LinkedIn July 2014 InDay at Muttville

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An Amazing Day at Muttville July 18, 2014
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For our July 2014 LinkedIn for Good InDay, several of us from our Sales Solutions and Talent Solutions teams volunteered at Muttville - a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the way the world thinks about and treats older dogs, aged seven years and older, and to creating better lives for them through rescue, foster, adoption, and hospice. Click through to experience our day. Not only will you see how much we enjoyed our time, but the dogs has a blast as well!

Transcript of LinkedIn July 2014 InDay at Muttville

  • An Amazing Day at Muttville July 18, 2014
  • One Friday per month is designated as an InDay by LinkedIn, where employees can participate in various activities. For Julys InDay, about a dozen LinkedIn volunteers arrived at Muttville, ready to do some work for a fantastic organization.
  • A little bit of time for socializing before the work begins.
  • Donning aprons to protect our precious LinkedIn t-shirts!
  • Steve, one of the hard-working, expert volunteers at Muttville, gets us started.
  • Jolene Hayes, Business Manager at Muttville, gives us a full background of what Muttville is all about and the incredible work they do.
  • Jolene talks about the background of some of the special dogs housed at Muttville.
  • Diggity Diggity is one happy go lucky fellow. He is a large pomeranian mix who is about 8 years young and weighs a perfect 17 pounds. He was brought into the shelter when his family had to move. This boy is adorable, very agile and a social butterfly! Were delighted to report that Diggity is currently in a loving and caring home. Thanks to all the wonderful friends of Muttville who helped to make this happen. Now meet the dogs in Muttvilles own words
  • Jalepeo Jalapeo, thats my name! I am a gorgeous mix of Corgi and Pomeranian and everyone who meets me comments on how handsome I am! I wasnt treated so well in my past but now that I am at Muttville, I am learning to trust people. I am even wagging my tail, I didnt know it did that! The leash thing is new to me and I still get scared sometimes. I am looking for someone special that can understand and be patient with me. Oh, and Im great with the other doggies here at Muttville. Im 8 or so years old and I weigh 25 pounds. My short legs can travel, so walking with my new family would be great for me, too. I really want to make you happy.
  • Camacho Talk about having a rough life, this guy has seen some bad days, but no longer. Camacho was picked up by animal control officers after a call of negligence. What a heartbreaking scene it was! But he is out of there and is with Muttville now! He is possibly 14 years old and he weighs 50 pounds. Camacho likes slow strolls and smelling the roses and other bushes, too! He is good with all sizes of dogs and could possibly be good with cats. He does have some arthritis and would do best in a home with few stairs, though he can use them at this time.
  • Georgia Sweet Georgia Peach! Poor lady was neglected and overfed and overbred.The perfect weight for her is 55 pounds and she weighs almost 100 pounds. Even so this chunk of love is ready for the challenge; all she needs is an exercise partner who takes her for walks and swims! We think she is only 8 years old and is the sweetest, super friendly and outgoing lab. She gets along with dogs, big and small and children also. She has a pretty smile, she loves giving kisses and oh my, her personality is bigger than life! Whoever adopts her will be very lucky indeed!
  • Bentley With looks like this, Bentley is a head turner.Bentley looks like a big puppy and is kind of goofy like one, too. He will steal your heart. The shelter thinks he is 12 years old, his past is a mystery. Bentley is a spry gentleman and ready for his new chapter to begin. He weighs 60 pounds and is easy peasy. Great with all the other dogs and a favorite with all the volunteers.
  • Bubblicious Small dogs, big dogs, children and adults; Bubblicious is an equal opportunity lover! Thats why we love her so much. This wonderful girl has spent 3 months in boarding and shelters and no one wanted to see her get euthanized but they were having a very hard time finding Bubblicious a rescue. Why? Because she is 8 years young and 62 pounds. She is a calm and very sweet girl! she loves giving kisses and has the best house manners.
  • Ava Her previous owners named her Dog and dumped her at a high kill shelter in the middle of winter.She was never treated like a family member either. Well, we gave her a name, Ava, and she is ready for her life to begin! She flew up in a private jet almost 6 months after she was dumped. She still has some sadness to get rid of but with all the Muttville love and everyone helping her to find her new and improved home, we will see Ava smile and shine. We are so happy she is here and we know there is someone special just waiting for this doll baby.
  • Senior Macho For those active folks who want an A+ dog, meet Senior Macho. This boy is sweet, loving and energetic! Hes the kind of little guy who is perfect for long walks and athletic play in the backyard and dog park! Senior Macho is the one for you if you are an active family looking for a dog that has some pep in his step! Senior Macho weighs 24 pounds and is a young 9 years of age. He loves other dogs and children of all ages and has gentle manners in the home. Not a mean bone in his hunky body!
  • Belle Sweet and beautiful, thats Belle the Puggle. What a darling little girl. 8 years old and about 15 pounds, gentle as they come! Good with cats, children and dogs. Belle was a loved member of a family that fell on hard times. She is house trained, knows some tricks and has a darling curly tail. Belle has diabetes which is very easy to treat and we know there is another wonderful generous family that will see this girl blossom with joy again! What a smile she has, too!
  • The mutts pleasant dispositions were a nice reward for volunteering.
  • Bentley gets some ear-scratching in as we listen to our instructions.
  • Bubblicious looks for some more attention.
  • Ava (right) does her best to take a nap despite Senior Macho (left) going wild with his bedding.
  • Muttville makes their own food in their very own kitchen using food thats good enough for people to eat. The dogs can hardly wait for their next meal.
  • Not all fun and games, part of our time was spent doing some cleaning.
  • We even do windows!
  • Teamwork made it fun and easy.
  • At the end of the day, time to post a status update to LinkedIn.