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A brief overview of the Linkedin Talent Advantage suite of products.

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  • 1.Talent Advantage

2. LinkedIn Talent Advantage 3. The most cost-effective way tofind, attract and hire the worldsbest talent.LinkedIn RecruiterIntroducing LinkedInTalent AdvantageFind and engage the best passivecandidates with unparalleled search andGain unparalleled access to the worlds bestcommunication toolstalent pool with LinkedIn Talent Advantage,the most cost-effective way to beat yourLinkedIn Jobs Networkcompetition to the hire.Attract the best candidates with preciseThis exclusive corporate recruiting solutiontargeting and viral distribution of job postingsenables you to accurately identify and reachLinkedIn Talent Directpassive candidates for your senior, technicaland hard-to-fill positions. It will allow you Fill urgent positions fast with highly targetedto reduce job board and third-party spendsdirect InMail campaignsfor great cost-effectiveness.LinkedIn CustomLocate and contact highly qualified Company Profilespassive candidates.Develop your employer brand on LinkedInLeverage a holistic and targeted with dynamic, viewer-aware contentrecruiting arsenal.LinkedIn Employer AdvertisingBenefit from premium personal Position your company as an employer ofservice, including training and dedicatedchoice to high value professionalsaccount management.Leverage tools to help you stay compliant with OFCCP guidelines. 4. With LinkedIn Recruiter, the teamtaps into a much larger network ofhighly qualified candidates in amuch shorter time period. It easilypaid for itself two times over inthe first three months we used it. John Beard, Manager of Talent Acquisition, Kaiser Permanente 5. LinkedIn Recruiter Find and engage the best passiveIdentify the best matches from the largest candidates with unparalleled search and and most qualified pool of passive communication tools.candidates using unparalleled search tools. access to names and complete Get Now your team can work collaboratively profile details. to identify and reach top candidates you might not find otherwise. With RecruitersReach candidates directly with 50 InMails exclusive tools youll fill key positions per month per seatthey roll over if unused. faster and reduce your third-party spend. Count on premium dedicated support and account management, including customized training. Designed to help your team stay OFCCP compliant. 6. Today we outsource less than 1%of our jobs to agencies. Its radicallyimpacted cost savings. John Zweig, Director of Staffing, Logitech 7. LinkedIn Jobs Network Accurate and well-qualified profile Attract the best candidates with data helps target the right professionals. precise targeting and viral distribution of job postings. proprietary matching algorithm A auto-generates a list of strong candidates Find stronger candidates and save time for the position. as you fill positions faster. Your job posting dollars will work harder with uniquely connections easily forward postings Your effective distribution. and provide referrals, thanks to recommen- dations for who to forward the job to. ad is automatically created and targets An passive candidates on LinkedIn. Candidates see how they are connected to you and your company. 8. LinkedIn is one of the most valuablerecruiting tools available in targetinghigh quality, passive job seekers. Director Global Staffing, Juniper Network 9. LinkedIn Talent Direct InMail lets you contact thousands of Fill urgent positions fast with highly candidates at once with a highly targeted direct InMail campaigns. customized offer, opportunity or message. Engage many highly-qualified passive subject line appears on the prospects Your candidates quickly, leveraging the LinkedIn home page for maximum visibility. trust and ease-of-use of LinkedIns InMail and front page. LinkedIn Talent Direct InMails open rates reach up to 44%. 10. LinkedIn was instrumental inhelping us source and hire a CFOand other C-level candidates. Kim Bermuda, Senior Staffing Manager, Adaptec, Inc. 11. LinkedIn Custom Company Profiles Company Profile displays content youYour Develop your employer brand on LinkedIneasily control and update. with dynamic, viewer-aware content. content dynamically adapts to theYour Relevant messages tailored to specificviewers, based on their industry, job function audiences help candidates automaticallyor location. discover the information they care about most.Customizable modules include recruiter profiles, employee spotlights, polls, videos,and more. 12. LinkedIn is one of our most valuedstaffing tools. LinkedIn allows usto expand our network of candidatesusing our existing contacts. Senior Staffing Manager, Genomic Health, Inc. 13. LinkedIn Employer Advertising Accurate, user-generated profile data Position your company as an employer of enables highly targeted and high-impact choice to high-value professionals. online advertisements. Break through the noise and reach the Unmatched reach lets you tap the largest best talent pool in the world with great professional network of senior, technical and targeting accuracy. hard-to-find candidates. Targeted ads on LinkedIn help you build yourClean, uncluttered layout with fewer ads on brand or broadcast openings to both passive the page makes your message stand out. and active candidates. 14. LinkedIn Talent Advantage The network works for youThe worlds largest and fastestgrowing professional network LinkedIn Talent Advantage lets you harness the power of the worlds largest professionalAlready over 30 million, the LinkedIn network. More efficiently than ever, you can membership grows by one new member tap into your own and your connectionsper second, or 2 million per month*. As a networks to drive more referrals, get the word result, the talent pool you tap into and out, and distribute your postings virally. the organic distribution of your postingscontinuously improve, while your costsremain the same. Your exclusive recruitingtools get better by the day.* As of December 2008 15. Highly qualified, accurate andWorld-class pool of passive up-to-date profile informationcandidates LinkedIn members publish their ownUnlike job sites, LinkedIn is an active unique profile information, including job and valuable professional network history, education and associations. They where you will find more passive than understand that professional connectionsactive candidates. This allows you to and recruiters often view these profiles, identify and reach these successful and and ensure this information is accurate,hard-to-find professionals. detailed and current. 16. | Please contact your sales manager or account manager for more information. 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