data CitationUnited States Department of Health and Human Services. National Center for Health Statistics. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey I: Epidemiologic Follow-Up Study, 1982-1984 [Computer file]. ICPSR08900-v2. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 1992. doi:10.3886/ICPSR08900

  • ANDS Publication Support ServicesIdentify My Data allocate a persistent identifierRegister My Data register a public collection description with contextual information

    Research Data Australia discover browse, explore a mesh of data collections and the people, research organisations, and services

    Publish My Data the lot!DescribeRegisterIdentifyDiscover

  • DescribeRegisterIdentifyDiscoverRetail

  • DescribeRegisterIdentifyDiscoverWholesale

  • SyndicationANDS

  • Research Link Australia partnersLocation: GeoSciences Australia/ OSDMParty: NLAResearch Activities: NHMRC, ARC?Terminologies: ABS .

  • Research Link AustraliaInfrastructure (web service information)Common approaches (information models)Distributed capability projectsOutreach promotion

  • Road MapVocabulariesAnnotationCurationRegistersEquivalenceModels

  • ANDS Online ServicesAccessible to individual users on the world wide web.

  • Modes of ANDS Services2. ANDS Web ServicesDesigned for machine-to-machine transactions.

  • CreateStoreDescribeRegisterIdentifyDiscoverAccessExploitResearch FacilityData FacilityDiscipline PortalAnalysis Environment

  • CreateStoreDescribeRegisterIdentifyDiscoverAccessExploitMy LabARCS Data FabricDiscipline PortalAnalysis EnvironmentDescribeRegisterIdentifyPublish My Data ANDS self serve

  • CreateStoreDescribeRegisterIdentifyDiscoverAccessExploitMy LabARCS Data FabricDiscipline PortalAnalysis EnvironmentDescribeRegisterIdentifyPublish My Data ARCS self serve

  • CreateStoreDescribeRegisterIdentifyDiscoverAccessExploitMy LabARCS Data FabricDiscipline PortalAnalysis EnvironmentDescribeRegisterIdentifyPublish My Data ARCS via ANDS self serve

  • CreateStoreDescribeDiscoverAccessExploitNational FacilityNational Data Storage InfrastructureDiscipline PortalAnalysis EnvironmentDescribeRegisterIdentifyPublish My Data embedded national facility

  • CreateStoreDescribeDiscoverAccessExploitInstitutional FacilityInstitutional Data Storage InfrastructureInstitutional PortalAnalysis EnvironmentDescribeRegisterIdentifyPublish My Data embedded institutional facility

  • Contact

  • 3. Existing ANDS ProductsIdentify my DataRegister My Data

  • ANDS Register My DataAllows researchers and research organisations to register collections of research dataOnly stores descriptions, not the data itselfYou (the data owner) therefore retain control over access to your data

    Documentation on the ANDS web site at:

  • *Benefits of registering data collections with ANDSGenerates more exposure to your published work: Research Data Australia, NLA, Global Registries, etc.Enables verification of research findings and re-use of valuable research materialsOpen ScienceMultidisciplinary researchAssists with meeting the moral and legal obligations to make research data availableVisibility in Google

  • *

  • ANDS Identify my DataAllows researchers or their organisations to allocate persistent identifiers to datasets.


    What happens to the published references to your datasets when your Department changes name?

  • What is a persistent identifier?A URL says where something isProblem if the thing is moved: need to tell everyoneA PID says where to look for where the location of the thing is writtenANDS provides a place to write that locationNow if the thing moves, the PID stays the same, and the location only has to be updated in one place

  • Nuts and BoltsIdentifier = 102.100.100/243ANDS is part of the global Handle infrastructure to resolve persistent identifiers

    DOI for published, citable data.

  • Managing persistent identifiersIf you have a PID, someone has to manage it.ANDS provides the infrastructure for you to update the location informationwhen you move your dataSoftware is not a solution to the human problem

  • 4. Forthcoming ANDS Services/ProductsPublish My DataBuilds on existing products, but includes citation and DOIUser-friendly interface and web service embeddedInterface to ARCS storage serviceClassify My DataWill enable online access to many vocabulariesEnable groups and communities to manage and publish shared vocabulariesYou tell us

  • 5. Resourcing Community InfrastructureData CaptureAutomated data and metadata capture from instrumentsMetadata capture toolsAccess to Govt DataSpatial data in public sector informationAccess to public sector data archivesApplicationsVisualisationIntegrationAgency InfrastructureStandard web service information on people, parties, location, field of research, research organisation

  • LinksANDS Web Site: Services documentation: ANDS Services site: Services email: Guides, available from

    Introduction to ANDS ServicesAugust 2009*Introduction to ANDS Services*Introduce selfIf appropriate tell people where toilets are, afternoon tea etc.

    Before the presentation starts, open browser and open tabs for:The ANDS Collections Registry: demo version of the Services site: global handle resolver: to ANDS ServicesAugust 2009*Introduction to ANDS ServicesIntroduction to ANDS ServicesAugust 2009*Introduction to ANDS ServicesIntroduction to ANDS Services*Papers that present analysis of HST data to reach a scientific conclusion.GO (General Observation) paper:At least one author was investigator on the Genral Observation proposal that obtained the data.AR(chive) paper:No overlap between the paper authors and investigators on the GO proposal that obtained the data.GO+AR:Combination of GO data sets with AR data sets.Introduction to ANDS ServicesAccess to PSIFOI

    Introduction to ANDS ServicesContest Winner Excellence in Mashing Created by Know Where You Live (Eric Auld, David Lewis, Simon Wright) datasets used Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006 Census NSW Crime Data Powerhouse Museum Collection (flickr) State Records Office NSW (flickr) State Library of New South Wales Collection (flickr)Know Where You Live is the prototype of a data mashup that displays a range of Australian Government data based on your geographic location along with a Google satellite map and relevant photo from the Powerhouse Museum Collection, the State Records NSW or the State Library of New South Wales collection. The initial prototype was created in under 24 hours as part of the inaugural Govhack event in Canberra in October, 2009.Introduction to ANDS ServicesNow the commissioner has ruled that the university will