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Check out this presentation to see what matters to students and recent grads when it comes to professional opportunity. Compensation and benefits is not the most important factor for each of the countries/regions represented in this report.

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2. Table of Contents Australia Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg) DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) Europe France Italy Nordics Spain UK USOverview & Methodology Students and recent graduates are one of the fastest-growing groups on LinkedIn, coming to the site to help build their professional networks and launch their careers. Analyzing the student talent pool can help us learn: what students and recent grads look for in a job, which graduates are in highest demand, and which students you are most likely to nd on LinkedIn.About LinkedIn Talent Solutions LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with more than 259 million members in more than 200 countries and territories. More than 20,000 companies including 90 of the Fortune 100 and thousands of recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers use LinkedIn Talent Solutions' products and services to nd, engage and hire top talent across the globe.For more Talent Pool Reports: 3. Students and Recent Graduates AustraliaThe Next Generation of Australian Leaders is on LinkedIn Insights on our Student membersMay 2013Executive SummaryRegion QuadrantAustralian Students and Recent Graduates are one of the fastest growing member segments on LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn to position your brand in front of our student members at the initial stages of their careers. An analysis of our data shows that different regions within Australia exhibit different demand characteristics that could present opportunities. Perth based student members are more likely to be getting reached out to by recruiters evidence of the mining and energy skills shortage Smaller mining/energy dependent regions likewise show signs of high demandMackaySATURATED12080Perth 60 SydneyRockhampton 40BrisbaneDarwin Sydney and Melbourne Institutions are the most heavily represented amongst our student members Professional Services and Financial Services attract the most Recent GraduatesHIGH-DEMAND100Demand Index Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have the largest Student populations140NewcastleCanberraMelbourneTownsville Adelaide20UNTAPPED 0Overview5001,0005,00010,00050,000100,000MembersStudents are using LinkedIn as a starting gate for their professional career, to establish their professional identity, build their network and research potential career opportunities. Recent research shows that 35 percent of students plan to use LinkedIn as a primary source for their job hunt, up 700 percent over the last two years.*InstitutionStudents & Recent GraduatesUniversity of New South Wales18,343University of Sydney16,894RMIT University16,891They recognize LinkedIn is one of the best online tools to help jump-start their professional careers.Monash University16,663University of Melbourne15,242University of Technology, Sydney14,648Curtin University of Technology14,022Queensland University of Technology13,981Swinburne University of Technology12,453Griffith University12,352The University of Queensland12,006Macquarie University10,658Deakin University10,654Our student members use LinkedIn every day to research companies, industries, jobs and internships in industries ranging from information technology and consumer goods to Financial services. Showcase your brand and put your employment opportunities in front of highly engaged and tech savvy students, who on average visit LinkedIn more often than older professionals.Where should you look for talent? Untapped: These mid-sized markets have relatively lower demand, meaning hiring is likely to be easier High-Demand: These are the largest markets, where overall demand is also highest and hiring may be difficult Saturated: These small to mid-sized markets also have very high demand, meaning hiring is likely to be difficultWhere do students go? Digging deeper into our industry information, we see students are predominantly heading to; Information Technology, Accounting, Financial Services, Marketing/ Advertising and Mining make up the top 5 industry segments for recent graduates. 4. What are our student members looking for in a job? Percentage who believe each attribute is important when considering a job opportunity 43.5%EXCELLENT COMPENSATION & BENEFITS49.1% 42.6%WORK/LIFE BALANCE46.6% 37.2% 36.6%STRONG CAREER PATH31.2% 32.9%CHALLENGING WORKCULTURE FITS PERSONALITY29.7% 28.7%STRONG EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT29.7% 28.1%FLEXIBLE WORK ARRANGEMENTS27.8% 20.1% 25.2% 26.3%PLACE I WOULD BE PROUD TO WORK24.9%ABILITY TO MAKE AN IMPACTGOOD RELATIONSHIP W/ COLLEAGUES29.5% 24.9% 21.7%JOB SECURITY22.7% 29.3%Australia (AU)TotalHow can you reach out to this critical talent pool? If you are looking to find Students or recent graduates you will be more successful if you focus recruitment messaging on Compensation and Benefits, Work/Life Balance and Strong Career path opportunities. Interestingly, Australian students value Compensation and Work/life balance less than their international counterparts, but development opportunities and flexible work arrangements are more sought after. Reach this critical talent by leveraging your assets on LinkedIn, having your graduate positions on LinkedIn will allow our matching algorithms to put those jobs in front of relevant candidates active or passive.1. Employees NetworksEngage with the talent already connected to your employees2. Company Followers Post relevant information about your company and industry Members are nearly 3x more likely to apply for jobs at companies they follow3. Company/Career Page Give candidates a picture of what its like to work for your company Showcase your employment brand with focused, targeted content4. Targeted Advertising Dynamically deliver your message to members that fit your opportunity - on and off LinkedIn Drive traffic to your career page and jobs, or reach out to passive candidates directlyWant to learn more about how your company is already connected to this talent pool and how you can best leverage these assets to reach this important talent pool for job opportunities? Source: Australian LinkedIn Student Members July 2012 Online Survey 317 respondents *Forbes, 4/3/2012, What Employers Need to Know About the Class of 2012Copyright 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 5. Students and Recent Graduates BeneluxThe Next Generation of Leaders is on LinkedIn Insights on our Student membersSeptember 2013Benelux students are looking for challenging work and pride in their employer when considering a job Executive Summary The highest volume of recent graduates on LinkedIn are in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Brussels come in as second and third.Recent graduate university supply and demand SATURATEDHIGH-DEMANDNyenrode University Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Solvay Business School Eindhoven University of TechnologyDemand IndexStudents and recent graduates are the fastest growing member segment on LinkedIn. They use LinkedIn to establish their professional identities, grow their networks, and build relationships with potential employers. LinkedIn data reveals where students are concentrated, where theyre going, and the demand for them.Delft University of Technology Maastricht UniversityUniversity of AmsterdamErasmus University Rotterdam Tilburg University Ghent UniversityKatholieke Universiteit Leuven University of Groningen Amsterdam, Netherlands and Antwerp, Belgium based recent graduates are most in demand and more likely to be approached via direct sourcing.Leiden University Radboud University Nijmegen University of UtrechtUNTAPPEDYou can tap LinkedIn to position your brand in front of these members at the early part of their careers.MembersOverviewWhere should you look for talent?Students recognize LinkedIn as one of the best tools to jump-start their professional careers. 84% of student members are using LinkedIn to grow and maintain their professional network. High-Demand: These are the largest markets, where overall demand is also highest and hiring may be difficultOur LinkedIn research also shows that 51% of Students in Benelux will look for job opportunities on LinkedIn. Student members use LinkedIn regularly to research companies, industries, and specific jobs and internships. Showcase your brand and put employment opportunities in front of highly engaged and increasingly connected students. Untapped: These mid-sized markets have relatively lower demand, meaning hiring is likely to be easierTop 10 penetrated Benelux universities on LinkedIn 1. Saxion Hogescholen 2. Delft University of Technology 3. Christelijke Hogeschool WindesheimWhere are graduates going?4. VU University (Vrije Universiteit)Industry information provides unique insights into where new graduates are headed. LinkedIn network data indicates the top 5 industries for this demographic are health care, technology, marketing and advertising, financial services, and research.5. Tilburg UniversityWe found that 71% Benelux students are willing to relocate for a job, and a further 13% are willing to relocate only if it is within their country.9. Hogeschool van Amsterdam6. Leiden University 7. Twente University 8. Erasmus University Rotterdam10. Avans Hogeschool Penetration = Current student volume on LinkedIn/Total student body 6. What are our student members looking for in a job? Percentage who believe each attribute is important when considering a job opportunity 43%CHALLENGING WORK47% 41%A PLACE I WOULD BE PROUD TO WORK AT32% 39% 41%CULTURE THAT FITS MY PERSONALITY32%GOOD WORK/LIFE BALANCE47% 24%ABILITY TO MAKE AN IMPACT STRONG CAREER PATH29% 20% 10% 18%FLEXIBLE WORK ARRANGEMENTS15% 18%STRONG EMPLOYEE DEV